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The last of the summer colour.


I woke to a lovely sunrise this morning and couldn’t get dressed quick enough to get out with the camera….lol I thought the suns rays shining through the trees at the top of the garden was magical.

While I was out there with the camera I snapped a few photos of the last of the summer colour around the gardens.
I am quite pleased with the rockery I created out of the old strawberry patch. The slate has stopped the birds scratching for worms etc and the soil ending up on the steps and in the pond.
In the slope lawn border the yellow flowers stand out nicely. I intend to spread these up the length of this border and plant some in the border opposite for next year.

At the top of the slope lawn I’ve cut back and thinned out the cotoneaster revealing the bits of the trellis I couldn’t reach to paint. Another job for the never ending to do

We had a devil of a job earlier in the year trying to buy the fence colour we always use, Holly, and ended up mixing black and forest green. It dried a kind of grey colour but I don’t mind it and it will save the trellis for another year.
The dahlias were very late to flower this year and seem really sparse but buds are still forming so maybe they will give a bit more colour until the weather turns. I only had half a dozen or so cosmos seeds germinate, I love the foliage as well as the flowers. I set my seed in the unheated greenhouse this year but I will go back to sowing them in my mini green houses in the conservatory next year. The only seeds I set indoors this year were the tomatoes and cucumbers. I like these bush cucumbers, they have done really well and produced loads up to now. They are only about 6 inches long.

The roses are giving me a few flowers still. I am going to move the ones from the top garden and plant them in the side of the slope lawn where they get more sun. The ones right at the top of the garden are very leggy. They must be searching for more light, then when they do flower the stems are so long and weak the flower heads hang low down and you have to lift them up to look at them.

This one was snapped right down near the graft and I tied the branch back up and put a support in and amazingly it has flowered..

There isn’t much colour now in the flat lawn borders. This area really relies on the clematis, day lilies and potted lilies which are finished for this year.
The colour always seems good in the acer corner though and the plum tree at the back has fruit on it this year. It was a self set a few years ago and I let it grow as it was at the back of the border anyway. The fruit are still green so time will tell what kind of plums it’s producing..

The last of the lilies are open by the swing seat. The scent is so strong and these Agapanthus were in the border doing nothing last year but produce loads of leaves, so I dug them out, potted them up and ‘Hey Presto’ they have flowered. They must like their roots confined. The phlox have been beautiful and I have taken several cuttings from them so that I can spread them around.

We have had a good crop of peas and beans from the little veg patch by the greenhouse. I pulled up the last of the peas yesterday but we are picking a good number of beans every day. Enough in the freezer to last until Christmas with a bit of luck. I like how these self set Nasturtiums are growing in the bean row. I’ve been praying that the greenfly aren’t attracted to them but strangely enough this year I haven’t seen any. (am I tempting fate!!)

Across from the veg patch in the border by compost bin area the carnations have been brilliant this year. I’ve been able to cut no end and there are still lots to open. The Clematis on the arch has flowered profusely all summer and is still going strong.

Up on the top garden the Eryngium are doing well. They are a bit tall to be in the apple tree border but I can move them next year.

The fuchsias are worth their weight in gold I think. They seem to like my garden. I don’t have many different ones but I have taken so many cuttings from the hardy one I now have them dotted about from front to back of the house. This spring I forgot to cut them back so they have grown quite tall this year.

The Anemones I planted last year are starting to flower now. Silly me, I can’t find the labels for them all so I shall have to match them to the names as they flower!!

Up by the side of the garden room and shed, the Crocosmia and potted fuchsias add a bit of colour. The yellow Crocosmia are only just starting to flower. I found an evening primrose poking its flower heads out in there too.

On the garage roof the planters continue to look pretty decent and the barrel with the wisteria in looks good with the geraniums saved from last year in it.

All in all there is still some colour to be found. Hopefully if my plans to move things around and the new plants I have bought work out, I should be able to extend the summer /early autumn colour by a few more weeks. It always gets to this point in August when I wish I had sown more annuals. I’m already writing a list and preparing to order the seed for next year. :o)

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Nice blog HB. I think your garden is still very colourful indeed. Fuchsias really extend the season don't they. You're right about the Agapanthus, they like to be snug. I've just bought one, and I think I shall take your caution and keep it potted. Your veggies have done ever so well haven't they. :)

29 Aug, 2016


Lots of colour....
You've captured the sun rays through the tree very well.

