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Late september in the garden.


Well, the temperatures have plummeted quickly over the last week around here. I spent a few hours last friday in the greenhouse potting up some cuttings and seeds, with T bringing hot tea and bickies at regular intervals (well trained in that department) and when I came in I had hot-aches in my fingers. I am really not ready for that just yet. These are a few of them……
Strawberry plants from runners…………..



Today is dull and drizzly, but I have the day to myself so off with the camera to capture a few last photo’s of the plants still going strongish before I have to lift some of them to try and save through the winter. The secret to having the day to yourself I have found, is to clean up early and nobody drops in, whereas when the house looks like a bomb has dropped (as usuaI after a weekend with the family staying over) someone always visits….
I have been quite surprised and very pleased with my borders this year as it’s the first time I have had time to spend on planning it and planting it up properly. Of course there are hundreds of plants I have seen in my friends photo’s that I long to get but there is always next year to introduce more and more to the garden.
These are the plants I photographed today that are still flowering well and I would like to save if I can…….

Gladioli ‘Laguna’. I have cut several over the past 4 weeks for the house….

A lovely yellow Dahlia from the mixed seed I sowed last spring…….

This dahlia that only started into flower last week……..

The only sunshine in my garden today………..

Geranium whose leaves and flowers are very similar…….

Deep pink/red Dahlia which is actually much darker than the photo shows…..

The red geraniums………

The bicoloured leaved geranium, Butterfly gladioli and the Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckias….

And finally a few more pics of the borders I took today before I have to decimate them….

Toffee apple tree………yum……

Hydrangea cutting I took last autumn growing well.

Bean row still producing!!!……..

Alpine strawberry fruiting again…….

Well thats just about it, apart from these which I have absolutely no recolection of planting. I could swear I put the lilies I saved in these pots. The kids are already threatening me with the nursing home…….They would have to lock me in to keep me out of their gardens………………

And to add insult to injury they couldn’t even be bothered to flower!!!!!!!!

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You have some fabulous fowers there homebird, I like so many of them but the Geranium with leaves similar to the flower I've not seen before, do you know it's name?

27 Sep, 2010


You must be so pleased to have so much colour left in your garden. It looks lovely.

27 Sep, 2010


what a great blog, you really do have some beautiful flowers, the photo's are brilliant, and you have worked so hard in the greenhouse, its right what you say, don't clean up and get visitors, always the way, thanks for sharing its been great.

27 Sep, 2010


You've been busy getting all that lot planted up....well done. I must congratulate OH as well supplying you with tea and biccies while you laboured in the greenhouse!

You have some lovely colour still in your borders....nice and cheery on a dull day.

27 Sep, 2010


Heron thank you it's called Geranium 'Chocolate Twist'.
Silverbelle thank you, I can't tell you how pleased I am this year, it's first time I have been able to spend plenty of time in the garden.
Yorkshire thanks so much for your lovely comments.
I am glad you all liked the blogg, I thought I had overdone the photo's.

27 Sep, 2010


Whistonlass we must have crossed in cyberspace lol......It is cheery to look out at the garden on this miserable day. Not really looking forward to pulling the plants up, but even T would object to covering the whole garden in glass...but he will be supplying the sustenance once I have to make a start............

27 Sep, 2010


You have been a busybee Homebird, lovely photo`s of your garden plants, its good to see such an array of colours especially nice on such a damp and dismal day, it makes for a cheery sight................

27 Sep, 2010


great blog so much going on i like that. gud feeling isent it. i have bin out there al day today tideing up moveing stuff and cutting back. just dont want it to end yet lol .

27 Sep, 2010


Thanks Lincslass, I have really enjoyed gardening this year more than ever. I don't want it to end yet either Cristina. :o)

27 Sep, 2010



27 Sep, 2010


Fabulous flowers still in your garden.
Super blog.

2 Oct, 2010


Thanks Val. I have had to pull up all the cosmos today and pot up the geraniums I want to keep, as the ground is really sodden now after all the rain yesterday and more forecast for tomorrow.

2 Oct, 2010

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