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Clearing the borders.


By anget


As it was a bright morning, I decided to continue cutting back the herbaceous plants. It was trickier than I thought it would be as the wind was blowing steadily and the twigs were being dislodged from the wheelbarrow almost as fast as they were being put into it. I still have about a third of the garden to do and haven’t yet started on the clematis or roses! Hopefully the rest of the week will remain dry as the weather people promise and I’ll get the job completed.

I found lots of ladybirds in the brash, so I think I was right in deciding to leave the cutting back till so late in the season. They are all safely tucked back up in the twigs on top of the compost bin and I have asked OH to hold off shredding for another week or two. He’s a happy man with a shredder to play with…

While I was out I took pics. of the small things in flower. I thought most of my crocuses had disappeared, but I was too hasty – lots are making an appearance now although one bed is mysteriously depleted. I have also included a couple of photos of new acquisitions.

The colours are rather jumbled because lots were bought as mixed bags. The bumbles don’t seem to mind the lack of colour co-ordination!

The hellebores are making more of a show:

And the snowdrops are still well in evidence:

We bought a few new ones this year and have decided to keep them in pots for the time being so they don’t get lost in the rough and tumble of the borders:

‘The Pearl’

‘Peg Sharples’

Lastly, some new acquistions:

Unnamed Camellia Japonica
Paeony Japonica with little bud
Hamamellis ‘Westerede’

Thanks for all of you who’ve stuck with this so far. Happy gardening for those who are out of the downpours and keep safe all of you who aren’t.

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I have been removing the dead wisteria and the live bits that in the last 25 yrs has only produced 5 flowers. But as you also found the wind is making tidying difficult.
your borders are looking very inviting. love the crocus, really do have to think of adding more next spring.

23 Feb, 2021


I have made a start cutting back all the perennials Anget and had finished pruning all the roses a few weeks ago, but some of the perennials have to move as I am changing my borders to accomodate all the Verbena Bonarensis which I have to split up and Ammi Majus which I have grown from seed and have just potted them on. My aim is to mingle the two lots of plants together, so had to widen the borders .
You have a lot of colour Anget ! I bet it looks lovely!

23 Feb, 2021


Glad you're making progress with the cutting back, SBG; I was getting rather desperate to get started because there's a lot to do. However, as we're on clay I have to limit how much I plod all over the borders! The crocus are pretty but scattered - I never seem to get the spacing right. It's the same with tulips.. The small things delight after the misery of the last few weeks.

Oh, Rose, you put me to shame with the roses. We have one to take out and another climber in the wrong place, so that will be moved to the front garden when the soil isn't so sticky. We need to get on as the rose is beginning to wake up! Keep your fingers crossed.
I have lots of splitting and moving of herbaceous bits but that will have to wait until the soil dries out a lot more. Your planting plans sound dreamy. I shall look forward to the photos!

23 Feb, 2021


Snap, I've started cutting back, taking the dead bits off the base of my Cotinus before finishing the fence repair, hopefully tomorrow.
What a lovely selection of Crocuses you have. Those small ones look as if they are increasing nicely. Pretty pink Camellia. I'm afraid to admit I find the slate coloured Hellebore rather dismal.

23 Feb, 2021


We have fences to repaint, Siris. It's a job that seems to need doing every year, whatever coating we put on them. Such a bore! I did the front fencing late last year and it's already going green. It will stay that way!
The dark hellebore is the best flowering one in the garden! The leaves are very diffent from the 'hybridus' types, more like an atrorubens. I should have placed it in front of something lighter to show it off better.

23 Feb, 2021


All looking good Anget, love trhe colours of the crocus, my hellibores haven't done that well this year i might need to get some new ones this year.

23 Feb, 2021


It looks great Anget. Your garden is much further on than mine. I will be lucky to see any Crocuses. Those pesky squirrels got most of them.

23 Feb, 2021


Stripes, my hellebores were pretty grim - weak, black necks early on and now struck down with the last frost. They don't seem to bulk up much. Over time I seem to remove one or two each year. The weakest were the most expensive!

Thank you, Linda. I have no squirrels to speak of, so I'm not sure what got mine in the one bed. They seem to leave just very small bulblets.

23 Feb, 2021


Your crocuses are lovely - especially love the blue ones. Hellebores do seem to take their time bulking up but they are such lovely big flowers for the time of year, you can't be cross can you? But the Witch Hazel takes the prize today -what a beauty!

23 Feb, 2021


The scent in the greenhouse from the witch hazel is wonderful, Yorks. Another impulse buy! It will have to go in a pot..

