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Mid August already and I am planning for next year.


(This blog is really for my records to remind me of what’s where and what I am going to move.) Most of the garden is winding down now, with just a few autumn plants coming into flower. I have spent a few hours this week planning for next year. I am going to move quite a few plants around after realising a good clump of the same plants looks much better than a few single ones planted here and there….it’s taken me long enough!!!!
I have decided to group all the Anemone for next year, moving them all into the area that has the strongest growing one. It obviously likes it in the semi shade so it can have a few friends to join it.. There are only a few flowering now, the others are still either in tight bud or don’t have flowering stems growing yet.

I have just 2 of these Hollyhocks but I have sown seed and they germinated, so hopefully I can get a nice clump established here next year.

I am going to group my Dahlia closer together and buy some new tubers for next summer.

I took cuttings of my Penstemons in July, it seems that some have started to root and I’ve ordered some new ones which should arrive anytime now. I intend to group those together too.

I have already moved a couple of rose trees because they were too shaded and being pulled up towards the light. They hadn’t flowered at all well so I moved them at the end of July. They seem to have taken the move quite well really. The others around the garden didn’t do too badly once the very wet, windy weather ceased.

…and this one we found under, or rather, in the overgrown hedge. Bless it, its even trying to flower now…

These Nasturtiums self seed here every year…

…some of the seed must have rolled down into the bean row….

The Gladioli are starting to flower, I can’t remember where I got the bulbs from but they are lovely.

It’s been a really good year for the Carnations. I planted them all out into this border behind the trellis which gives them some protection from the winds. Only these Dark Tempo are in full flower at the moment, all the others are still tight buds.

It’s also been a good year for the pond lily. I cleared out a lot of the Water Hawthorn and dragged the lilies into the area which receives more sun. They have rewarded me with 8 flowers. The patterned leaved one is just starting to flower and has another 2 buds just under the water and Siris water lily has given me 2 lovely flowers.

It started to rain here this morning, the first for about a fortnight. The rain barrels were just about empty and the garden was becoming desperate for a good soaking. It’s forecast rain through out the weekend. It will do the garden good but I hope the high winds forecast to accompany the rain don’t do any damage to any shrubs or plants in our gardens.
I brought these Gladioli in last night, I think they are so pretty. I thought the rain might spoil them over the weekend.

The Crocosmia are only now starting to flower. I love the yellow ones.

Elsewhere around the garden there is lots of colour.

So, when the rain eventually stops I can enjoy wondering around dead heading and doing a bit more planning….

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You have lots of lovely colour in your garden, that is exactly what I am planning - roses to move and some crocosmia to move and lots of other plants to find different beds for. Raining lightly here and very dark clouds but no wind yet, hoping the forecasters got that wrong. Enjoying the Olympics while the garden has been put on the back shelf. lol.

19 Aug, 2016


Hi Sheila, if you're looking for Dahlia plants, a good place to look for them is; I used to get mine from them when I grew Dahlias' they have a large collection to choose from, at reasonable prices, {at least they were when I bought them, and never had any complaints with them, if you fancy a trip out, you can visit the nursery when the plants are in flower, it's a fantastic sight, with fields of Dahlias', Derek.

19 Aug, 2016


You have some lovely plants there Homebird, and some beautiful roses. You are so right about grouping similar plants together -one of those things I know in theory but never actually seem to do in practice

19 Aug, 2016


Thanks for popping in Olive, Derek and Stera.
I've been enjoying the diving and the gymnastics more than anything Olive when I could.

I always thought roses were very difficult to move successfully but up to now, fingers crossed, they haven't minded too much. Perhaps it's because they have liked the new areas I've planted them in. My daughter asked for some of the Crocosmia for her garden when I come to move them.
Stera, I think I've been so intent on filling all the space up, I haven't considered the effect down the line. Visiting so many open gardens lately has shown me how much better the plants look en mass.
Thanks Derek for recommending the eurodahlia site. I shall enjoy browsing their plants and choosing which to have. That sounds like a lovely sight to see, fields of colourful dahlias.

19 Aug, 2016


It's all looking lovely! Especially the waterlilies!! Wonderful!!

19 Aug, 2016


Thankyou Dan, It's the best the water lily have ever been.

19 Aug, 2016


I think it's lovely! Mine are at their best this year! Have you seen the ones at my work?! Fantastic at the moment, but I guess they have to be there aha!

19 Aug, 2016


I think it's good to make changes now and then,Sheila..I often move things,and like you,not always at the time you are supposed to..nothing has failed so far..:o)
I have those yellow Crocosmia's too,which are 'Lucifer' have just finished,so Russell has just split some big clumps for me..I couldn't even get the spade in,as the soil was so baked..lots of rain yesterday,so everything looks good..looks like you have lots to keep you occupied in the coming year,in your lovely garden :o)

20 Aug, 2016


Your garden is still looking very pretty HB far from over! Like you we are moving many of our plants around the garden......and I agree mass planting is much better than dot planting....... that's what we are hoping to achieve next year, have already bought several new plants to start a new hot I jinxing the weather for next year lol?

20 Aug, 2016


Lovely to see so much still blooming, Sheila. And you're so right about grouping plants in drifts . . . I shall try to do the same, and think of you as I work!

20 Aug, 2016


Thanks Bloomer, Dd and Sheila. It's very satisfying isn't it to change things around every now and then. As T remarked, "at least she stopped moving the furniture around once she really got into gardening" !!!! Now I just move
Your new 'hot border' sounds exciting Dd. I will look forward to seeing it next year. I don't think even the weather people know what is going on with the weather these days. ;o) Fingers crossed for an earlier warmer summer next year.
We shall compare notes for our plantings next year Sheila...see who accomplishes what we set out to

20 Aug, 2016


I used to be the same with the

20 Aug, 2016


I can no longer move furniture . . . lol :))

21 Aug, 2016


I agree - plants look better in clumps ... I hope you get your desired effect next year :)
Lovely photos.

Oh dear ... I move furniture AND plants !

22 Aug, 2016


Ha! Ha! I'm in good company then!

22 Aug, 2016

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