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Late October in my garden.


I have taken out, to save, several of the dahlias and geraniums I grew from seed this year but some of the dahlias are flowering so well still that I am loath to dig them up yet.

I decided to put the geraniums in the conservatory so we can enjoy the flowers for a while yet. The only problem I had was finding enough pots to put them into……lol. T very kindly nipped of to Wilkos and brought back 10 planters but there wasn’t enough room on the floor to stand them all.

So when he drove my daughter to Ikea he came back with 12 white pot plant pots and 12 smaller plant pots to transfer my geraniums into.

Hopefully they will flower until next spring.
As we have had 2 keen frosts already I thought I had better get the greenhouse lined out with bubble wrap this weekend, ready to put the tender plants in over the winter.
T knew of a place not too far away called Two Wests & Elliott which sell everything for the greenhouse and garden online and at the shop. He brought me enough bubble wrap (they call it heatsheets insulation) to do the whole greenhouse, along with a couple of bags of fixings. It is 26" wide allowing a 1" overlap for easy fixing to the glazing channels. It has been the easiest to fit that I have ever used. Here’s what the greenhouse looks like now it’s fitted.

I grew a grapevine in there this year but it didn’t flower for me although it grew in leaps and bounds. I am not sure how to cut it back, but I saved a couple of blogs from last autumn with plenty of info about it so I will read through them again and see what to do.
Coming back down the garden I noticed that the hardy chrysanthemums I bought earlier in the year were flowering. They are only tiny flowers because I should have taken off some of the stems and buds but they are pretty and I can try to get longer stems and larger flowers next year.

I also noticed the pulsatilla was re-blooming…….

and the penstemon….

and the rudbeckia……….

and the delphinium………

The strawberries are flowering and fruiting again, not many but very welcome …………

The geraniums still in the garden are really pretty……..

and the winter heathers are just showing promise…..

I have had a great weekend in the garden, I hope you have all got done the jobs you had planned to do, or just enjoyed looking at all the lovely things that give you great pleasure. Happy gardening all……….

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Dug up my Dahlia "Bishop of LLandaff", but because of this Glandular fever that was it! Felt really good this morning.

24 Oct, 2010


what a lot you got done HB,the greenhouse is looking good..sunshine here today but sooo cold i tried to get out into my garden 3 times but it was full of wasps !!! i shall see what its like tomorrow..never heard of the company you speak of i will try to check it out...

24 Oct, 2010


Hi Meanie, so sorry you have been under the weather. Isn't glandular fever the "kissing desease". Supposedly teenagers pass it to one another through kissing. What you been up to.............
You must have all our wasps Joanella (your welcome to them) I haven't seen any here for a couple of weeks. Try typing Hope the wasps are gone tomorrow and you can venture out again.

24 Oct, 2010


Lovely blog HB. Glad you managed to get all that done. I had great intentions but have been a little under the weather since I got back from Cornwall. Maybe tomorrow....

24 Oct, 2010


Isn't it strange how the weather differs up & down on this little island of ours ? We are almost in the English Channel, yet one frost on Thursday morning completely blackened the Dahlias ! I leave mine in the ground, put a mulch over the top and, so far,no problems. I love the second to last pic of the pink Geranium, such a gorgeous shade.

24 Oct, 2010


I wouldn't mind if I had!!
About 18 months ago, I found out my stepson had been using my toothbrush (he just "thought mum had got me a new one". Never mind the fact that his old one was still there!). So with a straight face I had to tell him that "I have Herpes" (I haven't). His face was a picture, and we kept it up for two days!!!

24 Oct, 2010


You've accomplished a lot in your garden and greenhouse over the weekend...great that you were able to protect your greenhouse with the bubble wrap.

Your geraniums should do pretty well as you have them in the conservatory...a bit of colour too. :)

24 Oct, 2010


Just found this blog, your greenhouse looks well wrapped up, good timing there what with all this cold weather. Love all your potted up plants, looking very healthy and pretty with it.

27 Nov, 2010

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