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By hywel


Please does anyone know how to block ads on microsoft edge windows 10 ???
I do not want to be bombarded with information about benefits for seniors,
and I do not want to plan my funeral,
and I am not interesting in dating
neither am I interested in women’s clothes …
but all I see are constant flashing adverts for these things, and it’s getting on my nerves.

I’ve tried ignoring them but they flash in and out all the time and it is very annoying.

I have tried to follow instructions I saw after doing a search but it doesn’t work.
Please can someone help me before I go mad.

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I know just how you feel Hywel. I have also tried to block these ads without success I'm afraid.

26 Jun, 2020


We have installed Adblocker Plus and we never see any ads at all. Hope this helps.

26 Jun, 2020


I have Adblocker Plus too Stera, having been recommended it by someone on this site. I am no technical Wizz, so it must be simple to install and I never see any ads either - Joy!

26 Jun, 2020


Thanks for your comments. I had adblocker plus when I had internet explorer and windows 7, but when I had windows 10 installed they also gave me microsoft edge (whatever that is !) and I don't think adblocker plus works on that.
I may try to install it and see what happens ...

26 Jun, 2020


I have Windows 10 Hywel and I couldn't get Adblocker to work. Let me know if you cracking it.

26 Jun, 2020


I don't have Windows, but I did enjoy your rueful comments about all the irritating adverts. I don't respond positively to reminders of my increasing decrepitude, but they haven't worked that one out, have they??

26 Jun, 2020


I use ad blocker, W10, but use Firefox browser not Edge

If you want one that automatically blocks and stops snooping try Brave browser. I use it at times, block ads but if you want [who would?] you can opt in to some ads

27 Jun, 2020


I don't use the MS Edge on here Hywel but Firefox with Adblocker Plus. Nothing to see here (no ads).

27 Jun, 2020


I just Googled it Hywel and the claim is that M.Edge does work well on Windows 10. Hope its successful for you - those ads drive you crazy!

27 Jun, 2020


Thank you all for commenting …

Thanks Grandad gardener, I'll try Brave browser to see what happens.

Thanks Thorneyside, I don't know if I should try Firefox, I am clueless when it comes to technology.

Thank you Steragram, I'll see if I can get it to download (or whatever the word is !)

27 Jun, 2020


They get on my nerves also, mine is a new laptop so in all truth I haven't tried blocking them , now I'll give it a go, thanks all....

29 Jun, 2020


I can't be bothered with it, I've gone back to using whatever I was using before ... can't remember the name of it ... I haven't got the patience !

29 Jun, 2020


sadly tried to but can't - can't stand them either. Also Facebook asks me about dating women near me even though site states I am with someone .

4 Jul, 2020


FernF, if you use FB on a PC, try adding FB Purity, lets you sort FB to what you want, including killing ads and having posts in date / time order and not as Mark Z thinks is good for you

Unfortunately not yet available for mobiles

5 Jul, 2020


thank you

5 Jul, 2020


Can't believe it ! all ads gone,thank you so much Grandad g..just installed Ad blocker via fbpurity..and I've been trying for weeks..I used to be with Firefox,but now with Google Chrome..I kept getting a message to 'click here to get Adblocker, on each site I visited,and it just never worked,but this did ! yay..Your help is very much appreciated..give it a try Hywel,and Julia.. :o)

5 Jul, 2020


Nice to hear it worked for you Bloomer, makes browsing much more civilised minus ads.

If you've FF you may also like an overlay remover, you know when a cookies notice pops up? It's an add on with FF

"Some websites will use an overlay to mask its content with a transparent background to force you to read a message before you can see the actual content.

I find this very annoying as every site will have a different way to close that overlay popup.

This extension solves this problem by offering you one button to close any overlay on any website you may ever encounter."

Works for a lot but not all

6 Jul, 2020


I've been using FF for many years now together with Adblocker + & Ghostery & Ublock & they block ALL the ads & I never see any. It's overkill perhaps but I'm ad free wherever I browse!

My wife doesn't like to use them as they block her favourite TV channel from Spain. It won't work at all unless the adblockers are disabled!

23 Jul, 2020


Thanks for everyone's comments, I have been able to download an adblocker that works, so no more ads for funeral planning, no more singles dating sites and no more women's clothes :) I can breathe again !

I hope your wife has a computer where she can see her favourite tv channel Balcony.

24 Jul, 2020


Glad to hear you have found one that works for you too,Hywel..The one I installed is still doing it's job,as well..Isn't it just lovely not to see all those that you mentioned ? :o) x

24 Jul, 2020


Hywel, it's the adblockers that stop her seeing her favourite TV shows from Spain on the Internet - not the computer. I have had to disable them for the programmes she wants to watch!

Glad you don't see the ads any longer! :) What adblocker did you find that works for you?

24 Jul, 2020


Yes it's nice not to be pestered with unsuitable ads Sandra, I'm glad you don't see any either :) x

I know it's the adblocker that stops your wife seeing her program Balcony, but I was saying I hope she has a computer with no adblocker.
The one I've got is called AdblockPlus.

24 Jul, 2020


That's what I've got on my laptop Hywel and I don't have any problems with ads anymore. Had it a couple of years and it makes such a difference.

25 Jul, 2020


That's good :)

26 Jul, 2020


That's the one I referred to when I just said Adblocker. I have three adblocker programmes in my Firefox browser! FF itself also does a fairly good job at blocking them!

Hywel, a new (or different computer) is not necessary, you just download an adblocker (like you have done) that becomes a part of your browser so it works silently in the background & you never realise it's there - except it blocks the ads from loading! :)

I no longer use Microsoft browsers & haven't done so since I discovered Firefox many years ago! I did use Chrome for a very short time but went back to Firefox.

26 Jul, 2020


I've got microsoft, the man in the computer shop advised it. I understand nothing about computers.

26 Jul, 2020

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