29 Aug, 2016


I love the photo's of the sunrays coming through the trees, cannot remember when I last saw sunrise, I suffer from mixed sleep patterns and often thats my time for actually going to sleep, lol.
I really liked the tour of your garden H'bird, I like a meander whereby you have to go around to see the planting, you have set yours out in that way, I really like it, still plenty going on for you to enjoy as well, the borders are lovely and full as well, I think the fuschia's look really good, I am never sure whether to cut them back or leave well alone, judging by yours I think I'll be leaving mine next year and see what happens, my roses are very leggy this year as well, consequently the blooms are high in the sky,I need a stepladder to take a photo, lol,...
Smashing blog and photo's Homebird...

29 Aug, 2016


Thanks Karen. My daughter has an agapanthus in a very tall narrow pot and it flowers it's socks off every year. I used to want to plant it into the garden for her but never got around to it. I'm glad I didn't now. She wouldn't have thanked me if it stopped son just left with the family taking lots of beans and a few potatoes. I've grown a few Kestrel potatoes this year and they are massive. Perfect for baking or chipping. Very tasty roasted too.

29 Aug, 2016


Thanks Paul, wasn't I lucky to catch the Suns Ray's like this. I didn't know if the camera would catch them. I was so pleased it did.

29 Aug, 2016


Thanks Lincs. I can't seem to sleep past 5.30 no matter what time I go to bed. Perhaps if I was still working and set an alarm I would want to stay
I had to smile thinking about your towering roses. A climbing rose that hasn't done very well in our hedge before, went mad this year and decided to climb to the top of the Christmas tree which is about 14 foot tall now. Goodness knows how we are going to untangle it and more are we going to get the tree lights on it!!
I really should have taken the tips out of the fuchsia early on to get more flowering stems but they look ok. I tried a fruit from the new one I bought called Fuchsia Berry. It did taste a bit like kiwi and fig but very mild flavoured. At least they haven't the peppery taste the usual ones have. Thanks again for your lovely comments.

29 Aug, 2016


Not surprised you were pleased, its a briliiant photo and well worth rushing around for. I love your garden, it always looks nice. Your bean row is looking marvellous. Mine was so pathetic last year I didn't bother this year at all.
I didn't cut my fuchsias back this year either but think I got better results when they were cut. But maybe the late flowering was down to the poor weather. The very lax ones behind a low wall have been better for leaving though because they are held higher up.

29 Aug, 2016


Thanks ever so much Stera. I was so pleased that the camera caught the suns rays. My bean row wasn't very good last year that's why I moved it to the back of the plot this year. It was getting too blown about where it was. We did have an awful lot of wind last year. The soil didn't warm up til much later though, so I'm thinking of covering it with black plastic this year after I've dug it over and see if it helps warm it up quicker. My first carrots and beetroot were a total failure, too wet and cold in March/April.
The fuchsias are a great help in giving some nice colour until the frosts aren't they. I shall definitely cut some of mine down a bit next year and see which look better. The ones in pots haven't done too well though. They kept getting waterlogged.

29 Aug, 2016


You've had a very productive year. I hope your colourful garden lasts a few more weeks yet :)

29 Aug, 2016


Fingers crossed Hywel. I wish it were as colourful and packed full as yours is.

29 Aug, 2016


As mine ? lol ... I only show the best bits ...
You have a lovely garden Sheila :)

29 Aug, 2016


What a lovely blog to find this morning. You have a really beautiful " proper gardener's " garden - full of love and care.
Thank you for sharing your pictures homebird,

30 Aug, 2016


Aww! Thank you for your lovely comment Obw.

30 Aug, 2016


Lovely colourful garden, Homebird.

31 Aug, 2016


Thanks Siris. There is another bud above water on your waterlily. I will get a photo when it opens. That is 3 flowers it's sent up so far..

31 Aug, 2016


Gorgeous pictures, Hb - what a lovely garden. I have three agapanthus in a pot. Only one flowered although there was plenty of foliage on the other two. The one that did flower was stunning, though - it's still going after weeks. Do you think the others might flower next year? Any tips?

31 Aug, 2016


I hope the water lily was mother's pale pink. So glad it went to a big pond. In mine it grew so large the leaves were growing proud of the water.

1 Sep, 2016

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