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By hywel


I have been making the most of the spring sunshine by doing some work in the garden …
I have tidied my raised bed ready for sowing some vegetables in it.

… and I have been pruning some Clematises (the others still to do)

I cut my finger with the secateurs so had to stop for a while :(

I watered my Fuchsias and succulents for the first time since October,
and I propped up a bowing post in a Perspex shelter because I had to bend to get under it when going in there.

It had bowed so much that I had to knock the wood with a mallet to get it under the post.

The area around the raised bed needs tidying now and so does the inside of the Perspex shelter, but the weather is said to remain fine for a while so I’m hoping to get a few things done.

Tomorrow I also hope to sow a few seeds :)

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lovely stuff Hywel. good progress coming on there . have my fuchsias ready for later. Nice raised bed there . Nice to be out there in the lovely sunshine . Hope finger is okay !

24 Mar, 2020


I too hope your finger has nt had to much damage sound painful Hywel. You ll get a lot of veg in that raised bed which you ve tidied nicely. Your perspect shed looks great even though it sagged and needs a tidy I wish I had one. It's nice getting out in the sun I was told today I cant go out in my garden so lucky I took photos before .
My Fuchsias have been out all winter and most are still going . I shall be looking forward to seeing the progress of your seeds . I hope Bella is enjiy the sun too. xxx

25 Mar, 2020


Yes, it’s wonderful to be making the most of this lovely weather. I’ve been sowing seeds too: some in the greenhouse, but throwing ox-eye daisy and gypsophila around the garden, which I than had to water. Maybe I was a bit optimistic as it will be cold again next week ,,,

Good luck with your seeds.

25 Mar, 2020


Thank you all …
My finger is all right but it is sometimes difficult seeing to things that need holding.

Paul I hope you enjoy your Fuchsias. I didn't know you had any.

Thrupenybit I'm sorry you can't get out to your garden. It must feel awful to be confined inside the house all the time.

Sheila I think it was a good idea to scatter some seeds. They'll look lovely in the summer. I find random sowing easier to look at than something planned and regimented :)

25 Mar, 2020


It is Hywel and thank you xxx

25 Mar, 2020


Thank you Hywel , I bought some plug plant trailing ones, inside at the moment

25 Mar, 2020


Great stuff Hywel! But for a minute I sat wondering what bowing post was - (senility is a terrible thing...)Really looking forward to seeing what you grow in your raised bed. It looks very inviting.I just rang our local nursery and they are totally snowed under with enquiries and orders (which will have to be posted or picked up at the gate) What are you planning to grow?

26 Mar, 2020


I'm going to grow some salad vegetables in it, and maybe start off some Wallflowers and Bellis for next year.

26 Mar, 2020


Lots of work done, Hywel, while the sun shines! Isn't that post going to be a nuisance for you as you go in & out of the shelter?

I've also been able to do a few things on the balcony during this sunny weather. But all change again this weekend - & I don't just mean putting the clocks forward an hour again! :(

27 Mar, 2020


It was a good few days to get active in the garden and you have been really busy. Our veg' patch would be much better as raised beds and much easier to manage.

Good luck with all your seeds.

Weather is not going to be as encouraging next week but we will all try to make the best of it I'm sure. Take care.

28 Mar, 2020

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