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Over the rooftops ...


By hywel


If Mary Poppins can fly over the rooftops, so can I, and I don’t need an umbrella :)

I must be honest though, it was only the garage roof,
and I didn’t actually fly …
but I did go over it …

I shall explain :)

I had an idea to have a raised bed in a rather messy and neglected part of the garden, so that I could grow some vegetables,
but there was a bunker there, so it had to be moved.

I use the bunker to store clay for my pottery wheel, so it didn’t matter where I moved it to,
and there was an empty space in front of the old garage,
so I thought I’d move the bunker there.


Now the bunker was situated in the garden, as you can see from the above photo,
and the place I wanted to put it was the other side of the garage.
There was not enough room to take it out along the side of the garage – it’s too narrow,
so I thought I’d dismantle the bunker and take it there in bits, and then reassemble it.

However this was easier said than done since the said bunker refused to be dismantled !
I tried my best to hit it in various places with a rubber mallet, but to no avail, it just refused to come apart :(

Very disappointing, and also annoying. How was I to get it the other side of the garage ?
If I didn’t move it I would not be able to have my raised bed, and the empty space in front of the garage would still be empty …

There was nothing for it but to take it over the roof,
and that’s what I did !
The doors came off easily and the rest of it was much lighter than it looks …
so I got a ladder and slid the bunker up it, on to the roof :D

Then I slid it across the roof …

Got to the other side …

Now to get it down …

Oops ! … the top fell off lol

Finally in place …

Doors and top back on …
and now it needs to be cleaned

The ‘wall’ looks a bit rickety, but nobody can see it, and it’s solid. That’s all that counts.

From the back …

Here’s the new space where I am to have a raised bed.
It’s in a mess now, after moving the bunker, but it will look better after it’s been tidied.

I don’t know when the raised bed will be built. I’ll have to get someone to do it for me (I’m no good with DIY)
but I’ll write a blog about it when it eventually gets done … :)

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Lol Hywel it was a brilliant idea you came up with where there s a will there is always a way taught to me by a Welsh teacher a Mr Tucker in the infants and junior school. It looks great where it is now.
You could get a few railway sleepers for your raised bed building it higher so you don't need to bend as much.

24 Apr, 2019


Hywel you are a wonder! Talk about living will definitely have earned your vegetables!

24 Apr, 2019


that is a job well done. glad you didn't fall off with it as that would have been painful. Look forward to seeing your raised bed.

24 Apr, 2019


Well done you!

24 Apr, 2019


Necessity being the Mother of invention, or in this case movement. It's amazing what can be done with enough willpower and plain bloody-mindedness. Hence the almost full size tree which was given to me as a 'garden feature' got moved today from the field to the back of the pond. About 8 ft long and a lot heavier than it looked, but once started and half heaved onto the flat truck, I was not going to be beaten and wait for OH to get home from work! Looks an ideal spot for a raised bed with plenty of light, I think the railway sleepers idea sound ideal.

24 Apr, 2019


Blimey, well done Hywel, quite a task you completed there, and all without falling off the roof or ladder yourself, well done... made me tired just reading about it. Looks like a lovely day in the photos though...

25 Apr, 2019


Oh Hywel. I had to laugh to see your antics. What a wonderful blog. I know I should be urging caution but sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do. Well done on your efforts. I look forward to seeing your raised bed.

25 Apr, 2019


The title of your blog was intriguing, Hywel! I couldn't have imagined anything further from the truth when I saw it!

I was expecting to see some amazing scenery from the room of your house or somewhere like that so when I started to read about moving a bunker I was most intrigued!

How you managed to get it up & over the garage made interesting reading! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself while performing the "exercise"! 👍🙂

Now you will be able to grow your own veg in that space the bunker has vacated!

25 Apr, 2019


Thank you all for reading my blog.
I could only do it because the bunker was quite light in weight, although it was rather awkward sliding it up the ladder on my own (couldn't be bothered to wait for help)

I have asked a local man to build the raised bed. I don't think I'd be able to get railway sleepers through the Perspex shelter and into the garden ... thanks for the suggestion though Thruppenybit :)

I'm pleased you could move the tree Honeysuckle ! and well done for doing it on your own. I don't like asking for help either.

26 Apr, 2019


Wow Hywel ! You did a good job there ! When the top fell off, I thought it was going to be in bits ! I will be looking out for your raised bed. You can buy them online as well.

27 Apr, 2019


Thanks I didn't know they could be bought on line. I could have tried to get one but I have arranged it with a local man now ... never mind :)

28 Apr, 2019


Well done Hywel. How on earth did you find the strength to get the bunker up and over the garage? Sheer willpower and brute force I reckon.. So please you managed it safely. The raised vegetable bed will be a great addition to your lovely garden.

28 Apr, 2019


Thank you Sheila, the bunker was quite light actually. I would not have managed it if it was heavy. Stubbornness and determination also played a part lol

28 Apr, 2019


Oh my goodness, whatever next? glad it worked out for you, looking forward to next instalment!!

28 Apr, 2019


Arglwydd, Hywel. You are a glutton for punishment. The old adrenaline must have been working overtime.
Anyway, all's well that ends well and I'm sure you will fill up that "empty space" very quickly.

28 Apr, 2019


We're a stubborn, determined lot we gardeners & always want to get on & get a job done without waiting for help, so glad you didn't do yourself a mischief, Hywel. Looking forward to the next instalment, better than TV!

29 Apr, 2019


That's a job well done Hywel ... so pleased you didn't hurt yourself in the process though! PM on the way to you ...

29 Apr, 2019


Thank you all :)

30 Apr, 2019


Well Hywel all that was done in true Taurus style, bloody-mindedness comes to mind, being one myself I understand that fully, just wasn't going to let it beat you that was pretty obvious, you did well and I 'm pleased you didn't hurt yourself, bet you had a few aches later though. Looks a good space and I hope you get your raised bed sorted soon then you'll be well away growing your veggies, the bunker looks good where it is so all in all that can be classed as a success yet again, btw the little garden is also doing well at the back of your garage, that was also a very good idea.... Take care Hywel.x

3 May, 2019


Thank you :) x

5 May, 2019

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