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Can you guess where we have been?


To the garden of my dreams…..come and have a look around with me….

It’s not Belize, it’s not Thailand, or Malaysia…….

Here are the rest of my photo’s now you know we were in Suffolk.

It’s been visited by Alan Tichmarch and several other garden enthusiasts including the BBC Gardeners world team.

The garden has matured a great deal since these publications and it would be impossible for Andrew to stand above the foliage like this now. Unless he erected a very tall scaffold!!!

Hardy exotic plants in the nursery part of the garden have mostly been raised in the garden or nearby.

Of course I couldn’t come away without some plants for my patio…
An Ensete ventricosum Maurelii and a hardy begonia because I love the dark red under the leaf and the beautiful green on top. Such a pity we hadn’t room in the car for some more…Of course we could have dispensed with one of the suitcases. T has enough clothes at home !!

Here is a link to Andrews garden web site.

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Pretty exotic though . . . not Eden is it?

8 Aug, 2017


Rosemoor ?
It looks an interesting place wherever it is :)

8 Aug, 2017


You're a "Celebrity....... Get me Out of Here!!" :O)

The Lost Gardens of Heligan?

8 Aug, 2017


Could be Eden but it has grown a bit since i was there if it is ,
OH holding the bamboo could have been in my garden

8 Aug, 2017


Has the feel and looks of Yorkshire, UK to me.

9 Aug, 2017


Hmmm somewhere damp and very shaded, no idea .....

9 Aug, 2017


Ha! Ha! You know me too well...we were of course in
T and I saw this garden, Henstead Exotic Garden, in the Gardeners World magazine guide and it looked right up my street. It only took us 30 minutes to get there from Corton, our base on our holiday.
When we arrived at the address we found a lovely old cottage and no sign to inform us that it was the right address and no one about to ask!! Shouting hello through the open back door (over the sound of a washer in its spin cycle) a very tall gentleman appeared. It turned out that he was Andrew Brogan, the creator of this magnificent jungle garden. It suddenly dawned on me that we had come on the wrong day!!! Never the less, Andrew greeted us very warmly and led us into the garden. The first sight of the jungle garden took my breath away, it was like stepping into a real jungle with Andrew giving us a guided tour. He explained that the idea for the garden had come from his travels in the Far East and Tunisia and that he had begun to create the garden only 12 years ago.
The bamboo was magnificent, especially the green bamboo some of which are 20 to 30 foot tall and 3 inches across. The tree ferns were lush and looked beautiful with the dappled sunlight filtering through the extremely tall eucalyptus trees. There are bananas plants with tiny bananas forming and the sound of running water adds to the feel of being in an exotic country, plus coming upon a tai style pavilion and a tropical summer house as you wander along the paths. It was a lovely warm day and I was in paradise.

9 Aug, 2017


I shall put the other photos on now.. :o)

9 Aug, 2017


Yorkshire Loosetrife? I can't think of anywhere up there that has mild enough winters.

9 Aug, 2017


Loosestrife's idea made me chuckle - sorry!

Thanks for this blog and the story Sheila:)

9 Aug, 2017


Another place noted to visit. Thank you, HB.

9 Aug, 2017


Well Sheilabub and Stera I had recollected coming across on the web a man who lived in Yorkshire who recreated a tropical garden similar to the one shown here right down to the outbuilding, boardwalk and stand of bamboo. His name is Nick Leeds. Just type into the search engine " Yorkshire tropical garden, images" or " Nick Leeds, Yorkshire Tropical Garden." what you see is a 20 year effort. Sheilabub, you say "sorry"?, never regret having a laugh:) My mention of the weather in Yorkshire, well, I was having a bit of fun on my part. One of my habits being an only child that continues to this day is making myself laugh...sorry...OOPS!

9 Aug, 2017


Wonderful !
I like the shed interior :)

9 Aug, 2017


I loved reading the diferent guesses. I couldn't fool any of you into thinking I had been on a really exotic holiday could I. ?
It was a real pleasure though to spend time sitting or walking around the garden and Andrew is such an interesting person to talk to.
Losestrife, I will search for Nick Leeds.

9 Aug, 2017


Great blog Homebird. A few years ago one of the goy members took a holiday in the south western coast of the U.K.or it could have been that area of Ireland and he published some pics of a natural area that had astonishing subtropical look to it. I believe it was a microclimate caused by the Gulf Stream. That set me to searching on the web for subtropical gardens in the U.K./ Ireland and the first thing that it brought me to....HOLY SMOKES!.....It wasn't Nick Leeds, it was Nick Wilson who resides in Leeds, Yorkshire. My faux pas Homebird, Shielabub and Stera:(

9 Aug, 2017


It's ok Ls. Lol. I found the garden straight away even though I put Nick Leeds. I do recall it now I've seen it again. Much more manicured than Andrews. It's more a garden than a Jungle isn't it.
Hywel I liked the shed interior too and lovely music was playing inside.

9 Aug, 2017


My type of garden.......fantastic HB.

17 Feb, 2018


It was fantastic Dd. I'm hoping to visit again this summer. I have the Ensete and the Begonia I bought wrapped up in the greenhouse for the winter. I do hope they come through ok. Thankyou for reminding me about this blog, it was nice to look through the photos again.

18 Feb, 2018


Your welcome, hope you manage another visit in the summer...

18 Feb, 2018

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