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Set free... finally!


By anget


What a lovely day it has been. And to add to the pleasure, I discovered just yesterday that a Rare Plant Fair that we have visited in the Cotswolds for the last few years, (and which was cancelled last summer), was taking place again today.
So off we went, telling each other that we would just enjoy a nice morning out with coffee and brownies and stunning surroundings, but of course it didn’t pan out that way.
These are what we bought. In my defence they are all plants I have been looking for.

Corydalis ‘Spinners’. I have wanted a blue one for a while, but none were on sale locally.

Akebia quinata, quite a favourite climber.

Sambucus nigra ‘Black Tower’ : a more upright form of dark elderberry so shouldn’t take up so much space.

Tiny Daphne tangutica and Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’ (OH was allowed some choices!)

Primula ‘Dark Rosaleen’

Astrantia ‘Sunningdale variegated’.

Sanguisorba hakusanensis ‘Lilac Squirrel’

Viburnum x burkwoodi

I feel very spoilt, but oh my goodness, just a little envy at all those wonderful old mellow stone houses. England at its most beautiful, especially poignant on this warm St. George’s Day.

Coming back home the 2 pots of new tulips are starting to flower:
‘Ballerina’ and ‘Fire Wings’. The scent from the former is delicious.

So it’s been a restorative day and thank goodness we’re finally being let out to play a little more!

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Lovely Anget, I have a few gaps and have my eye on a few things, good when you find what you're looking for. We normally go to GW live and it's not very often I find plants on my wishlist :-))

23 Apr, 2021


that looks to have been a great day out.
Super buys too. I have D tangutica and it is gorgeous, you wont be disappointed. Same with Spinners. I like the red markings in the leaf too.

I forgot to get Ballerina tulips this year, but I am planning on doing so next year.

23 Apr, 2021


You were really spoilt today,Ang....gorgeous weather for such a trip and always more enjoyable when taken on the spur of the moment.

23 Apr, 2021


Day well spent Anget. Great choice of plants.

23 Apr, 2021


Great choices Ange ... I love that Sambucus Nigra 'black tower', its leaves will make a lovely contrast in your garden.

23 Apr, 2021


Sounds like a really lovely day out for you both! Pleased you enjoyed it, plus it was a fruitful trip too!
The Daphne ‘eternal fragrance’ looks a very pretty one, bet it’s very scented too! Viburnum looks a good buy too, they are such a great all rounder!
Great purchases, Ange!

23 Apr, 2021


Wow, you really went to town on that lot, and why not..a very desirable collection. I wish I'd known you were after a blue Corydalis though, I could have sent you a piece. (I think its Tory MP)

23 Apr, 2021


Lucky you going to a Plant fair. Excellent purchases, I'm envious.

23 Apr, 2021


Daylily, looking online there are a few Rare Plant Sales taking place over the Summer. (Fingers crossed) and usually in lovely sites so it may be worth looking out in your area. I gave up with GW even before Covid.

SBG, thanks for your comments re. Daphnes and Corydalis. OH is the real daphne-liker. He just leaves me to keep them going! I adore the scent. Coming back in the car the scent from that and the Viburnum was almost overpowering in the warmth of the sun!

Yes, Meadow, I was spoilt. And the surroundings just so lovely. Perfect day.

Thanks, Klahanie.

I think the elderberry will be a good wildlife plant, too, Sheila. The last one we had got huge so I have been looking out for this slender one. I just hope it 'does what it says on the tin'!

Hi Kate, yes, I think being let off the leash at last by our political masters made it all the more enjoyable! I think because it took place in a field, all the organisers were extremely relieved at the weather. So unlike GB!!

That's kind, Yorks. I'm surprised that the ones I have in the garden already have taken so well.

23 Apr, 2021


Thanks, Siris. It was just a fluke that I picked up a Nursery email last night that mentioned they would be taking part at this fair. We go a couple of times a year most years, where it is held in a large garden, but this time it took place in a field, and the refreshments were in the garden instead. Very happy bunch of gardeners...

23 Apr, 2021


Lovely selection of plants. I have been furiously weeding over the past week or so, due to letting it get out of hand last year after I fractured my wrist in September! Found the blue Corydalis had spread in all directions, but of course was intermingled with grass and weeds, hopefully it will recover. I have a huge soft spot for primulas of all sorts and bought a car boot full when the local nursery had a sale clearout this year. They have brightened a dullish corner and hopefully will survive the rabbits, peacocks and pigeons.
Lucky you, a plant fair, those and the open gardens are really the only things that I have missed during various lockdowns. Don't need new clothes, shoes or cosmetics at my age - just more plants!

24 Apr, 2021


I hope my Corydalis spreads like yours, Honeysuckle. I'm pleased with the few I have already, mostly red. Lucky you with the primroses. I love them but this isn't the best garden for them. I agree with you about financial priorities, but I think I have to slow down on the plant buying for the rest of the year ...

24 Apr, 2021

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