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List of Tulips for 2020 (for my reference)


Early Harvest
Temple Of Beauty
Lily flowered Mixed
El Nino
Flutes On Fire
Peppermint Stick
Orange Brilliant
Giuseppi Verdi
Lily Fire

All above from J Parker. Potted up 9/11/19

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Sounds good Karen, you have been busy, do you have problems with squirrels up there ? I always have to give the pots protection, don’t they have some lovely names, I just love plant names especially those old ones, temple of beauty what a wonderful name for a flower.

10 Nov, 2019


Hi Karen ... great idea to make a list .. and to put it in a place where you won't lose it !

10 Nov, 2019


I grow early harvest and it is one of the earliest often in flower in mid Feb. I have just left them and they are bulking up. Ballerina is a good mid season one that I also grow and leave to bulk up.
you have some lovely selections there Karen

10 Nov, 2019


I admire your diligence.

10 Nov, 2019


Thanks everyone. I like to try to keep a note so that when my friends on GoY ask me for the names, i can give them to you! Also, it helps me decide what to get next year. This year I have gone for totally new selections. I have never grown any of these before except for Ballerina which is just beautiful.

10 Nov, 2019


I was irked when I only got one season out of my designer tulips. So much time and effort went into it.

10 Nov, 2019


Julien, no. No squirrels...not enough trees nearby. But mice can be troublesome. So far I haven't had any bulbs in pots eaten though, so fingers crossed they should be ok. The mice/voles did take a lot of my crocus one year...from the lawn. Very annoying!

10 Nov, 2019


Bathgate, I do have some species tulips in the ground, but tbh, I find they don't last very long. Whereas the fancy ones last for weeks. So now I grow them as an annual crop then turf them out and buy new every year. After all, we have to keep the Dutch in business! ;)

10 Nov, 2019


Yes that's true - they do give quite a show.

10 Nov, 2019


I love Ballerina and plant them every year

11 Nov, 2019


Very good selection, I look forward to seeing them in flower Karen....

11 Nov, 2019

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