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Improvements ... beofre and after.


By hywel


At the bottom of my garden I had two mini greenhouses that were just balancing on some old bricks placed on the ground, and I was always afraid they would topple over.
I also have a walk-in mini greenhouse which I bought (reduced in price) three years ago, but never put it up because I had no base for it …

I also wanted a raised bed where I can grow some small vegetables,
so I decided to ask someone to construct one for me, and also two wooden bases where I could put these mini greenhouses.

Here are the two mini greenhouses as they were, balancing on some bricks …

And here they are now, placed securely on a nice wooden base :-

Behind them you can see the side of next door’s shed. It looks tall because we are on a hill and that garden is higher up than mine.


Here is the old vegetable plot. It is only small but I could grow a few salad things in it.
It was in a mess because I had been dumping things there :-

Here’s the new raised bed now in that space :-

The plants you can see inside it were growing around the edges and had to be moved during construction. I’ll be replanting them somewhere when I can get around to it.


Here’s the space where I want to put the ‘new’ walk-in mini greenhouse … what a mess it was in ! :(

In the background you can see part of a Perspex shelter which continues along the side of the garage. I use it to grow cuttings etc and for overwintering plants that need a bit of protection.

And here’s the wooden base that was constructed in that space, ready for the mini greenhouse :-

It has been inspected and got the seal of approval ! :)

Here’s the walk-in greenhouse now erected on the new base :-

I will have to make a little path leading up to it, but at the moment there are some shrubs in the way and I don’t want to disturb them until the autumn,
also there’s a row of peas there which I don’t want to spoil …

All around the raised bed and greenhouses needs tidying now but it will have to wait until we get some dryer weather … which I hope will be soon.

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You have certainly been busy, the raised veg bed certainly looks good and the greenhouses, all three, will make it easier (and safer) to keep things going. One question, where did you get the dry weather to have it done?

18 Jun, 2019


They are perfect 'before and after' photos - well done. Really shows what can be done to tidy things up - I should probably take note - ha!

18 Jun, 2019


You really are having a change about this year Hywel!! all great improvements, and I am sure you will be pleased with the results, I love before and after photos!! (✿ ♡‿♡)

18 Jun, 2019


Haha Hywel - and what have you been doing in your spare time??? You are making a grand transformation there - with you it's the plants that get the decking, not the people, and quite right too. Keeping fingers crossed for some dryer weather for you. Agree before and after photos are so interesting and these show how hard you've been working, Hope it all does well for you. Bella is pleased and that's a good start!
(But as the sort of gardener myself that has dumping corners I'm hoping you have room for one somewhere else...)

18 Jun, 2019


Bella looks like a very competent Building Control Officer. I am glad it meets with her approval. You are certainly doing a lot of work to get your garden the way you want it. The veg plot is now at a much better height to work on. There is nothing beats home grown veg. I like what you have done to tidy up the small greenhouses and the walk in one will be great to work in when the weather is not so good. I seem to take one step forward and two back but my son and my nephew have both offered to do some work for me that is too small for a handyman and too big for a gardener on his own. I am determined to clear out excess stuff both inside and outside the house. I have the old lawnmower in the car waiting to go to the tip. I do love to see the space I can recover and use. I bought new shelves for the greenhouse. The old plastic ones were starting to disintegrate but I cannot get the slot together stuff to work. Grrrr!! why do they make it sound so easy on the packaging and impossible for idiots like me. I have had them too long to return so it looks like they will be recycled.

18 Jun, 2019


Really interesting pics and blog, Hywel. Love the new raised wood bed - nice pic with the spade/fork in. You've done a grand job. It'll definitely be worthwhile.
Meant to add..beautiful cat too, is she your apprentice!

18 Jun, 2019


Scotsgran, don't ditch the shelves - do put them on Freecycle as somebody will be glad of them.

18 Jun, 2019


Thank you all for your comments.

Honeysuckle we haven't had such bad weather here as in some parts of eastern England. The day the man came to do the work (last Saturday) was beautiful.

Sunnydais I hope I have inspired you :)

Dottydaisy yes I have been able to make a lot of changes this year. I hope to do more, but we'll have to see how it goes.

Steragram in this garden humans don't count, only Bella and the plants ... in that order :D
I agree about Scotsgran's shelves.

Scotsgran, I also feel as if I'm taking the same steps as you. It's never ending and I often can't keep up with things.
I hope you can sort out the things you want to get rid of. That's something I will never be able to do.

Kate, Bella is in charge of everything here. She just says Meow and gets anything she wants :D

18 Jun, 2019


Those areas look far more better and looks easy to keep organised Hywel love the new veg bed you had made it looks a treat your hard work now will reward you later.

18 Jun, 2019


Hywel, the things you have achieved in your garden are really inspiring and you must have been very busy out there just lately!

A project in the garden is so rewarding when it has been completed successfully.

You must be really thrilled with the results.

18 Jun, 2019


Steragram nothing gets thrown in the tip unless it is totally beyond repair. There are plenty of charities who can use most of what is termed as rubbish. I have not investigated up here but in Wiltshire the local charity shops and Chest Heart and Stroke collection service were grateful for a house full of stuff we could not find room for here. The collectors came and took furniture and white goods. They employ tradesmen to service, clean or repair donated items and are very grateful for donations. the goods are sold in their shops for reasonable prices or donated to needy folk.

18 Jun, 2019


You have made some really great changes in the garden Hywel. It looks so tidy and organised now. You must feel better for it. I like the new hard standings which will be safer for you. We are planning to move the steps that are beside the pond further away since I fell into the pond from them last week!!!

19 Jun, 2019


Wow Hywel you sure are getting sorted this year, so much better for you now and as you say all are safer, Bella thinks your pal has done a grand job just right for her sunbathing, lol...

19 Jun, 2019


Thanks for all your comments.
Yes it is safer and better but there's still a lot of tidying to do and some plants can't be moved until the autumn.

I hope you can move the steps Homebird, it will be safer for you.

19 Jun, 2019


Nice to see your still busy in your garden Hywel looks good and a few changes.

19 Jun, 2019


Hi Sandra ! You've been gone a long time ... I hope all is well with you.
I come on here quite often but sometimes I miss a few weeks.

20 Jun, 2019


Hi Hywel all good thankyou, yes has been a long time but going to try though I know I can't get through everyone's.
Hope your well to Hywel :)

20 Jun, 2019


Hywel, I can only agree with all the comments on the changes in your garden, looking safer for you. Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day so do a little now and again.

20 Jun, 2019


Well done with all the changes you have made sometimes you just have make decisions and go for it . as the saying goes the doing is easier than the thinking about it 🙂

20 Jun, 2019


Thank you all ...

23 Jun, 2019


Always like your before & after blogs Hywel & the fact that you are not averse to showing the messy bits ( which I'm sure we all have). Cats of course must always be asked if they approve of any changes.

24 Jun, 2019


I have more messy bits than tidy ones :D

25 Jun, 2019

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