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October 2020 garden..


I am planing to take the geraniums from my pots this weekend because the majority of them are looking quite tired. I am going to replace them with the winter pansies and variegated Lavender plants I bought last week. I really liked the look of the lavender plants.

The pansies are meant to be all red ones as I loved the look of the red/orange geraniums I’ve had in the pots and I couldn’t think of anything else that would give me that splash of red. Any suggestions will be very gratefully received.

The Heucheras have done extremely well this year and I have considered splitting a couple of them to use in my planters. I don’t know if they would like being in a pot though.

I’ve bought some spring bulbs to plant up in pots too.

Elsewhere in the garden there is still a little colour.
The Fuchsia won’t stop flowering until the frosts come thick and fast. They are very old plants but they are very tough. :o)

The Acers are looking splendid in their autumn colours..and it’s nice that the hydrangea has at last plucked up the strength to flower!!

The passion flower and clematis on right side of the second arch are giving me a few flowers…

..and so is the clematis on the other side.

…and the border Carnation always flowers right up until the frosts.

It’s been the best year ever for this Aster.

The Penstemons haven’t done so well though. Not half as many flowers as they usually produce. I didn’t get them cut back early enough in spring is the reason I think.

These are a lot deeper red this autumn.

…and the cyclamen are beginning to spread nicely around the rockery beneath the crab apple tree..

I don’t think you could put one more fruit onto it. It’s nearly time to pick lots of them to make crab apple jelly.
It’s almost time to say goodbye to the Dahlias, Crocosmia, the tall yellow flowers ( can’t recall their names) and the Japanese anemones.

We have bagged lots of homemade compost to put into the borders as soon as everything had died down, been cut down or moved.
I noticed just now, there are new buds on my rose trees. I do hope they get a chance to open. I think it’s because it’s turned so cold here that I feel like winter is already here, even though the leaves haven’t turned colour yet in the garden. Silly girl..there’s still time for a few weeks of good weather. :o)

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Lovely October garden Homebird. I like the picture of the greenhouse with hardy fuchsias. Do you have a view of distanced fields over the roof tops from there?

10 Oct, 2020


Thankyou Klahanie, yes, the garden is quite steep to the top so we can see over the roof of our house to the fields. :o)

10 Oct, 2020


Such a lovely setting, HB..just the type of garden I love.

10 Oct, 2020


the heucheras don't mind being in pots but use a soil based compost if you can to discourage vine weevils.

lots of colour still and with your new plants and bulbs it will be lovely through to late spring.

10 Oct, 2020


Lovely garden & lots of colour still.

11 Oct, 2020


Thankyou Julia and Ff and thankyou for the advice Eileen. I am hoping to visit the Gc today for fresh compost.

11 Oct, 2020


You have a delightful garden filled with colourful flowers, leaves and berries. It must look lovely.
I enjoy buying bulbs at the moment as it gives hope for the spring.
Michaelmas daisies seem to have had a great year generally - as have our Bramley apples!!!

11 Oct, 2020


Hello home bird, you have a lovely garden, plenty of interest, and I agree with you on the fushias they just go on and on don’t they, most penstemon I have come across this year have not performed as well as they should do and the roses I have seen are still trying to open their buds, this bloke I know has Tess of the derbevilles it’s had a few late buds that were reluctant to open but this week they have bloomed, a joy to behold.

11 Oct, 2020


What a wonderful mass of colour Sheila ... particularly love your Hydrangea. Interesting about the Penstemons ... I gave mine the Chelsea chop this year (nervously) and they were soon covered in flowers again 🙂.

13 Oct, 2020


Your garden is lovely H'bird, my style of garden even down to the wall running around it in that bottom corner, I'm pleased you said about the penstemon as mine haven't been that good this year either, I 'll remember to cut them down further next year, I do like the variegated lavender, never seen that one before and it will look a treat with the pansies...That crab apple is loaded I bought one for my daughter last springtime its full of apples does it attract fieldfares to your garden?..Lovely blog and photo's H'bird...

13 Oct, 2020


You have a good showing of colour still Homebird. I love your acers , in fact I love all your garden. I think Heucheras would be ok in pots as they do well anywhere. I have the problem of everything still flowering, especially in the pots , so can't get any bulbs in yet!

13 Oct, 2020


Such a lovely intereesting garden Bloomer still hanging on to plenty of colour.

13 Oct, 2020


A lovely blog Sheila, you still have lots of interest in your garden. Hopefully winter won't strike just yet and you can enjoy it for a few more weeks :)

13 Oct, 2020


Love your garden !

16 Oct, 2020


Your garden is lovely lots to look at

17 Oct, 2020


Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments. I have, so far, taken out the geraniums in the pond side pots and planted some of the bulbs and some of the winter pansies. Strangely, those in the pots aren’t flowering yet but the ones I haven’t planted out of their seed trays yet are!! Next week I will tackle the planters on the garage roof.

24 Oct, 2020

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