24 Feb, 2021


Your blog and pics epitomise Spring very well, Ange. Your garden is full of colour and promise.
I’ve not many bulbs blooming, partly due to having a bijou back garden..only a few snowdrops and only TWO crocus have dared to big flouncy hellebore and some rockery flowers. I’m fine with it as I am come on here and enjoy everyone else’s! ☺️

24 Feb, 2021


Kate, I see you, too, suffer from the Phantom Crocus Snatcher! It's one of life's little mysteries. He seems to pinch lots of my daffodils, too!
I'm feeling smug this afternoon as I pruned all my roses this morning and that's quite a job. I found it easier this year as the leaves aren't out yet. I did them a couple of weeks earlier than I usually manage. Now just the clematis and some herbaceous left - I hope the weather holds out so it can be completed.
I hope you're beginning to feel more energetic now. The Spring is to look forward to. (Thank heavens. It's been a
L-O-N-G winter).

24 Feb, 2021


Yes! Definitely Ange. I had some planted in a lower bed area near to the house..they haven’t even peeped out from the soil..yet?!?
Sounds like you’ve been very productive in the garden today! It was very pleasant here, with sunshine and mild temperature, albeit still windy. I managed to trim my two tree ferns by removing the fronds. I was quite tired after this task. I went indoors, sadly. I shall get there soon.
It definitely has been a long, dark winter..spring is now with us and the evenings are getting lighter.

24 Feb, 2021


Looks like the early bird,'ve made good,it was very mild,even,dare I say, the grass was dry and cried out for a cut....looks terribly green compared with the bare patches last summer.Certainly does give a fresh look after the long drab Winter days.Tomorrow the roses will have their manure compost mulch.

24 Feb, 2021


Kate, bit by bit you'll get there. One of the joys of today was being next to the bird feeders while it was visited by Longtails. The very prettiest of little birds and very chatty. There were pleasures despite the breeze.

Yes, Meadow, it was warm but still very windy. Our grass is still far too wet to cut. Shouldn't stand on it really, but what can you do? Wait much longer and everything will have got away here. We have too much weeding to do before we can mulch and the ground is too sticky to begin that chore. I expect we'll be complaining of a drought soon!

24 Feb, 2021


wonderful sights here Anget , I'd love a shredder ! I like the Hamamellis ‘Westerede’ . I been clearing out too in the strong winds .They're looking lovely your flowers Anget

24 Feb, 2021


Get yourself a shredder, Paul. They seem to give hours of fun!! Thanks for your nice comments.

25 Feb, 2021


Empathy Root Grow is the best thing to use for moving roses Anget as it encourages new roots to grow. Hope this is useful!

25 Feb, 2021


Thank you, Rose. I didn't know and will search it out.

25 Feb, 2021


Your garden is full of cheerful sights Anget. Mine is not as advanced as yours. I like your choice of new plants . I am peony-holic (any peony) but they take their sweet time to get establish here.

27 Feb, 2021


Its very colourful Anget, like you I have also lost crocus but thankfully not all of them, I've only got two in my raised bed right at the bottom of our garden and I know there should be many more, haven't seen a squirrel around here for many years so can't lay the blame there, lol, I've also spent the last few days in my garden, after all the long dreary days, the lovely weather has given me a real boost, its been a happy week for me also...

27 Feb, 2021


I confess I love my power tools and how they cut the workload in half or double the output. Your garden came back in a big way Anget. I'm still waiting for the snow to melt. I'm sure it's going to happen any day now. Snow melts.

27 Feb, 2021


Lincs, we're all a lot happier in the sunshine!

Paul, I've been thinking about you with all the snow. Hopefully the end is in sight for you. We woke up to freezing ground and mist this morning.
OH loves the shredder. He will be in his element today getting rid of all the shrubs we've dug out. I understand about how they cut back on human effort, but I get so fed up with the noise they make. Round there there is always someone cleaning paths, blowing leaves, cutting grass... You get the picture.

28 Feb, 2021


Anget, I do get the picture and I am there with you.
Although, my OH loves his power tools also and he has all sorts of noisy hobbies such as wood working.

There is way too much noise pollution in our society.
We thought we escaped the noise moving from the big city to a country, to an acreage.... on an Island in the Pacific... but not so. We have dozens of helicopters, sea planes, speed boats zooming by every day... big Chinese freighters parking by (waiting for coal and grain) and running their generators day and night. One can hardly hear a bird song any more . There is no paradise anywhere anymore.....
I know I am over-dramatizing and make it sound worse than it is (could be worse) but I do stand behind my first sentence.

28 Feb, 2021


Oh, Klahanie, I do so agree with you. It's one of my main bugbears (and I have a number!!) It seems we live in a world that can't live without noise and is afraid of silence. I hate shopping with musak and have been known to walk out of places, particularly at Christmas. I don't want to buy my veggies accompanied by Country and Western carols. I loved hols in the Scottish highlands when, to walk out, you were only accompanied by natural sounds. Why are we afraid of peace??

28 Feb, 2021

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