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Flowers from the garden.


I don’t often cut flowers for myself from the garden but today I thought I would just cut a few to cheer the house up. The dahlias are doing so well now, they have lots of flowers on and lots of buds yet to open, so I thought they could spare a few for indoors. The Lilly is enormous. I’ve never had a flower so big.

I have left a few in the garden…have a look…
These are the Salvia I rescued from the sale stand in B&q. They’ve perked up and brighten the steps.

This Fuchsia was also a rescue and it’s looking good now after a bit of tlc.

C. ‘Columbo’ is a nice bright spot next to the orange and the yellow poppies.

The dahlias are coming into their own now and I hope they keep going for a few more weeks.

Most of the Dianthus have succumbed to the wet this summer but a couple are bravely struggling on…

The Erryngium have done well.

And the Crocosmia have been lovely. I’ve collected loads of seed from these already.

These are the last of the lilies.

Doesn’t the acer look lovely in its autumn coat…it’s a bit darker red really than the photo shows. It’s also nice to see the hydrangea flowers too.

These are pinking up now..

This is the last flower head on this…

And on these

C. Arabella doesn’t know when to stop flowering…

Neither does John Howel.

This Evening Primrose doesn’t seem to have a scent, at least I can’t detect any.

I cut back this Hydrangea severely early in the year and thankfully it’s recovered enough to produce a few flowers. I still need to take out some branches but that’ll do for this year.

I rescued a sad looking Geum ’ Lady Strathden ’ when I got the others and split it into 3. I’m really pleased how it has responded. I will put them into the garden in spring.

The corner bed by the greenhouse is still looking pretty. Soon be time to pick the apples.

And the raised bed infront of the garden room is nice and colourful.

Just one moth eaten flower on the Ville de Lion but a couple more buds to open…

I find the seeds on this peony fascinating..

These have flowered well beside the shed facing North.

I’ve been lucky this year to grow these Hollyhocks as they don’t really like my garden and I’ve failed with them several times in the past.

This white flowered hebe likes it in the dappled shade under the trees.

And I love how this shines when the sun hits it.

The Monarchs Velvet has done better this year than it did last year..

This A. September charm was sent to me by Michaella 2 years ago and it’s really come on well this year..

In the front garden, which, I am ashamed to say, I leave to T to keep tidy, and hardly ever look at, there are penstemons in flower and the Fuchsia cuttings I transplanted for a bit more colour plus a couple of geraniums that survived since last year! The birds brought us a snapdragon too.

The last of the roses and the lavender are ready for cutting down (must remind T…lol)

On the garage roof these geraniums have stood up well to all the cold winds we’ve had this summer.

The birds brought the sunflowers!

I can never remember the name of these plants. I thought they were annuals when I set them about 4 years ago but they have come up each year and they spread over the little wall nicely.

This Fuchsia ‘White Knights Pearl’ I think is so pretty but it hasn’t been half as big this year as it normally is. It’s probably ready for new compost.

This clematis has flowered well considering it was a bit beaten about and looking forlorn when I rescued it from the GC.

And finally the pots by the pond are better now than they have looked all summer..

The new rockery come alpine bed is steadily filling up.

I have to order some nice grit/ slate for this area soon.
Well, all in all the garden still has a little colour I’m pleased about. Next year I’m determined to have rudbeckia gain for late colour. I’ve been browsing the seed catalogues. There are too many I want though…lol.

What month is this? I need to let this Helebore know.

It’s been a great year for the apple trees and I hope I can find somewhere to store all the eating apples when the time comes. Garage probably, wrapped in paper. The cookers I can freeze.

These are the produce I’ve harvested from the garden. The blackberries are luscious and from my thornless blackberry that is loaded with fruit this year.

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I did the same today,HB.......pinched some roses from the garden.......not something I do on a regular basis.

13 Sep, 2015


Shelia still lots of colour just lovely.

13 Sep, 2015


Sorry I've duplicated some of the photos, I will edit them out. It's been a lovely day, mild and sunny. We went for lunch to the local Garden Centre so I've been able to spend nearly all day pottering in the garden. The veg and fruit I picked today will be used tomorrow. It's forcast rain here so I will have a baking and preserving day. T is looking forward to a blackberry and apple pie...

13 Sep, 2015


What a great collection Homebird.I started off trying to choose a favourite but gave up, it was too hard!

13 Sep, 2015


My thornless blackberry is Himalayan Giant, is yours the same, large juicy berries.

13 Sep, 2015


Thankyou Sterra.
I will have to check my labels Siris. I can't remember off hand what the blackberry's name is.

13 Sep, 2015


Haven't you got a lot of wonderful flowers, super.

13 Sep, 2015


WOW! So many, and so beautiful too.

13 Sep, 2015


Lots of lovely colour you've got there Hb.....whats the dark penstemon called? 1st one pictured?

14 Sep, 2015


Thanks Dawn, Michaella and Gralew. The dark penstemon is Black Knight.

14 Sep, 2015


You have lots of colour still going on in your garden Homebird ! I love Dahlias and have a cutting garden on our little allotment , but a few have been eaten by earwigs and slugs or snails though ! Yours look perfect ! What do you use to keep these insects at bay ? I don't like using slug pellets and ant powder usually gets rid of earwigs, but if it rains, gets washed away !

14 Sep, 2015


There has only been one plant nibbled by the snails Rose. I've just been lucky really. We don't have earwigs far I know...I've not seen one for years. I have seen it suggested that a plant pot stuffed with straw and balanced on a cane near the Dahlias traps the earwigs so you can empty them away from your plants. You probably do that already.

14 Sep, 2015


A great collection of lovely flowers H B. Do you think your lovely Fuchsia W K's Pearl would look look better in a darker pot?

14 Sep, 2015


Your garden is spectacular. A surprise around every corner and everywhere I turn. You've done very well congratulations.

14 Sep, 2015


Thanks Ff and Bathgate. I think you are right Ff, I will look for a nice deep blue or green pot for the Fuchsia.
It's rained almost all day today so I'm glad I got things done yesterday. Everything's sodden again.

14 Sep, 2015


I did know that Homebird, but never got round to doing it !

15 Sep, 2015

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