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Baby Houseplants


By ange2


Since Christmas I have started a new hobby, plant-related, and that is growing houseplants. I think the bleakness of this winter and the lure of videos are the probable causes…

I soon discovered that they can be quite expensive, so I have been collecting baby plants and rooted cuttings for some of the more unusual suspects, feeling that it would be less of an expense if I killed them off with my lack of expertise.

Here are the latest acquisitions:
Variegated Epipremnum pinnatum. The leaves are meant to be holey! and will presumably become more pronounced as the plant matures.

Philodendron micans. I love the texture of this, soft velvety leaves and rusty coloured undersides.

Pothos ‘Global Green’ with pretty variegated leaves. I’m a sucker for trailing houseplants.

Those are the latest three babies. These next I have had since the New Year and they have grown enough to need repotting:

Philodendron ‘Whitewave Birkin’

Calathea vittata:

Philodendron ‘White Knight’

Calathea obovata:

Calathea ‘Rosey’ (not as crispy-leaved as she was!)

Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’, small regular leaves with gorgeous red undersides

I have discovered that the watering regimes can be quite demanding and time consuming. So much moisture testing and misting! But at the moment I am prepared to do my best with them and will do a reckoning at the end of the year to see which ones of the babies have survived..

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Some gorgeous little plants Ange. I like to have lots of plants around but as you say it can be lots of work. They need quite a bit of attention and love. :-)

13 Mar, 2023


Daughter Victoria has also started doing this and she now has over 30 plants. Taken her a year so far.
it is addictive so be warned haha.

13 Mar, 2023


My daughter just phoned as I was reading this blog and she said "Mum, how many houseplants do you think I have now?" To which I replied "An awful lot!". It didn't surprise me at all to learn she has 42 of them.

Her comments on Calatheas were that some need watering from above, others from below and some just misting!! They were described as being temperamental ... :o)

13 Mar, 2023


Eileen, I just read your comment as we have posted at the same time ... seems our daughters feel the same way about houseplants!

13 Mar, 2023


Nice Ange. I have cacti and Peace lily plants . some house plants I had were killed by spider mites

13 Mar, 2023


At the moment, Klahanie, the babies don't take up too much room, but I don't know where they will all go if they continue to grow for me. I have a goodish number of larger plants to add to the total, too.

I don't need warning, Sbg., Before I did this blog I counted up the number I have bought in the last 3 months. Big mistake..

I find the calatheas to be temperamental, Shirley, with very specific needs. I bought pink marked ones first only to read later that they are hard to please. Lesson learned, but at least they haven't (quite) died on me yet! How many is too many plants? I think I will have reached that point if they all survive!

I think these pests and others can be a real nuisance, Paul.

13 Mar, 2023


I had a feeling you were developing an interest in houseplants. I empathise with Shirley and yourself, the Calatheas are difficult. Gave one to my friend at Xmas + the care instructions..I think she is more anxious now than before looking after it.

13 Mar, 2023


Julia, my houseplants are Spider plants, a Money tree and a trailing one from my daughter! I really could not keep up with their care if I had more ... :o)

14 Mar, 2023


Last year, I "discovered" streptocarpus and bought 4 young ones online.

Then I read they can be propagated from leaf cuttings, so had a go at that, and now I have over thirty young ones because I never realised how readily they root from leaf cuttings, I was expecting failures but never had any

I think I will be donating them to local volunteer charity to sell on, make lovely houseplants

My granddaughter has the indoor plant bug already, so it is transferable

14 Mar, 2023


Lovely plants, I have several house plants myself. I know they are expensive so it's a good idea to buy small ones, they will grow in time.

14 Mar, 2023


Gg, I think this interest can be catching.. I'm sure the Cahrity shops will be pleased with your offerings. Streptocarpus are alluring with their flowers so should have plenty of takers! Funny how plant collecting can run in families..

Thank you, Hywel. I hope they will grow, or rather, I hope I don't kill to many!

15 Mar, 2023


I have a Peperomia Rosso, but I've found it doesn't like much water, so I just stand it in a saucer for a while until the compost becomes slightly damp, and I do that infrequently.
I lost a previous one because I let the compost become too wet.

15 Mar, 2023


Thanks, Hywel. I will remember that!

15 Mar, 2023


Some lovely plants there, Ange. I like the stripy ones.

15 Mar, 2023


Thanks, Ff.

17 Mar, 2023


Wow, so many Ange and how well you've done with the cuttings, fingers crossed they grow stronger by the day, they're looking very healthy. And you're right, they are very expensive now to buy.

I took my overwintered geraniums back into the greenhouse the other day, so am feeling a bit more positive for spring coming. I'm seed sowing this afternoon, not too many this year to look after..

19 Mar, 2023


Yep, self-control out of the window again, I fear, Janey.
I've been sorting seeds, too this w/end.

19 Mar, 2023

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