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A walk off the Ridgeway.


By anget


It was a beautiful morning today and so we decided to stretch our legs and have a walk in the fresh air. We are lucky enough to be only a couple of miles from the prehistoric Ridgeway path which stretches through the chalk downland just south of us. It has an atmosphere all of its own. We’ve lived in Oxfordshire in the past and now Wiltshire so have had the chance to enjoy different stretches over the years.
We left the car park in full sunshine:

A little way on and we left the trail and headed south on a byeway. Already it was starting to cloud-up.

We passed jockeys returning from the gallops:

Then the mist started to descend, blotting out much of the views over the fields:

And it got cloudier:

And more “woo-woo”! Not a sound to be heard, not even a bird

We didn’t pass any Roman legionaries, or prehistoric herdsmen, but we found an old waymark on the side of the pathway:

Had we been lost, it wouldn’t have helped us as the lettering had long since been eroded.
We retraced our steps and started back:

And the sun started to glimmer over the fields once more:

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we've had that damp gloom all day here, but glad you got a bit of sunshine and enjoyed your walk.

I love the prehistoric landscapes and have walked bits of the ridgeway too.

7 Nov, 2020


At least you had some exercise in the fresh air Angela!

7 Nov, 2020


Thanks for your comments, ladies. We've been up there in all weathers before and although it's lovely to see the views on bright days, the dwindling of the light and the muffling by the mist makes for a far more atmospheric walk. We went this way on a Christmas Day once and chanced upon a group flying Harris hawks. They were spectacular to see.

7 Nov, 2020


You described the scene so well and really captured the atmosphere as the weather began to change.

7 Nov, 2020


As Chris said, you’ve really captured the mood of the day and your country walk. Great narrative, Ange.
We had another nice day yesterday, Saturday. Once the fog lifted that is. Today, it has been misty and damp, but, the sun is reaching through now.
I managed to do some garden tidying yesterday, it was pretty mild in the sun.

8 Nov, 2020


That's a fascinating series of pics Anget -really atmospheric and a bit spooky too... What a pity the lettering has worn off the milestone - they are getting scarce these days. You were lucky not to get soaked!

8 Nov, 2020


W'rose, it's on the North Wessex AONB so is really worth walking as much of it as we can. We're not far from Avebury which has real 'atmosphere'.

Kate, the sun came out fully as soon as we got home. A weird day with odd light effects. At least the mist blotted out the view of Swindon from the escarpment. Enough said!

Yorks, yes, we were well wrapped "in case".

8 Nov, 2020


What a nice walk that is, and you have had a lovely mix of weather, I love trees whatever the season , the weather looks moody, trees are ghostly, reminds me of a lane here in Derbyshire where dick Turpin would ride.

8 Nov, 2020


Yes, Julien, it is a pleasant area. In the opposite direction is an Iron Age hill fort which all the children like to climb over. You can see 360 degrees up there. Have you encountered Dick yet??

10 Nov, 2020


It looks a nice place for a walk, it must have a different feel on different on different days.

11 Nov, 2020


Not yet Anget, but on this lane where I worked, I asked the lady if I could bring my meter detector thinking that if Dick Turpin had travelled along here he may have buried his treasure, so imagine how I felt when suddenly it beeped frantically and it registered coins, only to find a few old fifty and ten pences, on telling the lady of my find she suddenly remembered she hid some coins for her grandkids to find , it was fun though thinking I may find something, that Iron Age fort sounds good.

11 Nov, 2020


At least a small reward for your efforts, Julien!

It does, Hywel.

11 Nov, 2020

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