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Thank goodness for Terry..


The Penstemons I ordered arrived today but, Sods law, my knee had given way on Thursday and I had a fall in the garden, twisting it badly. I haven’t been able to put any weight on it until this afternoon when I found I could put my foot to the floor, albeit very gingerly.
Thank goodness for Terry, he carried compost, the pots and trays that I needed, down to the kitchen so I could happily pot the new plants up in the kitchen.
There are 2 each of 10 different plants and I realised I didn’t have any plant labels left. Then T had a great idea.
Over a year ago I bought 10 rolls of different coloured electrical tape from a pound shop…They were to wrap around the handles on our families suit cases so we could recognise our cases at the airport. There are 2 rolls of white tape. T suggested I use the white tape and a sharpie pen to label each pot and it stuck to them brilliantly.

I’m so pleased I could get the plants potted up and labelled.
Tomorrow I am off to the hospital to see what treatment I need for the knee and a date for the procedure….the sooner the better…lol

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Oh clever T! Good luck at the hospital, hope all goes well xx

20 Aug, 2016


sorry to hear about the knee. but those plants look strong and healthy. where did you order them from?
I often use sticky labels on the pots especially when in the seedling stage. they rub/peel off easy enough later in the season.

20 Aug, 2016


Thanks Waddy and Sbg. I would never have thought of using the tape.
I ordered the plants from Hayloft. It's the first time I have purchased young plants from them and they are the best, strongest young plants I have ever bought. They have taken quite a few weeks to arrive but well worth the wait. I am waiting for some Gallery Lupins to come now. If they are as good as these I will be well pleased.

20 Aug, 2016


I think a trip to the pound shop is now planned, such a good idea!

I hope your knee will be less painful soon and that the hospital visit will be a success.

20 Aug, 2016


I hope you had the appropriate treatment for your knee. Your garden will be missing you if you're laid off :D
Good idea to use the tape :o)

22 Aug, 2016


I have to go for a scan on Thursday. When I had a scan on it some years ago, I had a panic attack so I've been to the GP this morning for some sadatives to take to help me get through it. It's silly I Know but common sense just flew out the window when I was in the scanner.
After the scan I have another appt that same evening to see the orthopaedic consultant for the results and plan of action. Isn't it a brilliant service these days?
It's very frustrating having to rely on T to check my greenhouse and do the watering etc. I am sending him up with the camera so he can show me how the cuttings and seedlings are I think he has shocked the tomatoes into ripening at

22 Aug, 2016


Hope you het the knee sorted out soon HB. Nice problem solving!

22 Aug, 2016


That looks a really neat job. So glad you have a hubby on hand to help. Hope you'll soon be straightened out. Yes, we are very fortunate with our hospital service. Thank goodness we are not in some more primitive places in the world.

22 Aug, 2016


Please will you send T down here. My tomatoes need something to jolt them into action ! :D

I'm sorry you had a panic attack. They're horrible aren't they. I've had them since I was in my 20s. They come out of the blue, especially when I go out, but I have learnt how to cope with them.

I hope it all goes well for you ... :)

22 Aug, 2016


I do hope you get your knee sorted......good luck with the scan, hopefully the pills will kick in for you..
Well done T you have got him well trained.....we had some excellent plants from Hayloft, impressed with the quality.

22 Aug, 2016


Thanks, everything will be fine I'm sure and the knee is settling down really quickly now.

23 Aug, 2016


Hb, I have a collection of Dianthus from Hayloft, excellent healthy plants. When you have the scan you may be allowed to listen to music ... I did that when I had MRI scans ... makes it less of a worry. Good luck :o)

23 Aug, 2016


Thanks Shirley. I will take a cd with me.
I was looking at their Dianthus and perennial Wallflowers. I think I will send for them next.

23 Aug, 2016


Sounds like a good plan Hb ... :o)

27 Aug, 2016

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