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By bloomer


This lovely warm weather,has certainly been enjoyed by both the plants, and myself :o). It feels so good to be outdoors, and the satisfaction of seeing everything growing so well..
The Overwintered plants and cuttings,are spending each day on the patio Table,and going into the cold frame at night,as yet.
The Spider plant in the Chimney pot ,has been out for the past month !

Side border, and the Camellia and Pieris have been beautiful,but sadly, I couldn’t post photo’s when they were at their best.. :o(

The Hawthorns behind our fence are beautiful,there are 4 altogether, and started flowering from Left to right .The Ist one, is out of shot, and is just starting to go over, and the last one on the right is yet to flower. There are some nesting birds,so we have lots coming to the Bird Feeders :o)

I’ve spent all day in the garden,so time to relax and put my feet up ! I’m going to have an Icecream now,,as I think I’ve earned a treat ! Lol.
I hope you have all had a nice sunny day too.. xx

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Hawthorns are especially lovely and add to the garden as a backdrop.Your Pieris still looks lovely Sandra.

8 May, 2022


I like the subtle colour of your shed and fence, so sympathetic to your lovely planting.

8 May, 2022


It's so lovely to see Mayflower trees starting to bloom, isn't it? Around here I noticed the first starting on the 1st of the month!

I distinctly remember one year when they were flowering in the middle of April! (Can't remember what year now) I was taking pictures of the trees when a lady passed me by & said "Do you know these are Mayflower trees?" I said yes, but this year they seem more like "Aprilflower" trees! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

8 May, 2022


It is lovely to see your plants that you looked after throughout the winter - they all look so healthy. Love the shade of your fence and shed. Everything grows so neatly in your garden and seems to behave itself …… in our garden that is NOT the case!!!

8 May, 2022


lovely Bloomer , liking the sun lately and how plants are now. Nice colour fence . Your areas are always very tidy too

9 May, 2022


I too like the colour of your shed and fence. Your overwintered plants look lovely and healthy and that border looks beautifully colourful. I love the scent of Hawthorn, it’s been a super year for blossom hasn't it.

10 May, 2022


Thank you all for your lovely comments,I had no idea that Hawthorns were also known as Mayflowers,so still always something to learn ! :o) .
I have had so many comments over the years,re the colour of the Fencing,and we haven't changed the colour of it for 20 years,as it's easy on the eye ,so it just gets repainted occasionally.
The plants are now in my cold frame, which is left open on a medium opening,so hopefully, unless we are forecast a late frost, they will be planted out shortly.. I know end of May is the recommended time,but I'm getting a bit impatient,and they might be out before then .?? .x

10 May, 2022


Its great to be able to see all your treasures Sandra.
.Everything looks to be doing very well, the warmth has certainly worked its magic for you, I've had to start from scratch with my pelargoniums and geraniums, lost all of them last year, your plants look very healthy and lush..Your garden always looks so attractive ... My table down near the g'house is full of plants waiting to go in the ground ,its too dry here to even attempt that yet, we're desperate for rain, like you I am still taking some back inside at night, I've been spending as much time as I can in the garden, we were stuck indoors long enough weren't we....
Lovely blog and photo's..x

10 May, 2022


Sandra, your overwintered pots are looking healthy and happy! Both your pieris and camellia are still very attractive! I do love your fence and shed colour - think I mentioned this in the past! Hope you enjoyed your well deserved ice-cream!

10 May, 2022


All as attractive as usual Sandra! By the way is that a horse in your shed?

10 May, 2022


I put out many of my overwintered Geraniums & Pelargoniums out on the balcony a couple of weeks ago. They all look very well & I've moved them from the inside of the balcony, up against the windows, to the railings where they will spent the summer.

Your plants look to be in fine fettle, Sandra!

11 May, 2022


Thank you Kate,it's lovely to see everything growing well ,isn't it?,and yes,you did mention previously that you liked the colour of the fence and shed :o) Got a good bargain in Wilko's yesterday,all packets of plants reduced,so I bought a 3 pack of Tuberous begonias, and a Phlox, (as you do ),and they are already planted up,also some of the well known brands of Garden shades paint were reduced too,luckily,our shed paint was amongst them ..:o) One happy lady..Lol. Had to have another Icecream last night,to mark the occasion. ha ha. x

12 May, 2022


Its looking lovely Sandra, and I’m loving your teal fencing paint too! :)

13 May, 2022


Sue ( L.lass ) Sorry, I almost missed you, but thank you,and I'm sorry you lost all your Geraniums,and Pelargoniums, but you seem to have plenty of plants to make up for them,once it's safe to plant out.:o) It won't be long before we can ,and like you,I'm trying to be patient ,,not my best trait ! lol We were lucky enough to get some decent rain one night this week,but it only just scratched the surface :o( Hope you get some soon.. :o) x

13 May, 2022


Thank you Sue (Stera ) ..I decided to reply like this,so I don't get mixed up with replies,if that's ok ! :o).

Did you mean Kevin,on the shed window sill ? No,not a Horse,but a Doorstop Kingfisher.. Lol. He he proved not to be heavy enough for the job, so I let him look out on the garden instead,and check I'm keeping it tidy.. Lol. It made me smile ,so thank you. x

13 May, 2022


Thank you Balcony, I'm hoping to have another good display and I hope we have another lovely warm summer. I'm sure you are going to have one too,with all your overwintered plants.:o)

13 May, 2022


Thank you, Bloomer. I hope I get a good display again this year as well! I have taken so many cuttings from my Geraniums & Pelargoniums that I've no idea what I'm going to do with them all!

13 May, 2022


Same here,Balcony,but we will manage to fit them in somewhere ! Lol. by the way,the huge Amaryllis leaves are starting to die down now,and no,I didn't cut any of this year..ha ha. .

14 May, 2022

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