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Clematis Tetrarose and Nelly Moser cut down...


It was only a few weeks ago that I said that I would have to cut back the clematis that were growing around the kitchen window. I kept putting it off as I wasn’t sure how to tackle the job. Well, as it happens our back boiler in the aga sprung a leak and we decided we ought to have the range removed and a gas heating system installed. The gas fitter told me that the boiler vent had to go through the wall behind the clematis so he said it had to go….T and I tried to cut it back to the underside of the window but it was so tangled and the branches had grown forward and backwards so we found it impossible to separate it. There was no option really but to cut it right back. I really hope that it will grow again but I have serious doubts as the woody ‘trunk’ is ancient. I have taken lots of cuttings and hope at least one will strike for me. I am really sorry to see it cut down as it was truly beautiful in spring, but as the plumber said there wasn’t another site for the vent.
This is how it was in spring…

Just before we started trying to cut the left side back…

When we found it too tangled to sort out…

What is left now….

The ‘trunk’ of the Tetrarose..

The blackbirds have lost their nesting site I’m afraid. If it doesn’t show signs of sprutting I will try and dig the roots out and plant another one. The back wall looks so boring now….

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Oh what a pity, Hb. It is so disappointing to lose a favourite plant. But you never know - it may come back. Fingers crossed!

23 Jul, 2014


I think it will be OK. We had a big bushy Nellie by the kitchen window 22 yrs ago!
It went round & round . My youngest daughter helped me
take it for a walk.We got abt 65 ft from the wall & still unravelled. She trod on it accidentally so just a bit went back and I redid the trellis. Its great! Nbrs see more of it than we do as it goes round the corner to them.
Flowers twice a year

23 Jul, 2014


I'm sure it'll be fine to, I had to cut one of mine right back to a trunk like yours when strong winds ripped it and the trellis it was climbing up off the wall one year, missed a years flowering but now its back to its former glory :-), it's a picture in your first photo :-)

24 Jul, 2014


It is always sad when something outgrows its 'spot' and has to go. I have a feeling that it might come back but don't worry because you have plans if it doesn't.
It was beautiful in the spring.

24 Jul, 2014


Don't lose heart HB. I was forced to cut down my mother-in-laws just as drastically as it was supported by a wooden garage, which decided to give up to the ghost and fall down, breaking branches as it fell. The following year, it was romping away again, as strong as ever.

24 Jul, 2014


Yes, you may not get flowers on Tetrarose next year, but hopefully after that it will be fine. I love Tetrarose, it's the best of the Montanas for me.

24 Jul, 2014


Thanks everyone, it sounds more promising now. It's nice to hear that you have experience of this and had it re generate. The wall just looks so bare. I think I will go and buy a few hanging baskets and get T to put some hangers up for me to brighten it up a bit.

24 Jul, 2014


Gosh I'd no idea Nelly got so big! Its very encouraging to hear of others that have grown back, so don't lose hope!

24 Jul, 2014


It is good to hear that Waddy, Simbad and Bramhallbill have had good results. We shall know by next spring if it's going to grow again.

24 Jul, 2014


Tetrarose is such a lovely one, we had to take ours out unfortunately, but you still have the roots, so I am sure it will be fine HB....

24 Jul, 2014


Let us know how it does, HB. I think it might well come back too. Some plants really do have a strong wish to survive!

25 Jul, 2014


I think it will grow back Sheila. They are good at doing that :)
Such a pity there wasn't another place for the vent. I hope the blackbirds will forgive you lol :D

27 Jul, 2014


Please let us know how and if it recovers. I have a large thick trunk clematis and it also needs cut back and re trellised.

17 Aug, 2014

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