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Autumn Clear-Out Part 3


This week I have had three good days of working in the garden and lots of the autumn refurb has now been done. The main jobs for this week were:-

1. Get the lawn treatment down in preparation for scarifying the moss out whenever we get the next good spell of weather. A bit later than I would have liked, but the weather has been against me all summer and it continues to frustrate.

2. Remove some of the ferns from the back garden because rats were using it as a run to get to the bird feeder. The bird feeders have been removed for now. Poor birds must feel very neglected. But we have always had brown rats about the place, but never actually seen any before. When you start seeing them, its time to do something!

Sorry, I don’t have any ratty pics!

3. Plant new shrubs and remove unwanted plants that just weren’t making me happy. Out came Ground Cover rose ‘Scented Carpet’ which was very wild and growing like a thicket and flopping over everything. It only flowers once, very late. It is extremely pretty when in flower, but that’s not quite good enough for me. I like my plants to have more than one season of interest, and also to have some manners ;) So in place of the rose we now have Magnolia loenbneri ‘Leonard Messel’ and I also have Hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’ which will be planted in the spring. You won’t be able to see it, but Leonard is right in the centre of the raised bed.

I also removed one of my two Aronia berry shrubs. The tiny shrub border was so overcrowded and out of the five shrubs in there the Aronia was the least important as I have one elsewhere. Taking it out has allowed me to enjoy the maturing Cornus florida Rubra which is one of the best autumn shrubs in the garden. The leaves go from lime to bright red instantly, but not all together, so you have this amazing lime/red contrast on the plant for weeks.

C. florida ‘Rubra’

4. Remove some of the plants in the herb area and replace with a more mixed planting scheme. Now it contains a couple of patio roses and a lot of Sedums as well as a few of the herbs and some Alpines.

5. Pot up some of my Aeoniums which have all grown beautifully this year.

A. ‘Cornish Pixie’

A. leuconeura

6. Treat the paths and patio to get rid of moss and algae in preparation for the long dark winter months to come.

7. Clean and relocate the bird bath which was under the plum tree and had become filthy and impossible to enjoy.

8. Remove some more very large Hostas (I’m so sick of having to put a ton of slug pellets out every year) and a large golden grass from Golden Border and prune back some of the shrubs in there. Still more to do in that area.

So all of that has been done and all the rubbish has been shredded and dumped on the field edge. I love shredding. It’s like feeding a hungry monster :) My Bosch Shredder is one of my favourite garden helpers. And now the promised rain has started so I can rest in the knowledge that the treatment on the lawn is being well watered in. :)

Tomorrow….wedding jobs. That’s wedding, not Weeding!

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Makes me feel tired just reading your clear up jobs,
but well done to you..
I'm sure you are feeling satisfied.
Quite mild here today and dry! Managed to trim a few shrubs,one being the Mahonia...had increased in width and height tremendously.

5 Oct, 2019


As Kenny Rogers said 'You gotta know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em'. The garden still looks very nice.

5 Oct, 2019


Thank you both.'s six years now since we moved in here, and that's a good time to reassess things. It's also great to see things maturing and trees starting to look like trees! :)

5 Oct, 2019


Six years! And just think how many plants have been and gone in that time... I love the Cornus - what a magic display!

5 Oct, 2019


Thanks Stera. That Cornus in October is one of my highlights. Its growing well and maybe one day it will flower!

5 Oct, 2019


Looks fab Karen! So much colour and lushness.
You mentioned scarifying. I haven’t done this for a couple of years. I have a petit lawn, no moss or weeds. ( Green Thumb come quarterly, takes them 5 mins! :)))
Do you think I should still scarify? Thanks.

5 Oct, 2019


Hi Kate. If you have no moss or dead thatch in the lawn, then theres no need. :)

5 Oct, 2019


Lovely, thanks Karen.

6 Oct, 2019


The garden looks lovely. I too have a shredder, then compost the clippings. It prefers woodier material, green papy clippings block up the helix.

6 Oct, 2019


Yes, that's right Sue. When it gets at bit clogged I feed it a couple of crunchy bamboo canes. That clears it usually.

6 Oct, 2019


I'm always changing things around in my garden. I'm gonna make like George Washington and cut down my cherry tree and I cannot tell a lie - I want to replace it with a red weeping Japanese maple. Why? It's beautiful and I want to surround myself with beautiful things.

6 Oct, 2019


Karen, you put us all to shame. Your garden looks terrific. I have been put off by constant rain here on the west coast.
I do have plans but not as many as you.

7 Oct, 2019


Karen you must be in seventh heaven, it doesn't seem possible that its six years already, I'm miles behind now for obvious reasons and the weather isn't helping, I've lost my mojo, not surprising really, I will bounce back because you have to don't you, I have enjoyed catching up on your autumn clear up, its always a delight to see your garden..

7 Oct, 2019


Bathgate...that’s what we aim to create beauty. Good for you. You can’t beat an Acer can you. Especially the Coral bark Maple which glows in winter. Acer Sango Kaku.

7 Oct, 2019


Linda! How can you say I put you to shame? You are creating such a beautiful garden in Sweden, you have your own lovely lush garden, and on top of that, your work! Its you that’s putting me to shame! :) x

7 Oct, 2019


Thank you Sue. I hope you get a bot more energy in time for next spring. I must admit, since we decided not to open the garden next year, I have had so much energy out there. It feels like the garden is mine again. No need to worry about visitors, labels, impressing anyone. Now its back to our little bit of heaven, and its lovely to have that feeling back again. :)

7 Oct, 2019


Your energy is amazing Karen, and the results of your hard work in the garden are stunning. The thought of all the work that is involved in opening a garden makes me go weak at the knees, I take my hat off to anyone who has done it and have no doubt that you have earned a break from the additional work and deserve the space you will gain to enjoy your corner of Heaven many times over. I hope Nature feels the same way and brings a glorious growing season your way with many sunny days and just overnight rain to keep the plants happy too.

11 Oct, 2019


Thanks so much Xela. That is so kind of you xx

13 Oct, 2019

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