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The Little Things That Mean So Much :)


Today I have seen a Damsel Fly drying its wings beside the pond (which I was pulling weed out of to reveal a bit more water)…

… a mother Chaffinch feeding her young at the bird table, two newts swimming in my pond, and a nest in my. Garden being fed by a sparrow. This is where the nest is…see that black circular hole in that tiny clipped Conifer….

These little things made my day!

Plant-wise, I have lupins flowering….

.. and the first of my roses are out.

Patio Rose ‘Diamond Eyes’ after a sprinkle…

Now, can I just mention, my favourite Lupin ‘Masterpiece’ just will not overwinter for me. I’ve tried it several times and I’m having to admit defeat. It is far too expensive to grow as an Annual. All the other perennial Lupins are doing great….sods law again!

The mini cucumber plants look like they will soon start to flower…

… and the peas, carrots and potatoes (all purple this year) are doing really well. We’ve been harvesting radish for a couple of weeks too. What a wonderful time of year…lock-down or not!

Not a cloud in the sky AGAIN….what a perfect day! :) And the GC just a mile away is open again too. I haven’t been yet….queues are just too long…but soon. :)

Sorbus Joseph Rock – one of my new trees this year…

Now, here’s a conversation point for us all. I have not had a white allium in my back garden for several years…but this evening I saw this coming up from the spent daffodil leaves. A really lovely surprise. What plants that you thought you had lost have reappeared for you years later?

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Do you know, I was thinking yesterday when I was deadheading roses and relishing their scent that it's the little things that make us really happy. The starlings have been introducing their raucous young to the tray of water on our grass and we've loved watching their antics, showering themselves and each other. We're happy to see 'evidence' of the hedgehogs' visits trailing through the wormwood - a well-worn path. Now we have a regular visit from a woodpecker who is getting less freaked out by us watching her from the kitchen window. I could go on, but you get the gist. Bees, butterflies even the spiders in the greenhouse!
As for plants that have reappeared, an eremurus popped up recently after I was convinced it had gone for good.
Everything in your garden looks lovely and is obviously well thought out too. How could the wildlife stay away? I feel for you and your lupins. Why is it the things that we love that seem to succumb?

31 May, 2020


I just don't know Ange. It's very annoying though! Perhaps its because when we love a plant very much we worry more about it, and that energy is projected on to the plant. I really believe that when I worry about plants, they don't do well. But when I expect them to do well...they generally do. I think that's part of the reason my Clematis are so weak. I love them so much and am always fussing about them. That's good about the Eremurus, because that's another thing that's disappeared here!

31 May, 2020


I couldn't agree more about the wild life. moving trays of plants around today we found a toad and going to shut up the shed there was a hedgehog rooting around. There are several young blackbirds getting to know the routine, fly onto the kitchen windowsill eye ball us through the glass and we respond with meal worms. One found its way into the conservatory by going through the house! that was fun[?] to catch.

we have had at least 40 species of moth visiting [daughter is moth trapping every night.] and female azure damselflies. lots of spiders too.

the garden looks lovely Karen.

31 May, 2020


Thanks SBG. Plenty of wildlife in your garden!

31 May, 2020


It is the little things as you say Karen, we have all seemed to have taken more time to look deeper and closer in our gardens. Even those of us who are retired and spend lots of time in the garden have discovered more to see. I lost an Eremurus too, but I don't think mine will come back! We have the hedgehog about and I do put some food out for her as everything is so dry, no worms or slugs to find. However the old derelict greenhouse has pots of plants on the floor which belong to my recently moved daughter. I am in charge of keeping them alive until she collects them! Constant watering means this is the only place that the hedgehog can possibly find slugs, worms and beetles, even if she turns so many flowerpots over in the process.

1 Jun, 2020


Aw Honeysuckle...I have a vision of you and hedgie going about your wet chores in the greenhouse. Lovely! :)

1 Jun, 2020


we had 3 hedgehogs last night :o)))

1 Jun, 2020


Smashing blog, Karen! You’ve done fantastically well with your veg, you’ll have a healthy crop I’d say. I do love a radish! Those lupine are just bursting with colour and the shape too - so big and bold! The Rose is a beauty too, love the colour. Liking the white allium, it’s often we see the purple much more. I have to say, it’s often some rockery plants that I seem to have lost due to weather 0r having been eaten by some bird or bug..them all of a sudden I’ve had little shoots appear. Also I had a yucca that was decapitated by a long, cold winter..then the following year, it starting to grow again.

1 Jun, 2020


Thanks Kate. The carrots must be a hybrid because their tops are like radish, not the feathery carrot tops. The radishes have been lovely. Peppery flavour and jewel colour in my daily salads. So pretty.

1 Jun, 2020


We both love watching the wildlife Karen from our conservatory. We get most birds in to feed , but had a nice surprise the other day when two green finches started to feed and haven't seen these for a long time !

3 Jun, 2020


Great blog, Karen & so much going on in your garden!

On the balcony the ants & aphids are having a field day! I have to try to get rid of the aphids every day as I'm sure the ants are feeding off them, the sticky substance they produce, that is.

As for flowers it looks more like July than June! :)

4 Jun, 2020


I think that being unable to go out and about for such a long time, has actually encouraged us to stop and stare a bit more at what is actually going on in our gardens, we've all had more time for the jobs that always need doing, we've also been conscious of the fact that we needed to keep ourselves occupied for weeks so have not rushed things...Little things as you say bring us joy Karen, lovely blog and photo's...

5 Jun, 2020


Looks like loads going on in your garden Karen, all the activity is really nice just to sit back and watch. As for flowers coming back just posted in a recent blog I have got a Sea mallow plant which nearly got dug up at the end of last year, that was until I saw a few bits of new growth, so let it go and it has now done amazing.

5 Jun, 2020

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