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Mid April


By hywel


We had some beautiful weather here last month, and I took advantage of it by doing a bit of gardening when I got the chance.
Clematises and Roses growing on the trellises I had put up last year needed tidying, and there were also other shrubs in the garden that needed cutting back.

Prunus triloba is coming into flower and using the trellis as support.

My lollipop Ilex Golden King and my Tamarisk are fighting each other for room and their branches are becoming tangled up one with the other, so they will have to be separated.

The Ilex is the smaller of the two and will probably be easier to dig up, so I think that’s the one to be moved.
I was going to do it last winter but other things happened, so it will now have to be done in the autumn.

During my short stints in the garden I saw a peacock butterfly, several bumble bees and hover flies, and a lady bird.
I hope it will be a better year for insects this year (but not vine weevils thrips and greenfly ! lol)

Here’s a view down the garden. The two conifers need a haircut too …

These are some of the colourful flowers in my garden at the moment …

Omphalodes :-

Viburnum tinus :-

Celendine :-

Drumstick Primula :-

Prunus triloba :-

Erithronium :-

Forsythia :-

Primula vulgaris :-

Anemone nemorosa :-

Pulmonaria :-

Fritillaria :-

White Heather :-

Puschkinia libanotica – thanks Seaburngirl for the name …

A newly planted Heuchera, which has been waiting in it’s pot since last year :)

Some Muscari bulbs are flowering in a very out of the way place. I think they must have fallen there without my knowing and taken root :-

I’m trying to get my little vegetable patch cleared so that I can sow some seeds soon, but I’ll tell you more about that later on.

My garden helper enjoyed the warm weather when we had it but now finds the conservatory a more suitable place to hide …

That’s all for now.
I hope everyone is all right.
See you again soon :)

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Looking lovely. Is the mesh over the plants to stop your helper taking a snooze, or worse, there?

14 Apr, 2019


Thanks Grandad gardener, it's a wire shelf from one of those plastic plant growing houses, and it's in my front garden. I put it there to stop a certain stray cat from scratching the soil and using it as a toilet.
My Bella and other local cats use the hedgerows :)

14 Apr, 2019


lovely Hywel. that little blue bulb is probably puschkinia libanotica. Pale blue with a slightly darker blue stripe on the petals. I love it as it flowers towards the end of the bulb season.

hubby and I were in Wales last week visiting daughter and the weather was glorious. managed to get to a few nature reserves too. saw the same flutterbies that you have and the blue bells were just starting to colour up.

love the snakesheads they are such a delicate looking thing but so robust. I look forward to seeing the tamarisk in flower.

Bella looks content. hope you are both well too.

14 Apr, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl. Thanks for the name of those little bulbs, yes they have a stripe down the middle of the petals. I'll show the Tamarisk when it flowers.

Sadly Beryl's been through a rough patch lately and that's why I haven't been on for a while - couldn't concentrate on forums. But she's all right again now.

14 Apr, 2019


It's all looking splendid, even if the Ilex and Tamarisk are getting a bit too friendly and misbehaving. The Omphalodes is lovely, must get some of those. I have a soft spot for Celandines, I know a lot of people have trouble with them, I suppose my love of them is a childhood thing, but the few I have behave here. The Pulmonaria is lovely too and though Forsythia may be a plant frowned on by the fashion-gardening crowd, it certainly brightens up the Spring garden.

14 Apr, 2019


Glad to hear that Beryl is better again and Bella of course will do her own thing and pick the best spots for a bit of garden watching.

14 Apr, 2019


Lovely and reassuring to see a blog from you on here.
Your garden looks so good in the spring sunshine and the
Puschkinia looks very pretty in that delicate pot.
If your weather today is anything like it is here, that warm April sunshine will seem to be a distant memory!! Are you also staying indoors?!

14 Apr, 2019


Hello Hywel, Beryl and Bella! What a treat! I've enjoyed this blog immensely because we've had only 2 days of warm before yesterday and yesterday and the melt waters have the culvert running within a foot of the top! It happens so fast...but today they're telling us we will get am much as 40 mm of freezing rain! No warmth to be had, it seems. Have been out raking the bare spots! I'm so frustrated. It was great to see the muscari and all the shrubs blooming... hugs to Bella! <3

14 Apr, 2019


Wow! That's lovely Hywel.

14 Apr, 2019


Your garden looks lovely Hywel,and I love your prunus triloba, Just off to google it,see if I can squeeze one in.

14 Apr, 2019


Great selection of colours there Hywel :)

14 Apr, 2019


Everywhere is looking lovely Hywel and you have a lot of Clematis growing. For the first time in a long time, I have pots of Clematis growing on a fence and am pleased that they are doing well.
Its been very sunny here but a bitterly cold wind !
At least Bella looks warm and comfy !

14 Apr, 2019


You must have some really good earth Hywel, everything does so well for you, it doesn't seem long since you were sorting and planting up against the trellis and just look at them now, we also had those lovely warm day, its back to woolly jumpers now and central heating on early, for all that we really do need some rain, seems ages since it did, I even had the hosepipe out a few days ago, apart from filling up my bins near the g'houses, I don't expect to have to water all the garden in April, the tulips and primroses were going all floppy and wilting and I needed to water my new planted up area.
Oh nearly forget to say the Pulmonaria you sentlast year has doubled in size and full of flowers, it likes where I planted it, thanks Hywel...
Sorry to hear Beryl has been poorly again, hope she is alright now Hywel, take care both of you x.

