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Autumn Clear-Out 5


Yes, it goes on and on! After further sightings of a cheeky ratty around the place, I am working on clearing up all rubbish, removing her cover and generally cutting things back etc.

Today began with cutting back some herbaceous plants in Golden border.

Next I tackled Heuchera corner. Here’s a photo taken earlier this month…..

Some Heucheras were removed because they were almost gone, and some were split and replanted at a greater depth as they had grown out of their soil. One of the Dwarf Rhododendrons needed to be moved, and several shrubs cut back. Weeds removed, Hellebore foliage removed to make life more difficult for rodents and easier for me to get to all the rubbish that was lurking underneath them. I also removed the tree lupin. They are very untidy plants that do not support themselves.

After that I set about cutting things back along the ‘Woodland Path’. Hebes that had overgrown, lamium Orvala which was spent was cut back, and some honeysuckles removed.

Then I tidied up under my good (productive) apple by removing a large Hellebore, a clematis and lots of centaurea. This will allow the tree to benefit more from water and feed that the other plants would have stolen.

Once all this was done, I had the pleasure of potting up three lovely new conifers and watering everything in. And that was today’s session finished. It took me a good 6 hours to do all that.

Scott cut the grass and helped me get that big Hellebore out. He’s also strimmed and raked the farm field edge so Ratty has no cover as she enters the garden from the field.

We have noticed a nightly feline visitor from the direction of the farm….so hopefully she is chasing and harassing all the rodents every night! And she never comes in the daytime when Molly is around. Which is just as well!

All the rubbish from Today’s Episode! :)

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Well Done! It looks clean and ready for winter now

23 Oct, 2019


A good days work, well done you!!

24 Oct, 2019


Thank you both! It was a lovely day today, bit I didn’t manage to get outside...too busy scrubbing floors, shopping etc.🙄

24 Oct, 2019


Hi Karen, you're a workaholic, well done, Derek.

24 Oct, 2019


A good day's work.. I managed 3hrs digging couch grass on Monday but rain Tuesday and today meant no more work could be done. Yesterday was spent with daughter in Nottingham and today I have made a lap quilt using scraps left over from other projects.

but your garden is looking winter ready and I am so envious of your beautifully tidy borders.

24 Oct, 2019


Update! I have seen her three times today in broad daylight! Once I almost ran over her in the car as I came out of the drive in the car, earlier she ran right in front of the gates, and I saw her hunting for food outside the greenhouse when I was in there. She’s actually very cute...and I feel sorry for her starving and cold. But I don’t want her breeding in my garden! Its surely a matter of time now...she will either move on or starve. They are harvesting the tatties across the road today, so that will surely be her last food store gone.

25 Oct, 2019


Thanks Derek and SBG...I am packing for a Hen Weekend in Edinburgh! Its all go here now!

25 Oct, 2019

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