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Mid January garden..


I had chance to take a quick look around the garden today. I haven’t had a look around since before Christmas what with the snow, visitors, visiting and one thing or another. Anyway, there wasn’t actually much to see once I got up there. I took a few photos as I looked around and I am now sitting in the warmth again after getting hot aches from fastening up the bubble wrap that had come loose when the greenhouse door shook open during the strong winds last week. I also decided to try a strawberry face pack while I write this blog hoping it will iron out a few creases and wrinkles while I write this blog…?
Well here’s the photos I took…
A couple of Hellebores begining to to flower….

The shrub which I can never remember the name of and seems to be in flower all year round. ? I can’t ever remember it without some flowers on it, no matter what time of year.

The Garrya has a few more tassels growing. It produced a lot in November. I’m going to move this to the trellis later as its sprawling across the garden and not tall enough to see its tassels easily. I want to tie it to the trellis so it grows upright.

There are a few flowers on a couple of Cyclamen that I managed to grow from seeds sent to me by Brian. I planted them out into the old strawberry bed and they seem to have settled in nicely.

It’s nice to see the wallflowers begining to flower and the scent, though very mild at the moment is very pleasant.

The Canary Broom…..

grape Hyacynths…

And finally a couple of really brave Dianthus that have withstood being buried under snow and the deep frosts this week.

I’ve enjoyed my potter around and can’t wait to get in there clearing, moving and preparing for spring. Which, if the speed of growth of the daffodils is anything to go by, won’t be too long now…?
I had better get this stuff washed off my face now and reveal the new me….. ?

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Hi Sheila, looking very nice for the time of year, I think the shrub that you can never remember the name of, could be a variety of Viburnum Tinus, Derek.

19 Jan, 2015


Wonderful show for January, Homebird.

19 Jan, 2015


Dianthus brave or foolhardy, but very welcome.

19 Jan, 2015


Thanks Derek it is a Viburnham. Why can't I remember it until someone reminds me!!!
I can't grumble Klahanie, it's better than totally bare soil.
Lol Siris. I cut some to bring indoors but they wilted so quickly. ?

19 Jan, 2015


What a lot of colour you've found in the garden, despite the bitterly cold temperatures. Did the strawberry facepack do the trick?

19 Jan, 2015


Lol Waddy, afraid not. Still as many wrinkles. It just felt better for removing it..perhaps that's the trick. Bear the discomfort as it tightens then feel the relief once it comes off and imagine it's done me good.!!! T says I look 10 years younger. He knows what side his bread is buttered.

19 Jan, 2015


Gosh, Grape Hyacinths already! Very much midwinter here HB. even the Hellebores have more or less given up!

19 Jan, 2015


It is looking wonderful H/B,

20 Jan, 2015


I think I'd prefer a strawberry face pack to a mud one, at least if it doesn't work you could eat it lol!

20 Jan, 2015


Just ant to say how good you are looking after the face pack!

You have some lovely little treasures out there in your garden. I love the hellebore in the middle of the three pics. Do you know it's name?

20 Jan, 2015


I'm sure you don't need to put any muck on your face. I bet you are as pretty as any flower in your garden :o))

20 Jan, 2015


Ha! Ha! Ha! Hywel and Waddy. Why is it you see yourself in your minds eye totally different to what you see in the mirror!!
Karen and Johnjoe, I can't see any plants in the garden this morning as there was a snowfall through the night and there is about a 2/3 inch blanket of snow. It doesn't feel as cold though as it did yesterday. ?
Sorry Wildrose I don't have a name for the Hellebore, it was given to me by a very generous Goy member in a bunch of seedlings a couple of years ago. It is a lovely one I think.

21 Jan, 2015


Your garden is way in front of mine H'bird, last winter my Hellebores started flowering in November but I only have buds on one so far this year and certainly no signs of the Grape Hyacinths, even my Snowdrops are still hiding, guess I have to be patient a while longer.
Hope you feel better after treating yourself to a facepack, I rarely use them as I think I waste them, never leave the pack on long enough as I don't like the feel of it on my skin, lol..
Had a strawberry bath gift selection from one of my grandchildren at xmas, haven't tried it yet in case I come out smelling of strawberries, tell me did you notice any lingering essence from your facepack?

