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April 26th in my garden


While walking up to the greenhouse this morning I was struck by the amount of pinks and purples of the flowers, shrubs and trees there is in the garden just now.
Things such as the crab apple blossom..
Malus Cheals Weeping and Malus Gorgeous

Tulip ‘Purple Dream’ growing under the weeping crab

and the cute tulips ‘Little Beauty’ in the rockery which are cuddling up to the Daphne ‘Susan Tichmarch’ and the Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’.

Then there are pink Dicentra Spectabilis’ which I planted not far away from lush new leaves of the Heuchera ‘Chocolate Ruffles’.

Imprisoned in a small bed by the pond there are the Spanish Blue bells. They wouldn’t dare spread!!!

and in the same bed there’s the Fritillaria micheilovskyi I rescued last spring from a garden centre sale shelf.

The Aubrieta looks super, as does the Lamium maculatum..

and the Lunaria Annua (Honesty)
I love how the orange tulips grow up through the new foliage of the old rose..

And then in contrast to all the purple and pink there are my favourite coloured tulips…the yellow ones.

Then there are T’s favourite ones.. the reds..

All the Dicentras have benefited from all the rain and snow. Dicentra Spectabilis …

and the Dicentra Formosa ‘Alba’ and ‘Luxurient’

This year my beautiful Chaenomeles speciose ‘Nicoline’ and ‘Yugkigtan’ are flowering better than they have ever done.

as well as C. ‘Fire Dance’..

The shrubs are looking good too..

Our Abies Koreana is covered in cones.

The patch on the lawn is where T has reseeded the area where the bird feeder used to be. Weeks of pheasants, doves, pigeons, field fares, and umpteen smaller birds walking round and round in circles picking up the sunflower hearts dropped by the goldfinches wore a perfect bald circle in the lawn!!! It has been a bad winter for the birds so we don’t mind a bit of grass replacing if it’s helped them find food in the bleakest months do we?
Well that’s about it for now. It’s turned really cold here again but I suppose it will help the tulips last a little longer. They are standing up to the rain, hail and tormenting wind today, quite well. Better than me and the Magnolia are…….lol.

It can’t be long now to the weather becoming a pleasant temperature surely and I want to get my seedlings out in the daytime to start hardening off. Perhaps next week???

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What's wrong with Pink? You've got lots of other colours to contrast and coordinate. Your garden is looking good.

26 Apr, 2018


Looks fabulous! You really are way ahead of us here in Scotland! I loved the first photo because I just bought a Cheal's Weeping this week. Gorgeous little tree! :)

26 Apr, 2018


Thanks Sue. I'm pleased to see most plants have survived the deep freeze. I think the blanket of snow gave some protection.
Thanks Karen. I am pleased you've now got the Cheal's Weeping. It's a beauty in the spring, full of blossoms and it fruits really well. I watched the first Beechgrove last Sunday and they were saying that you are at least 4 weeks late this year.

26 Apr, 2018


I was just saying that to Keith. I am envious of all your gardens further south. We are still at the 'just emerging' stage here! The hardy perennials are just starting to grow now...some just peeping above the ground. Its very sad...but can't do anything about it. My open days in June will be like May!

26 Apr, 2018


It's surprising how quickly the garden catches up though as soon as milder temps arrive. I'm positive your garden will have lots of interest for the visitors to see and marvel at when you open. It will be a real treat.

26 Apr, 2018


Your garden has bounced back well from that awful winter, I love all your bright and cheerful tulips, and the grass looks good ....I do like the white quince, saw one yesterday in the GC, they have certainly enjoyed the cold!

26 Apr, 2018


Your garden looks lovely and colour. You have some beautiful plants

26 Apr, 2018


Lovely to see all that colour., Home Bird. I think Nature is making up for the awful weather and saying, "Right, that's enough!" Can't believe how quickly leaves are appearing and buds are popping. Your garden is proof of this.

Love the Aubretia/Aubrieta , one of my favourite. At my family home in Wales we had six foot walls smothered in Aubretia. I have some of the descendants here in Dorset but just little clumps.

A lot can happen in a couple of months, Karen. I'm sure your garden will be a picture.

26 Apr, 2018


I love the colour pink and am always tempted to go for any plants that have pink flowers first.
However that wonderful display of red and yellow tulips has set me thinking!!
A lovely blog, thank you.

26 Apr, 2018


Yes, a lovely blog. Your garden is looking lovely.

27 Apr, 2018


this is a lovely blog and shows your garden beautifully. the picture of the D. spectabilis against a window[?]shows a very reddy pink flower. is it 'Valentine'? The one in the open bed is the typical pink form.

I love all the pinks and purples together. I wish we could get a clear pink crocus to go with the rich purple ones.

27 Apr, 2018


Beautiful garden and of course all the blossom on the trees is stunning. The orange tulips and the new leaf on the roses look so good together.

27 Apr, 2018


HB Your garden is looking amazing and nothing wrong with pinks and purples I say. I find I automatically gravitate towards these colours when looking at new plants in the garden centres, unless my OH points out in time 'you've already got that..' lol!

27 Apr, 2018


A lovely collection - thank you for sharing, OBW

29 Apr, 2018


Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments. That Dicentra you mean is 'Valentine' Sbg. A clear pink crocus would be an eye catcher...
It's taken over 10 years to cover the retaining wall in Aubrieta Eirlys. I pinched the original from across the road when the neighbour was demolishing a wall clothed in it.

30 Apr, 2018


Lots of lovely photos Homebird. Those bluebells will travel if they can. I lost the battle this year with the cold, wet winter and OH needing a lot of attention. If I had a slot to go out and exterminate, it was too cold, raining or yet another carer keeping me guessing about their arrival time!. They did look lovely for a while. Now all the flowers need pulling out. I made a start yesterday till it got too hot for me....can't win! They will disappear soon anyway, but next year they will be back in force. Reminds me of Fantasia and the broom sticks LOL! Very pretty garden indeed and more to come, I'm sure.

7 May, 2018

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