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Last day before school starts


I was looking after Emily and Samuel Last Tuesday before Samuels first day at infant school. They chose to visit a near by play area, garden centre and animal farm called Seedlings. The weather was perfect and we spent a lovely 5 hours playing and feeding the animals. They really enjoyed feeding the cute rabbits and Guinea pigs and the other animals. First we played in the play area..

Then they wanted to feed the animals. First it was the rabbits and Guinea pigs. They loved these, they were so cute and there were some very yong ones.

Samuel had taken over the camera by now and he only wanted to photograph the birds..

The owner of Seedlings came through to feed the pets and asked if the children wanted to feed the baby Alpaca. They were thrilled and enjoyed feeding it broccoli, it’s favourite food. By this time my phone battery had run down so I couldn’t take any more photos… such a shame..they then went on to feed the goats and pigs. There were only the three of us there. It felt like a very special day for us, so nice for Samuels last day of freedom before he started school and Emily’s last school holiday day.
We shall go again as soon as we get the chance. It does seem strange now Samuel is a schoolboy bless him and he has settled in well. Shelley sent this photo to me on the Wednesday morning…I felt a bit tearfull….silly Grandma…

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Five hours!!! You have stamina HB! But it does look lovely and the children will never forget their special times with you. First day at school eh? what a milestone!

14 Sep, 2015


We took our grandaughter Maddison to a childrens farm , but wasn't as brave as your two and couldn't get her to feed the animals ! What a lovely picture of them both and Samuel looks a real cutie and mischievous ! Its sad when they grow up and go to school , isn't it ! Maddison started the senior school last week and our eldest grandaughter Lauren started college .

14 Sep, 2015


Yes its a big step for them when they start school and again when they move to a new school. I always think of the child who asked his Mum when she took him for his first day at school not to forget to come for him when he was 16.....bless, he'd been told he had to go to school until he was 16. They have no idea of time at that age do they.
We had a nice lunch in the cafe at Seedlings, very reasonably priced too.

14 Sep, 2015


Oh that dreaded first day ... but he has big sister to look after him :-)

14 Sep, 2015


I remember his excellent photos from your last visit - that little boy has a future in front of him if he goes on at this rate!

14 Sep, 2015


Thanks Kidsgran and Stera. Shelley rang earlier to say she wasn't at school today as Samuel has a chest infection. He's been out of sorts all weekend she said. Bless him, he sounded really out of breath when I spoke to him on the phone. He told me he likes the antibiotic medicine and doesn't mind using the spacer the gp has given him. Hopefully he will be much better tomorrow.

14 Sep, 2015


This made me smile. Whatever did you feel like when you saw them side by side in their uniforms?! Special days!

The twins have also just started school and I, like you, was a bit teary.

However, they seem to really like it and they have a very pretty, smiley teacher who will no doubt be quoted by them many, many times!! Miss said.............!

14 Sep, 2015


Silly Grandma? Not a bit of it. I know just how you must have felt. I'm sure you treasure every minute with them both. Samuel's going to be a proper David Bailey isn't he? Now you've got approx 6 weeks and you can do it all again :))

14 Sep, 2015


That's lovely Wildrose. Samuel was back at school the next day as the antibiotic kicked in and he was teachers little helper all day.
Yes Waddy, soon be October half term. Tater picking week they used to call it around here.

16 Sep, 2015


Such happy days. As a retired Reception class teacher I have very mixed feelings about that first experience, depending upon which hat I'm wearing. Needless to say, most children sail through it. It's the parents I feel sorry for...? What great days we have with our grandparents. I am so loving time with my grandchildren - totally irreplaceable, just wonderful and almost unexpected - despite what other people had told me!

17 Sep, 2015


They bring a wealth of pleasure with them and you feel a love for them that you never knew you could feel for anyone other than your own children.
Melchi , I think a Reception Class teacher has the hardest job of all but it must be the most satisfying too. I don't know any children who don't idolise their first teacher. :o) Samuel told me that his teacher is very kind and really clever. She knows all about football.

17 Sep, 2015


It is a great job, Homebird. I am off to visit an ex-pupil next month. I was her first teacher. She is just coming up to her 51st birthday, and we have never lost touch (but we haven't seen each other for over 30 years!)

19 Sep, 2015


That's brilliant, I hope you have a really happy visit with her. You will have lots to talk about. My primary and junior school teachers also taught my children and a couple of years ago I nursed two of them until they passed away. It was a privelage to care for them.

24 Sep, 2015


Thanks Hb - I guess there'll be a lot of talking! I still remember my first teacher with great affection.

25 Sep, 2015


You have had a busy summer with you grandchildren, I am sure they will look back fondly in years to come....

26 Sep, 2015


Two at a time is great but when we've got all four together you need eyes in the back of your head. Lol. We took them all to Clumber park for the day in the motorhome that week as the NT had arranged lots of games for children to play. It was great fun. We walked to the lakeside when they had had enough playing games and they wanted to paddle a bit. Of course I let them! Next minute Samuel has slipped and is sitting in the water...and you probably guessed it, they all decided to do it. Four wet kids.!! As it was a bit late to do anything about it we just let them get on with it and they were so enjoying it. We delivered them home stripped off and wrapped in beach towels we had fortunately left in the motorhome. It's a wonder my children allow me to have

27 Sep, 2015


They'll never forget it, though Hb, and will probably tell their grandchildren! My little brother (65 this year) fell in every watery place we visited:the River Wear, the Serpentine (when Mum - to my chagrin - took my knickers, but not the "linings") to dress him in, and various ponds and lakes all over the country! No real harm done, but lots of fun in the retelling!

27 Sep, 2015


Our grandson was and still is a water magnet, he fell in the sea in France, just let go of his Fathers hand and ran down the beach which was on a steep slope (he was still in nappies!! at the time) needless to say he went in head first!! we had to wrap him in coats, and take him back to the car where our daughter was trying yo have a nap,as we had driven through the night!! luckily we had spotted the bakery on the way to the beach, so she was greeted with the good news or the bad ? hot croissants and a wet child, it was funny..... although the sea was freezing!!

27 Sep, 2015


Oh heck! Great memories we will have though. Don't the disposable nappies hold a lot of water? The weight of them when they've sat in water!! Crikey, it used to amaze me how on earth they could stand up again with all that weight holding them down. lol
What a shock the poor little thing must have had from the cold sea and you can't pick them up without getting drenched

30 Sep, 2015

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