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As the heat has kept me in, I decided to sort through old photos. I hoped it would be of interest to show the progression of our garden over the last 4 years.
The back garden had very few plants worth keeping when we came here and a lot of rough, scrappy grass. Being on an estate we were not surprised to find that the garden was laid over a tip-full of rubble and grot which my stoical OH spent 3 seasons digging out to make new borders.

Before we began:

You get the idea!

We decided first to work first behind the garage as there was already a small marooned bed filled with culinary sage, chives and strawberries which had all run rampant and was full of weeds.

First bed. June 2016

Same bed, enlarged, this summer:

Arrival of greenhouse beside this bed:

Teeny-tiny pond installed. (Don’t laugh!)

Tiny pond today – in there somewhere. Froglets use it!

Now general pictures of the borders now, after much heavy labouring. We should be shadows of our former selves by rights..

“Wildy Corner” : left for wildlife, near the compost bins, mostly out of sight. The entry-point for the hedgehogs who are regulars for the mealworms and suet pellets.

Sorry if this has rambled on: put it down to the heat. I would very much like to get more ‘solidity’ into the borders and am working on how to achieve it. All suggestions welcome!

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Beautiful garden design and planting, Anget! You’ve both done a fab job! Lots of hard graft has definitely paid off - 100%. Thank you for the lovely tour! Lots of colourful flowers and different textures..

26 Jun, 2020


I agree with Kate...such a lot of hard work.Are you pleased with your progress, Anget?
Try planting some statement shrubs,if you haven't already. It looks a very pretty garden.

26 Jun, 2020


Thank you, Kate. It seems to have taken on a momentum of its own up until now. I think I must show it who's master!

I have a fair number of shrubs in here, M'land. They just haven't all grown very much yet. I shall have to thin out as we go. Am I pleased with it? Well, I think we need fewer flowers and more permanence.

26 Jun, 2020


What a transformation! Very impressive, you can see how much hard work you’ve put in the garden. I love your arches, I’m keen to incorporate so e in my garden so you've given me some ideas.

26 Jun, 2020


I'm pleased you like the arches, Amsterdam. I was unsure about putting up so many in a relatively small space, but they've seemed to make a flat garden look bigger somehow, and more interesting, I think. And the plants aren't taking as long to grow over them as I thought they might.

26 Jun, 2020


It's beautiful Anget, and in the time you have done it, amazing, I think we are always looking to improve the view, I know I am but its all part of the pleasure of it, I did a similar blog a while ago :-))

27 Jun, 2020


What a transformation Anget ! You have both worked so hard and its paid off! I agree with Julia, tall shrubs or even an obelisk in the centre of a border if you have room with a climbing rose or clematis.

27 Jun, 2020


Daylily, I shall look out your blog. with interest.

Rose, I hope it will look better when the shrubs grow up more. Thanks for your comments.

27 Jun, 2020


Congratulations ! You've turned an empty boring space into a beautiful garden …
well that's what I can see anyway :)

27 Jun, 2020


Thank you, Hywel.

28 Jun, 2020


I think it looks great, you have transformed it from a wasteland to a garden of delights, I think if we all speak the truth us gardeners are never really satisfied, that to my way of thinking is because we actually love our time spent in them, how many times do we read that someone is making changes , often to think "Why ? its beautiful as it is"
Lovely tour, I do enjoy seeing before and after pics Anget....

29 Jun, 2020


Thanks, Lincs. I'm quite enjoying watching the two new beds we planted last year 'cos I can't remember what's in them and all sorts of treasures are appearing. I seem to have a lot of reds and oranges at the moment. Very bright and not to everyone's taste, but I'm enjoying it!

29 Jun, 2020


You are too be congratulated on turning a barren space into a garden of beauty.

25 Jul, 2020


We've been away for 2 weeks and come back to a rampant jungle but even I have to admit that there are some plants that look beautiful at the moment, Siris. Mostly ones beloved of insects.

25 Jul, 2020

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