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December flowers 2020


By hywel


There’s hardly anything worth seeing in my garden now but I did take these photos yesterday afternoon, and even though they are not very good quality I thought I’d show them to you …

I found a few buds on my Iceberg rose in a pot by the front door :-

Cyclamen coum in a ‘winter’ pot by the front door :-

I was surprised by this Lysimachia flos-cuculi with some pretty flowers :-

A Marguerite overwintering inside a perspex shelter – it should be pink but maybe the time of year alters the colour :-

In my conservatory I have lovely flowers on my Euphorbia milii :-

And my Crassula rupestris flowers every winter :-

I have many bulbs coming up already, and maybe we’ll have a nice spring.
It’s the winter solstice soon and I will be glad to see the days getting longer in January :)

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I've got the odd rose still flowering too Hywel. Your Crassula is a little cracker.

21 Dec, 2020


First thing my daughter said this morning 'days start getting longer from today are we going to make buns?'.
when they were little they often baked cup cakes to welcome the solstice. They had studied it in school and liked the idea of our ancestors having a big party.

I too have iceberg buds Hywel, it is a wonderful rose isn't it.

Some plants are determined to put on a show no matter what. thank you for sharing.

21 Dec, 2020


very nice Hywel , your plants always thrive well . Indeed I look forward to the longer days - this time of year my back in pretty much shade all day

21 Dec, 2020


The Marguerite is lovely - no matter what colour Hywel! It is almost as dark as night here and it's only 12.30 lunchtime - looks like more rain on the way . . . :o(

21 Dec, 2020


all the outside lights, that work on a dusk sensor have been on all day, it is so dull here with that nasty thin biting rain. As the Scots would say 'dreich' [sorry of that is spelt incorrectly].

21 Dec, 2020


All the outside flowers are lovely to have, but the crassula and euphorbia are fascinating plants. I don't know them, so thank you for showing.

21 Dec, 2020


Lovely Hywel. Yes, very much looking forward to longer days! x

21 Dec, 2020


Thank you for showing your confused flowers, it's been a funny old year.

21 Dec, 2020


My garden still looks like summer Hywel with Delphiniums , Alstromerias and Achillea Gold Plate making another showing!
Best wishes for Christmas and New Year and hope you are keeping well! xx

21 Dec, 2020


Its lovely to see some flowers Hywel, the constant rain has finished mine off now except for my Iceberg and some native primroses, its been a right dark and dismal day, was a relief to shut the blinds......

21 Dec, 2020


You have a good lot there considering its nearly Christmas Hywel. I just have the remains of two roses... but two bowls of Iris Reticulata are showing promise .
It doesn't seem long since you were writing abut planting that rose and the Cyclamen - how time flies!

21 Dec, 2020


Thank you Thorneyside, I had a few more roses last week but we had one frosty morning and it killed them all. I'm glad you still have some :)

Interesting about the buns Eileen, I've never heard that before.

Shirley and Eileen and Sheila It's been like night time here all day today. I don't mind rain but I will be happy when the days get longer.

The Crassula flowers every winter Anget and the Euphorbia never stops. it is very thorny !

My garden also has a lot of shade in winter Paul, even though it faces west, the fences etc block it out. Roll on soring.

They do seem a bit confused Siris, especially the Marguerite.

I'm glad your garden is still like Summer Rose, we get a lot of rain and wind here and I think that's why things don't last so long.

Sue (L) my garden is the same, I love Primroses and have lots in a shelter, I am hoping they will give a nice show in the spring.

Sue (Y) The plants in the winter tubs and the rose have settled in well, I think they enjoy the shelter of the wall.

21 Dec, 2020


Plenty of colour going on hywell, love the Crassula , wishing you a happy Xmas and a happy new year.

22 Dec, 2020


Thank you Julien, The same to you .

22 Dec, 2020


Would love to have any of those flowering in my garden at the moment beautiful .

23 Dec, 2020


Nice to have a bit of colour so late in the year. I will be glad to see an end to all this rain, cold & sunny would be better. Best wishes Thor Christmas & let's hope for good gardening in 2021.

23 Dec, 2020


Thank you Kidsgran.

Thank you Feverfew, yes I am hoping for some nice gardening weather to come.
But I must say I don't cope well with cold temperatures - it gives me aches and pains and headaches, I prefer it mild and wet, or preferably warm and sunny :)

23 Dec, 2020


Hope you managed to have a fairly good Christmas, Hywel.

Lovely to see you have some flowers! I have 100s of Viola flowers outside on the balcony, they have done me proud! I didn't expect to get such a lovely display so soon after planting them. Must be down to the few warmer weeks we had after I planted them up.

The last few weeks they have spent more time in the interior of the balcony than on the railings due to all the heavy rain we have had.

27 Dec, 2020


Thank you Balcony.
I'm glad you have Violas, I have never had much success with them. I hope your rain eases off so that they can enjoy being on the railings again.

28 Dec, 2020

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