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The yellows in my garden.


Yellow is my favourite colour in the garden, I have a few yellow and yellow and orange plants but I intend to collect many more as I see them in the GC. Here’s what is still flowering now.
First are the Nasturtians that come up every year from self seed.

Then there’s the poppies that came up in the yellow seed mix I bought early in the year to sow in an area beside the copper beech. It didn’t look as if any of the seeds had germinated until the beginning of this month. They were very slow but there are a few now. I hope they self seed for next year.

This plant struggled for ages and I didn’t realise it should be planted in a more moist area, but it’s given me a few flowers. I will move it to somewhere more suitable later.

I love this little Potentilla Goldfinger, I know it’s a bit leggy but it’s coping in this pot. I put it in here because it sprawled over the grass when it was in the border and T kept mowing it’s ends off!

This Evening primrose has had loads of flowers on and it’s so pretty.

The Choysia ‘Sundance’ is recovering well, I had to cut it right back after it was almost flattened last winter and had lots of its branches split.

These are lovely Crocosmia Jenny Bloom.

These are Crocosmia Lady Wilson.

…and these Crocosmia Columbus.

These I don’t have a name for as I’ve had them in the garden for donkeys years.

These are very pretty and much bigger flowers than the last ones..I don’t remember where these came from..


This is the 5th yellow water lily up to now and I can see 3 buds just under the water. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many before.

This rose is called Saint Richard. It’s such a lovely yellow.

And this is Mountbatten, it has tinges of apricot but mostly it’s yellow.

And this is Climbing rose Golden Showers. It hasn’t had many flowers on this year and hasn’t grown very well but I am hoping it will get stronger and put on a spurt of growth next year. I want it to cover the old cherry tree trunk along with the climbing hydrangea.

Something has been enjoying these Tiger Lilies while my back was turned. It’ll be sorry when I catch it!!

I just bought this grass. I love the bands of gold on the leaves. I haven’t decided where is best to plant it yet.

I’m not as fond of the shade of yellow ( they are more chrome yellow than the photo shows) in these poppies but as they are just in one area of the garden they are welcome to keep self seeding each year.

I can never remember the name of these but they are a nice tall flower, don’t need staking and flower for a very long time.

The Solidago on the other hand always needs support even though the stems look strong.

These dahlias were really cheap and have surprised me by flowering brilliantly.

My sister bought me this plant which I have forgotten the name of and must find the label for.

Earlier in the year I enjoyed these flowers on the Paeony.

..the daffodils

And the yellow leaves of the Dicentra.

The primula are are coming back into flower now. They’ve had the odd flower on them all year. They had doubled up well and I’ve been able to split them and spread them around the garden.

There are a couple of gladioli yet to open and I brought this one in a few days ago because the stem was snapped by the rain and wind last week.

It’s such a cheerful colour and it’s the first colour to show itself at dawn and the last to glow in the evening.
Finally, thankyou to an unknown neighbour who has been feeding the birds with really good sunflower seeds!! The birds brought me a couple…..

You can guarantee that if I had set seed and tried to grow them, they wouldn’t have been half as strong and tall as these…..?

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Beautiful photos. The grass is zebra grass..Miscanthus sinensus Zebrinus.. and can be planted in semi shade, and full sun. I first planted mine in semi shade and it's height topped off at 6 ft. I moved it to a full sun area a few years ago (had to use a pick axe, it was a brutal job) and it is expanding in width and has now grown to a height of 10 ft. I might add that if you plant in full sun you will see the variegation on the leaves from the start. In semi shade the markings will take longer to appear. I leave it as is all winter and cut back the dead stuff in the spring.

26 Sep, 2015


What a really lovely blog, Homebird. Btw, be careful what you wish for . . . those gorgeous yellow poppies are likely to seed Everywhere!

26 Sep, 2015


What a cheerful blog Homebird - especially the bonus sunflower welcoming you home!
Do you leave the tigridia outside over the winter?

26 Sep, 2015


What beautiful flowers HB. I can understand why you like yellows they are so cheerful aren't they? Getting free sunflowers is a real bonus!

26 Sep, 2015


I love to use yellow in the garden too, so cheerful, so much still going on in your lovely garden, quite delightful HB...

26 Sep, 2015


I love yellow too Homebird and the big clump of yellow flowers could be a Coreopsis . I have two of these , but always have to stake them as they grow so tall !
What a lovely collection you have !

26 Sep, 2015


All your yellows look really bright lovely !

