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May 9th 2018 and it's almost summer...started last year!!!


It’s been a shocking year and I haven’t been able to participate in very much at all but now that things seem to be settling down we have had time to tackle the garden which has somehow just carried on regardless.
I intended to write a blog this morning but found this one I wrote last May just before everything turned pear shaped so I didn’t get round to posting..

Just a quick look round to see what was flowering this week last year. All the blossoms seem to be putting on an extra special show to help us forget what an awfully long winter we had just crawled through. I am particularly pleased every year with the Spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’, the Rhododendron ‘Lemon Dream’ and Molly the Witch (Paeonia mlokosewitschii, unfortunately I snapped a bud off while putting a support round it. grrr!!)

The Skeeters Broom is a sight for sore eyes too.

Isn’t this gorgeous. Rhododendron ‘Rose Bud’. Every year it gets bigger and better.
The Dicentra Spectabilis grows like Jacks beans!! shooting up at the first sign of warmth in the air.

The white bells look pretty under the trees and the grass like leaves pull out so easily once the flowers fade.

This is taking over the corner of the flat lawn so we are going to cut it right back after the flowers fade and if it looks awful through the year we shall dig it out and plant something else..

The Hostas are doing well. I am hoping that the coffee grounds will work as well as last year in discouraging the snails.

I split all the clumps last week and these are to give to my daughter for her garden.

Everything was so much more advanced last year, many plants are only just getting going this year… After weeks of cold wind and incessant rain the weather bucked up this week and it felt beautifully warm with wall to wall sunshine. Here is what we found flowering..
The clematis under the kitchen window and trying to disguise the water butt..

Spirea ‘Bridal wreath’..

I took off the drooping and wayward branches of the Canary Broom as it was taking over this corner of the flat lawn and it turned it into a sort of lemon lollypop! lol

The candelabra Primulas are looking very pretty by the side of the pond..

and this shrub, which I can’t for the life of me name, has the most beautiful pea like flowers. I will try to find it in my plant list. ( thanks to Shirley for reminding me it’s a Cytisus ‘Goldfinch’. ):o)

The lilac has flowered really well for us this spring..

Our first Iris flower..

and the Aloe Vera is flowering again..

It’s looking quite cheerful on the steps by the greenhouse. The plants in the pots have just got quietly on with the business of growing and flowering… Just goes to show they don’t really need me

The ‘blue wall’ is looking good too.

I love the bells on these

Cytisus Praecox ‘Allgold’ is a mass of flowers.

The acers and the weigelas are looking pretty, especially the variegated ones.

and finally … the first of the Alliums has opened..

It’s been so good to get back to my garden. Happy gardening everyone..xx

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Pleased to see you gardening again. denise xx

15 May, 2019


Good to see you back Sheila, and with so much wonderful colour in your lovely garden. Fantastic time of year, isn’t it?!

16 May, 2019


Your garden is looking good. Nice to see you back.

16 May, 2019


Looking really lovely!

16 May, 2019


The garden is looking lovely and this time of year is so full of promise it just makes you want to get out gardening!

16 May, 2019


All looks lovely to me. Glad things are looking up for you now. Hope you enjoy the summer & your garden.

16 May, 2019


So good to know that you are back enjoying your garden again Homebird! I just love that Skeeter's Broom Acer. :) I also love the canary lollipop...what a triumph of pruning that turned out to be. Do you keep your Aloe Vera out all year around?

16 May, 2019


All looking great! I love the lollipop too!

16 May, 2019


Good to know you are back in gardening mode after a troubled time ... those Hostas look so healthy! I used coffee grounds too last year, and again this year, seems to deter the slugs and snails. The Clematis by the almost hidden water butt is stunning. I think the un-named shrub may be Cytisus ... :o)

17 May, 2019


Thankyou so much everyone...
Thanks for naming the shrub Shirley. It's Cytisus 'Goldfinch'.
Yes I am pleased and somewhat relieved that the drastic pruning of the Canary Broom didn't kill it. 😅

17 May, 2019


A really attractive shrub Hb ...

17 May, 2019


It all looks lovely, Hb. I like what you’ve done with the broom. A lot of shrubs seem to respond well to what I always call - somewhat inelegantly - legging up. I think the resulting shape is very attractive. I do hope you will be able to enjoy your garden to the full this year.

21 May, 2019


Fantastic, great colors going on in there.

22 May, 2019


Thankyou. I think I prefer 'legging up' !!!😂

24 May, 2019


Ha ha!

25 May, 2019

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