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The open gardens and well dressing we visited today.


It was Elmton Village well dressing today and they arranged to hold Open Gardens at the same time and we enjoyed visiting the 4 lovely walled gardens that were open in the tiny village. I have always liked the drive through Elmton with its very old cottages, a farm house, barn conversions and just a few newer bungalows. Roses galore throughout most of the gardens they had created and the scent at times was intoxicating….
The first garden we visited was one of the old cottages. I won’t bore you with commentary but just let you browse the photos I took.

The next garden surrounded a bungalow…

We took T’s Mother with us, this is her and she likes to look around gardens ( She was 90 last January and is really quite nimble) Here she is in her blue cardy enjoying the roses.

Looking over the back wall of their garden….

The next garden we visited belonged to the farm house, a much bigger garden…

We then moved on to the 4th and final garden. I didn’t find the back garden as interesting as the front garden here. So much grassed area I suppose…

The back garden…

The front garden..

We then viewed the Well Dressing on our way to the church hall for a delicious cream tea.

The rain kept off until we were on our way home and we had really enjoyed our few hours wandering around this lovely village.

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Just fantastic....what a grand building (the first pic)
Although it seems silly to pick a favourite from such stunning pics, I love the bed planted around the huge tree.

25 Jun, 2016


Favourite... The cones on the Pine.

26 Jun, 2016


Paul, i love the look of these country estate type cottages. I have been looking for ideas for plants to grow under our big tree and took several ideas from that bed. I also decided I need lots more lupins and delphiniums in my borders too for their impact. These gardens are on limestone like mine, so whatever they can grow I should be able to. I really envied them their roses and I have to buy more....oh! Heck, that's the problem with visiting other gardens...the "to buy list" ends up a mile long!!!
Siris, I was really surprised by the size of those cones. I asked T to put his hand ( he has large hands) by the cone to show how unusually large the cones were. Nobody seemed to know what species the tree was.

26 Jun, 2016


LITTLE PARADISE ON EARTH! What else shall I say?

26 Jun, 2016


Thank you for sharing your visit, Sheila. It's great to see so many lovely gardens, and on a fine day too!

26 Jun, 2016


Such a beautiful blog.
It was so good that it made me wish I had been there with you to see all those much-loved gardens! The little troughs were so pretty and to see the dressing of the wells was fascinating.
Thank you.

26 Jun, 2016


What a very nice way to spend an afternoon! I was green with envy over that fruit cage. people are so brave undertaking to open their gardens on a particular date - must be scary getting ready for the big day.

26 Jun, 2016


Well, if you've space, Homebird, why not buy more plants to fill it....that s probably the most enjoyable part of gardening.
We visited a gardens (Sussex Prairie Gardens) today but no plant buying fr me.....our very small garden (with small beds) is rammed full, already!

26 Jun, 2016


Costas, Sheila, Wildrose and Stera thank-you for your lovely comments It was a lovely opportunity to wonder round the gardens I have only glimpsed over the walls before. All the owners insisted that they don't do anything extra to be ready to open their gardens. When I said to two of the garden owners, they must put in a lot of work to get their gardens ready, both said they enjoyed their gardens and didn't really put in any extra effort ready for the 3 open days. They did look very natural I must say....not overly manicured.
I envied the fruit cage too Stera and the lovely large, tidy, productive veg garden. The first garden had a nice area fenced off under the trees for half a dozen fancy chickens. The photo I took of them was blurred so I couldn't use it. I liked the stone troughs Wildrose and how they had them planted up. I wish you could have been with us.
Paul I'm going to the GC this week to see how many plants I can afford!! Last week I transplanted several plants into the copper beech border from other areas in the garden because I have taken out two yucca that were snail hotels. I will go and see if you have written a blog about the Prairy gardens, they sound very interesting.

26 Jun, 2016


Enjoy your shopping trip!

26 Jun, 2016


What fabulous gardens HB, there are obviously some keen gardeners in that village. I'm glad you enjoyed your day...and that you took your camera!

27 Jun, 2016


We were very lucky with the weather Waddy. We could spend time chatting to the garden owners, they were very friendly and welcoming. I got some ideas on plants that would do well in my soil too.

27 Jun, 2016


That was nice of them, but then we gardeners are usually helpful folk to other gardeners aren't we?

27 Jun, 2016


HB a delightful blog, there is something very romantic about country cottage gardens, beautiful old walls, great scenery, all adds to the atmosphere, you were lucky too, that the weather held out..
And how marvellous to see OHs Mother enjoying herself at 90!! good for her....
The old houses reminded me of my Grandma and Grandpa they had a farm house in the country, which I loved to visit, thank you a very nostalgic blog.....

1 Jul, 2016


Lovely images that make me want to start our garden all over again.

Can't beat ye-olde-worlde charm.

2 Jul, 2016


I'm so glad you enjoyed looking through the gardens Dd and Eirlys and Thankyou for your lovely comments. We visited another two open gardens today and the only drawback to visiting these lovely gardens is the real urge to come home and start altering my borders, move plants and spend a fortune on new Why do I get the urge to move plants at totally the wrong time for moving them!!! I have to start making plans and drawing up lists of what I should move and when I should move them....
I was going to do a blog tonight about the two gardens we visited today but the sun has shone all afternoon and evening and I just don't want to go indoors until the sun has gone down. It's the first day I've felt warm for what seems to be
While we sat in the first garden and enjoyed a very nice cup of tea and a slice of cake, the sun was so hot on my head I had to put the umbrella up to shield T was stunned, he knows how much I love the sunny weather.

3 Jul, 2016

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