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A strange thing ...


By hywel


I’ve recently seen a few dead bees on some flowers in my garden.
First of all I saw one stuck to the stamens in the centre of a Clematis flower. Then I saw two more, on different Clematises.

On another day I found a dead bee on a Geranium flower and then another one on a Veronica flower.

With some of the bees there was a white spider – a pearly white coloured spider. I’ve seen them before but never knew they spun webs on flowers to catch bees.

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That's bad news Hywel. I've not seen anything like that but will keep a look out. (Given you a like for the warning, not for the dead bees...)

4 Jun, 2019


Oo-er!! I know its natures way but doesn't that sound gruesome, I've never seen anything like that either. I read up on them but didn't look at any photo's or watch any of the video's, not that brave, lol...

4 Jun, 2019


Thank you both.

Lincslass I hadn't thought of looking at a video before you mentioned it so I just did, it was horrible, and if I see any more of those spiders in my garden I will kill them !

4 Jun, 2019


White crab spider (misumena vatia) look like the fella?
Don't kill them though. If it is that one apparently they can change colour to yellow according to their hunting area.

4 Jun, 2019


please don't kill them, they eat all sorts of pests and have been known to take young slugs. They don't usually spin webs they just sit with their legs poised like traps. Good ambush killers. they inject digestive juices then 'drink' their prey. they can also be pinky in colour, though that is quite rare. my youngest has taken lots of photos of them as she is looking at their interactions as part of her thesis.

lots of bees just die as they have outlived their short life span. also if caught out in the rain they can die of the cold and wet.

4 Jun, 2019


I am getting drowsy bees I put sugar wate out.
Does your council spray insecticide to kill the weeds growing on the pavements and sides like ours do Hywel
I recall around 2017 Wales in Angelsea killed 1500 of honey bees thinking they were wasps.

5 Jun, 2019


I have put one of Victoria's photos of this crab spider in my photo section if you want to see what it looks like. it is on an oxeye daisy.

5 Jun, 2019


I was brave and had a peep, I wouldn't kill them I just steer clear, I'm okay if I know where they are, not keen on them in my house, especially the big ones that visit when autumn comes, I collect fresh conkers every year and believe me that trick does work....

5 Jun, 2019


Linda I must do this, spiders freak me out!! Hywel that's not good, dead beds, have you asked the internet?

7 Jun, 2019


Interesting blog. Hadn't heard of them before, great photo Sbg, I think it's quite an attractive spider, I don't have them in my garden.

10 Jun, 2019

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