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March garden..


The gardens are really coming to life now aren’t they. I’ve never see the Magnolias in everyone’s gardens looking so laden with flowers. Mine is the best it’s ever been.

I bought some packs of Spring bulbs in the sale earlier in the year (supposedly too late to plant for this year) and they have shot up in the planters and are doing really well. The crocus have come and gone but the Hiacynths are super and the tulips and miniature daffs are looking promising with flower buds forming.

The well known Diy store was selling off all the miniature Spring daffs, tulips and hyacinths at half price last weekend so I bought a few more. I am trying to replace the tall daffs that get blown over in the winds with shorter types.

I didn’t really want any more hyacinths but I couldn’t resist !!! I have them dotted all around the garden anyway and they seem to like my soil and have multiplied over the years.

Now the winds have dropped the taller daffodils are looking less battered and torn…:o)

The shrubs are giving a bit of colour to the borders too.

The ‘blue wall’ is colouring up nicely…

..and the grape hyacinths are springing up all over the place..

While I have been writing this, some tulips have begun to open

My mixed Helebores have flowered well this winter and many are still going strong. It’s a pity they bow their pretty heads. It’s nice to bring a few in to float in a bowl as some lovely Goy members have suggested.

I really enjoy watching my garden burst into flower. We cut the lawns last week for the first time this year and it always makes the whole garden look so much better. It will soon be warm enough to sit out. I can’t wait….:o)

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Good selection of plants you have HB...
Your blue wall looks intriguing...
What are the plants?they look like Campanula or Aubretia?..A little early for the later,I think.

23 Mar, 2019


Lovely blog Lincslass...and your street is so pretty too! Your Aubretia wall isspectacular. Iā€™vebeen out all day feeding the ericaceous with soluble, which takes ages. I also moved two yellow roses out of the go.den border where they were in too. Uch shade, and made a fleece cloche for one of my veg beds in case we get any frosts in April. Butt yes, its all getting going now and its lovely to see the first tulips opening in the sunshine. Very cold here todday though...brrrr!

23 Mar, 2019


Good to see some spring flowers in your garden HB, your wall always looks amazing......such a joy to see the tulips opening, the weather has been good today, even had some sunshine here, managed to move some plants around and plant some new ones.....

23 Mar, 2019


I often buy some bulbs when they are supposed to be too late to plant, but they usually give a show and make up more for the next year. That's a gardener for you, always assuming that you will be about for the following years to see things grow to their maturity!
Your blue wall of Aubretia is stunning, I always wanted one, but our blue birds (Peacocks) love Aubretia and will eat it as fast as it grows, so though I have tried to grow it up high it's nowhere near as spectacular as your full wall of it.
Lots of people frown on the Flowering Currant and Grape Hyacinths, but they give a lovely show in the Spring and a change from the yellows of the Daffs.

23 Mar, 2019


I love the flowering currants and the grape hyacinths, not a fan of large yellow daffs though!

23 Mar, 2019


a girl after my own heart. I love hyacinths too and they get better every year in my opinion.

the garden looks wonderful homebird.

23 Mar, 2019


Thanks everyone. There have been odd flowers all winter on the Aubrietta. It's protected a little from the strong cold winds by a trellis which is smothered by a Jinglebells clematis. The trellis did get snapped and blown over though in the very strong winds recently. Terry had to tie wrap it back to the posts. It needs new trellis though but I am dreading having to unwrap the clematis from the shattered old trellis. I don't want to cut it down because it's been and still is smothered in bells.
I've been sowing seed in the greenhouse this morning while listening to the Archers...My plants seem to like it. Lol. Toasty warm in there with the sun on it but brrr, it's a tad cool when you step outside.

24 Mar, 2019


It all looks lovely H'bird, I agree with you about the Magnolia's, don't have one myself but there are plenty around where I live and they are glorious this year, in fact I think everything looks to be healthier and flowering well, guess last years hot spell did do good even though it was a worry at the time.. It has turned very chilly today, as you say warm in our g'houses and coming ito our busy time..

24 Mar, 2019


It looks great - so far its been a wonderful spring but everything is flowering at once - hope there will be something left for later!

24 Mar, 2019


Your garden looks beautiful filled with lots of colour and spring blossoms.

24 Mar, 2019


Don't you just love this time of year? New life springing up all over the place. ..excuse the pun. I agree with you about the magnolias ours too is the best I've seen it. Your garden must smell wonderful with all those hyacinths.

25 Mar, 2019

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