21 Jan, 2015


Lovely pictures, Hb! Haven't you got a lot of lovely things showing? If I am very honest, I haven't spent much time in the garden for a while. On my forays down to the bottom, I am cheered by the sight of bulbs poking through, and buds beginning to show. So much of my garden has carried on regardless throughout the winter. Even the recent frosts haven't made a huge difference. Soon, I shall cut down the brown stalks of goldenrod, evening primrose etc. and then the garden will move on with a rush. I always leave all seed heads - partly for the wildlife, partly because I enjoy the look of them.

22 Jan, 2015


The recent snow falls disappeared overnight again and I can see green once more out there. It's a relief.
The strawberry scent did linger for a while Lincs. It actually made me want to buy some to eat. Real strawberries that is!!! You will have to use your lovely gift and take a bowl of strawberries, a pot of cream or some melted chocolate in with you and a nice glass of vino and really spoil yourself.
I like to leave the seed heads too Melchi, especially the astilbe around the pond. I think they look lovely. T cut all of mine down when he cleaned the pond pump before the snow. That was a shame. He thought that was what I did when they had finished. It's so reassuring that our gardens are gradually coming back to life as we see the bulbs pushing through and the hellebores budding up. Soon be spring...

24 Jan, 2015


Wow, wall flowers in bloom! Must be very mild where you are Hb. Now, you know how we GOYers love a before and after? Well next time you are having a face pack we would love to see your before and after pics:-)

25 Jan, 2015


Not a snowball chance in hell Ba. Lol. T says I looked like a Umpalumpa from Willy Wonkers chocolate factory.? it was almost as red after I peeled it off. :o)
It's been hovering around 5c in the day here and 0c at night.

26 Jan, 2015


Spoilsport:-) We have frozen one day and mildish the next ... poor wildlife... I keep having to thaw the bird bath .... then sunshine for the next few days, not warm though:-)

28 Jan, 2015


Lol, I wouldn't want banning from the site for putting up flaggable photos. Might scare the more sensitive members...
We are under about 4 inch of snow yet again. The wind is really cold too. I hope it turns to rain soon and clears the roads.

29 Jan, 2015


Got caught in a mini blizzard yesterday when walking the dogs over the fields. It felt like sharp needles on my face and visibility was almost nil. By the time we arrived home it had subsided. What weird weather, the sun was shining when we left home. So in a matter of less than half an hour it went from bright sun to blizzard, then just cold. Previous to the sun, it had been heavy rain, hail etc. No good for the rhubarb:-)

30 Jan, 2015


Oh! My rhubarb is snug under a blanket of snow....
It is a right mixture of winter weather. I think we must be the only country that can have 3 or 4 different weather conditions inside an hour!!!

31 Jan, 2015


It makes life interesting, though, doesn't it? ?

31 Jan, 2015


It does indeed, no wonder we Brits are obsessed with the weather:-)

31 Jan, 2015


Yes I agree. It's milder now at 8pm than its been all day. ?

31 Jan, 2015


Quite a pleasant day here today, but everywhere so damp, daren't tread on the flower beds in order to tidy up a bit:-)

1 Feb, 2015


We've had quite a lot of sun for a couple of days, but it's very cold! It always takes me by surprise how quickly the days begin to stretch out in February. It makes me long for the lovely light evenings...

2 Feb, 2015


We noticed it was still fairly light yesterday at 5.30 and the full moon was already up. We will all feel much better as the days get longer. It's snowing here again tonight, just as most of the last lot is thawing. ?

2 Feb, 2015


We are lucky here - snowfall is pretty unusual, and its settling even more so. But it has been cold, with considerable wind-chill.

2 Feb, 2015

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