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We’ve only been away for a week and the plants have been jostling for space behind my back. There must have been quite a downpour of rain at some point while we were away because the pots on the patio were briming over with water. This is what I was met with when I went walkabout yesterday evening and this morning.
The Lupins have tried to take over the path….

Poppies, lupins and red hot pokers are cuddling up together in the border beneath the Copper Beech. Last year I shoved all sorts of plants I had spare into the sparse soil here, hoping some would survive and spread.

The Hardy Geraniums look particularly pretty I think..

There are some pretty flowers on the rockery..

T’s favourite shrub, this rhododendron. We grew it from a cutting a few years ago and look forward to counting the number of flowers each year. There are five more than last year.

The Clematis are beginning to flower…the large flowered ones seem to be earlier this year.

The Geums are outstanding this year…

Since I started this blog about a month ago there have been great changes both in the weather and in the number of plants that have been unable to withstand the heat. Here are the few that are coping pretty well so far…some of the roses..!

The Penstemons..

Some Dianthus. Usually these love warm dry weather but even these are struggling as I am unable to give them some shade from the searing sunshine.

Strangely a few of the Anemones are already coming into flower

Just a few plants on the rockery…

The Astillbe are surviving because their feet are in moist soil.

Unfortunately the rest of the garden looks terribly dry and the lawns are almost white. Fingers crossed plants and grass will come through this most unusual weather and as soon as a little rain comes they will begin to recover..

I do hope your gardens are faring better than mine.

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Very much the same conditions here Homebird. Very frustrating.

7 Jul, 2018


Wow, your white Astilbe is beeeeutiful! And your rockery looks great too. Things are starting to struggle a bit, especially lawns. Not so bad here because we get neither the extreme heat, nor the hose-pipe bans. But its only a matter of time if this continues much longer. But I’m not complaining...especially after last summer and winter!

7 Jul, 2018


Hasn't everything grown exuberantly this year, except the grass. I like the Astrantias grouped together. My lupin finished ages ago and has been cut back, but looks as if your garden is still in full swing, beautiful.

8 Jul, 2018


Your plants look great wish I had more suitable soil to plant a lot of my mine out of there pots.non stop watering here sometimes twice a day getting a bit wearing, and at least two more weeks of heat forecast

8 Jul, 2018


lucky you to have had some rain. we haven't had any for at least a month. your garden looks amazing Homebird.

8 Jul, 2018


Agree with all the above comments: your garden looks good and love the lupins.
You had rain? What's that? We have clouds today but not even a little threat of rain and some of our plants are beginning to feel the strain. So am I! Our hydrangeas are doing so well this year but looked really thirsty today.

8 Jul, 2018


Beautiful flowers Homebird, especially the first rose. I'm trying to keep watering to a minimum but some life saving really does have to be done doesn't it? My begonia sempervirens are hardly bigger than when I planted them. But not much is actually drooping - yet...

8 Jul, 2018


My first thoughts were 'What a riot of plants and she's has rain? lucky thing' then I read a little further. I'm dreading our water rates. We're on meter and they are due to recalculate anytime. We all like a bit of warm sunshine, but this is gone on too long hasn't it? I don't have a lawn, thank goodness, but so much of the garden is struggling. I've had the hose pipe on a couple of times, but daren't use it now as I understand water supplies are running low. Phew!

9 Jul, 2018


Your garden is flourishing beautiful those Lupin's look fantastic also Clematis and Astillbe and you hubby s Rhododendron lovely colour. No rain here for weeks now its so dry.

9 Jul, 2018


Lovely to see so much happy colour! I agree that the anemones are early . . . my A. Wild swan has been in flower for the past month . . .

10 Jul, 2018


Your plants are beautiful Sheila, before and during the hot weather.

10 Jul, 2018


Lovely photos of your garden, thanks for sharing, no green grass anywhere around here, only white straw like stuff, but it always bobs back WHEN the rain eventually comes.
Love your Astrantias.

13 Jul, 2018

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