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A beautiful day in early January.


It has been a gloriously sunny and fairly mild day here and I have enjoyed spending several hours pottering in the garden and greenhouse. I was surprised to find that the temperature in there was 23.4c. with a minimum of 4.6c.

As I stepped out of the conservatory a beautifully sweet scent greeted me from the Sarcococca.

The viburnum is flowering well..

and a pretty Monarchs Velvet, faded (like me!)but still flowering.

The Aubrieta thinks it’s spring already..

New life is emerging. With Paeonia Molly the witch.

A Quince..

and there are daffodil leaves shooting up all over the place.

..and the Hellebores are in bud, looking promising for later in the month..

I am enjoying the last few flowers of the Schizostylus.

This one has a visitor…

There are a couple of roses hanging on too…

Haven’t the Clematis done well. The flowers are hanging on in there.

Penstemon are worth their weight in gold I think as they flower almost non stop from early summer right through to a heavy frost. Many keep their green leaves right through the winter.

This Hebe ’ Greth’ has been flowering for over a year now. It was a cutting from the main plant and flowers much better than the original!!

I moved my Bay tree in spring last year and it suffered badly in the heat of the summer and sadly it turned up it’s toes and I couldn’t save it. I searched online and in no end of GC’s but couldn’t find a bush one, only standard trained ones at an extortionate price.

When I popped into that well known supermarket I was delighted to find these…Bargain!

The moth orchids in the conservatory are in flower again, I do love them.

The cacti I put into this glass have grown really well, especially the long slim ones and the tall fat one. I really aught to learn their names!! It would be nice if they decided to flower this year.

I hope you all have had a lovely day too, whatever you have been up too. x

Happy New Year.

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How amazing. Hope the Beast from the East doesn't return.

6 Jan, 2019


There's alot going on in your garden Homebird, very nice, your Sarcococca looks very healthy, mine doesn't seem to grow much?
May the mild conditions continue!

6 Jan, 2019


Thanks Linda and Dawn. We seem to be creeping slowly towards Spring. We've got away lightly up to now. We definitely don't want the Beast from the East back. EVER.
My Sarcococca is about 8 years old now and still not too big for the narow border it's in. I want to get some cuttings going this year if I can.

6 Jan, 2019


So many lovely flowers and scents in your garden at the moment. The colours of your orchids are so pretty and delicate.

6 Jan, 2019


That's incredible. You are so much further north than here and all we have are a few hellebores and a very small winter jasmine with one flower. The Penstemons stopped flowering months ago! Weather cold and uninviting. Your orchids are really lovely.

Just have a feeling that the tall cylindrical cactus might be an opuntia, though they aren't normally that shape. Try putting a piece of sellotape over one of the aureoles (the little tufts of hairs) and see if any hairs stick to it. Just in case it really is an opuntia take care not to get any on your fingers as they have tiny backward facing spinelets that get stuck in your skin. Sellotape removes them as long as you don't try rubbing them off first, when they break off under the skin. Hywel will know anyway.

6 Jan, 2019


Thanks for the Sarcococca info, I might move mine as it's been in about six years and still very small.

6 Jan, 2019


What an amazing array of colour and scent for this time of year! I had to check where you live as I couldn’t believe my eyes. Like Stera, we’re so much further south and yet I just have one Hellebore in flower and one Primrose.

In my cool greenhouse the temperature hovers between 5 and 10 degrees but a Hibiscus trionum has a large bud and looks about to bloom :) Let’s hope the mild weather continues!

6 Jan, 2019


Wonderful to see all those in your garden at this time of year Sheila. I hope it stays mild for the whole winter :)

I don't think that glass is the right place for your cacti though :( They're a bbit overcrowded and they haven't got proper drainage.

6 Jan, 2019


well what a lovely display of flowers in the garden. Its been mild here and I have started cutting back dead stems and generally tidying up yesterday.

love the house plants. did your glass vase come with an amaryllis a couple of years ago? I have one with a peace lily in it after the amaryllis was finished and potted in a better pot.

7 Jan, 2019


You are way ahead of me with those Hellebores and Chaenomeles. Looks lovely in the sunshine. I’ve just had a dash to my greenhouse and the min last night in there was over 9C. Weird isn’t it!

7 Jan, 2019


It's been very mild here the last few days and I've managed to get quite a bit of tidying up done...I'm trying to pace myself very gradually back to work lol! Like you I've noticed lots of bulbs pushing through and Hellebores in bud. I'm praying we don't get a spell of cold weather as bad as we had last year...after all, we're still only in the first weeks of January.

7 Jan, 2019


Wow! Homebird..your garden must look amazing , and in January too ! Everything I bought with us when we moved and considering they had to be dug up out of the garden and put into pots , are doing well. Even a standard rose which is still in flower.
I could kick myself as the Sarcoccoca ( which was in a border near the conservatory), I forgot to bring with us for the new garden. That will be going on my shopping list !

10 Jan, 2019


Hard to believe it's January in your garden HB, long may it continue.....

19 Jan, 2019


We had our first snow today and it's very cold. The roses are frozen now and there are only the hellebores, clematis, hebe and snowdrops in flower. We are inching nearer to spring aren't we.
Sorry to hear you didn't take your Sarcococca with you Rose. I hope you manage to find a nice one.

19 Jan, 2019

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