26 Sep, 2015


I also like yellow in the garden. The silver leaves and yellow flowers is beautiful combination.The potentilla in the pot looks lovely HB. I have one in the ground and it just starting to bloom. I love that plant and have asked myself many times (when it blooms) why I do not have more of them?

26 Sep, 2015


Beautiful yellows didn't realise their were so many Crocosmia.

26 Sep, 2015


A sunny blog, I like the yellow leaved Dicentra.

26 Sep, 2015


Me too Siris....!!

26 Sep, 2015


Thanks so much for taking a look everyone.
Wow, LS. I didn't realise the zebra grass could grow so big. I will have to be careful where I put it.
Peter I love the crocosmias, especially the yellow ones, although I like the very tall red C. Lucifer when it's in flower and with its seeds on afterwards. I just cut them off today.
I will have a look for the Dicentra label tomorrow. It does look good for several weeks even when it's finished flowering.
What a bonus those sunflowers are. They seem to grow bigger and taller by the day. The second one is in a planter with the strawberries on the garage roof. It's towering over the side steps and I've missed my step twice because it makes you look up as you pass under
Stera, the tigridia are in a planter in the garden and I leave them there all year. I've had them eight years at least.

27 Sep, 2015


Lovely photographs and blog. I agree yellow brightens up the garden and adds zing to everything else

27 Sep, 2015


Beautiful Homebird. Loving my Helianthus lemon queen :)

27 Sep, 2015


I liked this very much because you focused on one colour and added pictures of so many beautiful yellow flowers and leaves.

My favourite shade was on the St Richard rose but you really do have so many different ones to enjoy. The sunflower is a beauty!

27 Sep, 2015


Wonderful photos Homebird bet your garden looks as though the sun is shining down all o er your garden.

I bought the same grass also wondering where to put it have you seen how big it grow you will need a decent space for it as my garden is small but its worth it I ve seen a photo fully grown

28 Sep, 2015


The zebra grass will need about two to three years to establish itself then stand back! It likes to have its feet wet so keep the soil constantly moist. This grass is resistant to everything too... No rust, no mold and no insect or animal will chomp on it. What I have done in recent years is to place a potted Mandavilla Vine in front of it in the spring and what happens is the vine crawls up the grass giving the effect that the grass is flowering. Due to the fact that the grass is so tall it gets top heavy which can cause it to spread out like a fan so I tie a green cord around it about a third of the way up to keep its shape. Newly planted ones should be covered over with leaf or some other suitable mulch for winter protection. Remember to keep the plant in moist soil.

29 Sep, 2015


Lovely cheerful blog Hb ... I planted a Zebra Grass back in 2002 and have divided it twice since then (had to use a hand saw!) ... maximum height of 7ft. ... I leave it through Winter for Ladybirds to live in and cut it down to about a foot in the Spring.

29 Sep, 2015


Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments. I'm grateful for all your advice re the Zebra grass. I have a problem though, in that I don't have a moist soil area in my garden. It's too well drained. I will just have to plant it at the base of the retaining wall and hope it survives.

29 Sep, 2015


Hb, mine is not in a moist soil area, it is in a South facing border with the garden fence behind it!

29 Sep, 2015


If you are able to do some watering every day, even one gallon, it will do just fine.

29 Sep, 2015


So cheering to see all your yellows, they make it seem like its always a sunny day.

30 Sep, 2015


Shirley, if yours is doing ok there is hope for mine then, thankyou.
LS I will give it a watering if the weather is dry for any length of time. (fat chance around here
Thanks Df. They do cheer me up even on the greyest of days.

30 Sep, 2015


Hb, I shall put a photo of my Zebra grass on for you.

30 Sep, 2015


The heleanthus lemon queen needs no staking as you say and is such a valuable plant for this reason and for its gorgeous lemon flowers. As an experiment I have planted one in a hole with a tall white Michaelmas daisy so will see the results of that next year when they flower..

1 Oct, 2015


Thanks Shirley, I will go and look for it...
Poppy you must take a photo for us when they flower next year. I may very well do that with some of mine... :o)

1 Oct, 2015


All the yellows are a cheerful sight, I too like to see a lot in the garden and do tend to have a variety of shades spread around here with both flowers and shrubs........

2 Oct, 2015


I couldn't believe it when we went to Norwell garden and nursery, I mentioned how I loved all the yellows, he said I wouldn't believe how many customers said they didn't like yellow plants!!!
That's a lovely strong and healthy Zebra grass Shirley. I do hope mine grows as well.

5 Oct, 2015


I'm sure it will, Hb :o)

6 Oct, 2015

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