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I am in mourning for my beautiful cherry tree. :o(((


My cherry tree had a couple of very large diseased branches that needed removing so we called in a firm to do it for us. They said they would take out all the diseased and crossing branches and it would give the tree a better shape. Here is a reminder of how it looked in the spring of this year…………

This is what I saw when I came home from shopping……………………..

This is what it looks like now………………………….

I feel sick when I see it as I walk up the path to the back door. I sincerely hope it survives this butchery. Why did I ask anyone to touch it I keep asking myself. Next spring will tell.

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Oh dear Hb, I feel sad for you. It was so beautiful. I do hope it will survive. Still, look on the bright side, it could come back beautifully next year.

23 Aug, 2010


Is this the right time of year to do it?

23 Aug, 2010


Oh I do hope so Cinders.
I hope it is Heron. They were supposed to know what they were doing.

23 Aug, 2010


o dear homebird , hopfully it will recover. i have seen this type of prunning b 4. so i think it will. fingers x ;0(

23 Aug, 2010


Thanks so much for that Cristina, I need someone to tell me it will be ok. I have everything crossed..

23 Aug, 2010


at the staly house near us they have dun that. and we thort the same as you. but now they are big and bushy. so hopefully urs will b as well. did they not say why they did it or xplain . its a bit scary i no. i just trimed mine. but mines only small.

23 Aug, 2010


Looking at your blog now, I really can understand because of my apple tree! We have a couple of cherry trees and the EDF massacred them in 2008 so they did not touch the cables and they have looked very sad ever since although they still fruit well.

23 Aug, 2010


I used to look through my window at a fully grown Ash tree until the power company cut it all down.

23 Aug, 2010


Oh goodness I am not alone. So sorry about yours Troddles and the Ash tree Heron.

23 Aug, 2010


They must have got permission from the farmer although he denies it. I thought fully grown trees were protected.

24 Aug, 2010


There are regulations on the size of trees that can be removed before planning permission is required. Especially in a conservation area.

24 Aug, 2010


Keep your chin up I know its a shock but I had mine done last year Homebird, and I promise you you will not recognise it next year mine has gone bonkers, obviously no blossom this year but lots and lots of new growth.

24 Aug, 2010


When the builders chopped down my mature apple tree because it was in the way of a cement lorry, the company (after a letter to the Managing Director) gave us 500 euros compensation. But what price a fully mature tree producing something like 100 kilo of apples each year! Here in SW France they do as they like, never mind permission!

24 Aug, 2010


Troddles... What a shame I hope you managed to get another mature enough tree to replace it. Although I know you wouldn't get a fraction of the fruit.

Dido....Thankyou so very much for your comment. I am feeling a lot more optimistic now.

24 Aug, 2010


Hi Homebird. I have put a photo of a cherry tree on for you that had similar treatment in October 2009. Maybe it will help reassure you that trees have great powers of recovery, providing they are basically healthy. This tree is in sheltered housing next door. They have contractors every so often who keep the trees under control.....there were even some cherries on the ground recently. There has been a cold winter and a severe drought yet it looks fine.

29 Aug, 2010


Thank you so much Dorjac, I am a lot more optimistic now.

30 Aug, 2010


Oh dear Homebird, this isn't giving me much hope. We have to have two trees taken down to lower branches by our local electricity company, as we have overhead cables. Sounds like Troddles had the same done. The twisted willow I don't mind as it has got too tall, but I have a Scotts Pine which has sentimental reasons. Used to be a "bonsai" tree that belonged to my Dad. We stood it next to our pond twenty years ago & it's roots broke free of the dish,It's now way up high but I'm afraid they will spoil the shape. It also has our owl box in.

31 Aug, 2010


oh! Pam that is upsetting. I hope your fears turn out to be unfounded and the Scotts pine is unscathed. Have you had owles in the box?

1 Sep, 2010

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