14 Apr, 2019


Great blog Hywel garden looking good , Bella looking contented and glad Beryl is ok .

14 Apr, 2019


I was only thinking about you the other day. So I'm pleased to see you are all o'kay.
Your garden looks great with a lovely selection of plants.
Bella has a lovely cosy spot, it must be good to be a cat
Best Wishes

14 Apr, 2019


Lots of lovely plants to look at there Hywel. I love Pulmonaria and have masses of it around a pond. I was interested to see that you have just planted a Heuchera which you say has been waiting in a pot for some time. I only have 4 or 5 and I have just left them in pots - should I be planting them out? Always lovely to read your gardening news.

14 Apr, 2019


Very interesting blog again, Hywel! It's always great to see what you have flowering in your garden!

Although I'm not posting on here as much as I used to nor written any blogs this year - yet - (but maybe during the coming week?) I was thinking only a couple of days ago that you didn't seem to be as active as you used to be either. Now I know it was because Beryl was very well. I'm glad for you both that she is feeling better now! 😀

The weather has been very cold of late here & we have had several frosty nights during the last couple of weeks. The East/north-east wind has been very strong some days but this weekend it has calmed down though the temps have not increased. Fortunately it seems we are forecast a warm Easter weekend this year! I've had to wrap up many of my plants on the balcony with fleece! I hope I can take it off tomorrow & put it away till the winter!

14 Apr, 2019


Thanks for all your comments.

Honeysuckle, I like the Celendines in the garden, they seem to behave here too … well I pull lots of them up actually to stop them becoming a problem. The one in the photo has bronze leaves.
I'm pleased you like Forsythia. I don't follow any fashion. I like what I like and that's that lol :D

Wildrose it has been very cold here today and I have remained indoors.

Lori Bella said thanks for the hugs. I hope the weather warms up for you soon. Winter is long enough.

Thanks Darren, Callie, Sheila :)

Rose some Clematises grow well in pots. I have a few. I hope they do well for you.

Sue I'm pleased to hear about the Pulmonaria. It has been cold here today but we haven't had any frost. I hope you get some rain soon but not too much lol
Beryl is al right now thanks for asking.

Thanks Kidsgran and Marjorie :)

Ginellie, I bought the Heuchera last year but didn't get around to planting it, and it was still in the plastic pot from the garden centre. I don't think they mind being in pots though.

Balcony I hope the weather forecasters are right about the weather. It's too cold for April but we haven't had frost here so far.

14 Apr, 2019



14 Apr, 2019


Your garden looks wonderful Hywel your fence is looking lovely with the plants setting it off. Love that Omphalodes also Erithronium.

I am so pleased to hear Beryl is feeling better
Bella makes me smile she seems to find the best places to rest and I love the one of her in the conservatory. Hope you are well too Hywel. 😊 xx

15 Apr, 2019


Really lovely pictures Hywel! Very nice garden you have, lots of very pretty flowers and some wonderful shrubbery.

15 Apr, 2019


Thanks for all your comments …

Yes I am fine Thrupennybit thanks for asking :) x

15 Apr, 2019


That's good to hear Hyelwel 😊 xx

15 Apr, 2019


Glad that Beryl is feeling better again , I did wonder why we hadn't heard from you for a while, I thought perhaps you were just taking a break, which is sometimes a good thing. Your garden is looking nice. I like things like Forsythia as it makes such a bright splash of colour for such a long time, mine is just beginning to go over now.
All the other plants you've shown us are lovely too. Love the bright blue of the Omphaloides. Best wishes to you all, & roll on summer, just dying for everything to really get a move on, impatient, that's me, & tired of cold. Need a nice shower here tho'. the soil is dust on the surface & the birds are having sand baths in it!

16 Apr, 2019


Lovely to see photos from your garden again, sorry to hear Beryl has ben poorly hope all is well now.....
I cannot believe how fast your plants have climed up that trellis, it is all looking beautiful, as usual.....

16 Apr, 2019


Thank you all for your comments.

We had some rain a few days ago Feverfew, the first for a long time which is unusual for these parts.

Dottydaisy most of the plants were there before I had the trellises put up but they were supported with bean sticks and bits of wire :) Now they have the trellises and it looks better.

18 Apr, 2019


Glad to hear Beryl is better now and you are all well. Your garden is looking so good. My garden is bursting with colour as I planted it up as a Spring garden but yours always looks colourful regardless of the season. I have pots of seedlings and I was concerned that they would shrivel up and die so I filled a bath with water and gave them a good soak. I think this must be our summer.

25 Apr, 2019


Maybe we'll get another nice spell of weather in a while :)

25 Apr, 2019


We have had plenty of rain overnight and now I need to make sure none of the plants I was trying to give a good soaking are not drowning. I cannot win.

26 Apr, 2019


Rain here also :)

26 Apr, 2019


Hardly a drop here! Just a couple of brief showers! We could do with a soaking as it's been a while now since we last had any rain.

27 Apr, 2019


I hope you get some soon :) We didn't have much, and storm Hannah wasn't very stormy at all, just a brisk breeze ...

28 Apr, 2019

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