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Cranesbill geraniums


By anget


Twenty years ago, cranesbills were all the rage, and I had a large collection in a previous home. They don’t seem so ‘fashionable’ now. Since coming here I have a smaller group but I think these are all good plants. They make excellent fillers, and many have beautiful leaves as well as colourful flowers in pink, blue and white.
Here are ones which are in flower at the moment in my plot. There are more to come out in the summer months.

’Dragon’s Heart’: a bit of a sprawler but gorgeous if you like strong shades.

x ‘Magnificum’: beautful, large purple-blue flowers. Makes good, quick clumps.

clarkei ‘Kashmir Pink’: Leaves are prettily dissected when not nibbled by beetles! This doesn’t seem so willing to spread with me. A 3-year-old plant, but struggling. The colour is a clear light pink. 40cms.

The thug: ‘Rozanne’, makes huge clumps, smothering anything in its path. 40cms. hght.

The very lovely ‘Phillipe Vapelle’. Compact plant (30cms.), going over now but we can still enjoy those tactile velvety leaves.

Anther favourite: ‘Westray’, compact 20cms. aromatic, neat foliage.

A mislabelled cinereum type.

‘White-Ness’: going over now, compact, bright green leaves.

Dalmaticum: 15cms.

‘Nimbus’: A lovely, graceful addition. Can spread and seed. 60cms.

plenum Caeruleum: double pratense-type.

Pratense ‘Cloud Nine’: a new one for me. 2 years old and made a good clump. The flowers are an unusual greyish-blue. 90cms.

‘Patricia’. Large, sprawling and colourful. An improvement on psilostemon.

A new baby: ‘Elworthy Eyecatcher’. Just planted; we shall see how she goes.

‘Biokovo’, scented leaves, 20 cms.

A comparison of my pinks.

A comparison of my blues.

There are more to come out for the summer.

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What a wonderful collection of hardy geraniums you have built up and I love what you have done at the end, displaying each one individually.
They thrive in our soil too and are very good at filling the gaps!
I think yours are really lovely.

12 Jun, 2020


I agree a wonderful selection and yes a good idea to display them if like me you can never remember which is which after a while its a good reminder of their names ...

12 Jun, 2020


That is a superb collection of hardy geraniums, Anget...I'm wondering if you could identify this minute pink flowered cranes bill for me introduced itself a couple of years ago to our garden.Seems to thrive in damp conditions. I'll post a couple of photos.

12 Jun, 2020


Lovely pictures, I am a very recent convert to them, converted when I bought a clearance packet of mixed Pratense type lat year, first time flowered this year

Do you buy plants in or from seed?

13 Jun, 2020


I have never been a lover of the perennial geraniums, mainly because my Mother (she has a lot to answer for when it comes to gardening) had the blue Rozanne one which was a thug. Now I have learned that there are smaller, more delicate types that don't take over the garden! You have some lovely ones.

13 Jun, 2020


And yet Rozanne was plant of the year at Chelsea few years ago! Mine's now in fairly deep shade - shrubs have grown (as they do) and its struggling bit.
You have a great collection there. if that is a small selection of what you used to have the mind boggles!
(and incidentally, who cares what's in fashion???)

13 Jun, 2020


Grandad, all of these were plants grown in nurseries. I have grown a number from seed: pratense types (meadow cranesbill) and psilostemon which is a tall vivid pink flower.

13 Jun, 2020


HSG and Stera: My 'Rozanne' is on borrowed time. I have 'Azure Rush' which to my eye is identical except for the thuggish tendencies. So if you like 'R.' for her look but not for her growth habit 'A.R.' is the one to buy.
I had 40+ years ago, knew not much about them but picked up every one I could lay my hands on. I ended up with a lot of duds. With the internet you couldn't do that now - you'd be bankrupt!

13 Jun, 2020


Thank you all for your comments. I think we all have a tendency to shower our attention on the 'stars' and can miss a lot of good little understudies by doing so.

13 Jun, 2020


Azure rush sounds like one to keep in mind!
Forgot to say I really liked the pic with all the different varieties together!

13 Jun, 2020


I've added quite a number of these over the last few years, I've found most will survive on my raised bed along the bottom of my garden, thankyou for naming them, there are so many to choose from, at the moment I'm looking out for some blues as for some unknown reason I cannot get any to survive down there so will place elsewhere....

16 Jun, 2020


Lincs, I lost a few here as well. Some are more particular about placement than others. And some flower for a much longer period than others; though the leaves are a bonus, I think.

17 Jun, 2020


I really enjoyed this blog Anget, I noticed the absence of my favourite, Ann Folkard. she flowers for a very long time and has golden leaves for quite a long time too. I love you pinks. I had a thing about geums a few years ago, couldn't stop buying them, did at least two blogs about them, and now have two left. Each year they suffer from mildew, so next year I won't have any unless I buy my favourite again which is a short lived perennial totally tangerine which, regardless of its name, has a pinkish tinge. I have a thing for roses now!:-)

21 Jun, 2020


BA: I have Ann Thompson which is very similar to your 'Ann' but she doesn't have much in the way of flower yet.
I agree about geums. I have lost 3 'Banana Daiquiri' and 'Totally Tangerine' is hanging on by a thread! 'Bell Bank' is brilliant and 'Mai Tai' is doing ok. The orange borisii and chums are still with me but not flourishing. So they won't get replaced when they dwindle.
I'm trying hard not to have any more 'things'. I've learnt over the years that losses can be painful and hard on the pocket...

21 Jun, 2020


I won't bother buying anymore geums, tried twice and they don't like my garden, only one left from last year is a yellow one, can't be doing with having to replace every year, too old for that nonsense now , lol........

22 Jun, 2020


Oh, I forgot. I had 2 'Alabama Slammers' and lost those in consecutive years. They were a real loss to me! So pretty.

22 Jun, 2020


That's the problem, they are lovely, I bought loads from garden shows and a very nice exhibitor became a GOY member, think his name was Roger. He had bred new ones and I bought quite a few on line from him too. I did geum blogs, that's how bad I was:-)))

24 Jun, 2020


I know what "enthusiasms" can morph into!

24 Jun, 2020

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