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By hywel


I recently joined an art group in a local town, and I’ve been going on a Tuesday afternoon.
There’s no teacher there, you just do whatever you want.

The members are very friendly and help and encourage each other.
You have coffee and biscuits as soon as you get there, and more coffee and biscuits later on lol (but I don’t always have the 2nd cup)

Some of the members are very good artists and sell their work in local shops and on line.

As well as the Tuesday class there’s one on a Monday morning, where you can learn how to do portraits, and I decided to join them as well as going on a Tuesday.
It is taken by a man who’s an artist in his own rite and exhibits and sells his work.

I’ve only been going for a month so I’m just learning but I’ve done these two portraits -

The first one is done from a picture, by following the squares (easier said than done !)
And I did it on rough watercolour paper – bad choice because you can’t shade properly with a pencil on such paper :-

The second one I did on smoother paper, and it is done free-hand.
It’s of the ‘instructor’ himself, he’s called Andy and he ‘posed’ for us … but he wouldn’t keep still lol :-

They’re not perfect and I can see lots of mistakes and places where they can be improved, but Andy is quite pleased with my progress so far, and I am enjoying the classes more than I thought I would :)

Only 5 of us attend the portrait class and they’re a friendly group of people. It’s a lovely way to start the week.

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Hywel, your portraits are excellent and the class/teacher sounds just right for you.Look forward to seeing more.

20 Jun, 2024


You have a great talent Hywel and I am glad to hear that you decided to keep it alive and enjoying it.

20 Jun, 2024


That’s amazing Hywel, they’re so good. I can’t believe that you did each one in just a morning!

20 Jun, 2024


Thank you all,
the first one took two mornings Sheila, it was a slow process following the squares, and I seldom got it right first time. I prefer doing a drawing free hand.

20 Jun, 2024


Congratulations, Hywel! Your drawings are very good! I can't even draw a recognisable matchstick man! My grandkids laugh at my attempts to draw practically anything! 🤣

20 Jun, 2024


Well that's one way of keeping them amused :) You could have a competition to see who can draw the funniest matchstick man ... it's good to have a laugh :D
Thanks for your comment :)

21 Jun, 2024


I agree with all the above Hywel, they are amazing, its lovely joining a friendly group , and enjoying their company while doing your art.

21 Jun, 2024


Thanks Callie :)

21 Jun, 2024


You must be enjoying the class, your portraits are really good! The first one, especially, is really excellent!
I haven't really painted or sketched properly since A level Art! (1988)

21 Jun, 2024


Good for you Hywel, getting out & joining these classes. It takes an effort I reckon to do that, before even starting on the art work. Both of your efforts look good to me. I’m glad you are enjoying the company as well.

21 Jun, 2024


Thank you Kate :)
Maybe you'll pick it up again one day ...
I wish I'd done A level art but I was afraid to say so at the time - I lived with a scientific family on my dad's side and a snobbish family on my mother's side - I wasn't like any of them and they were hopeless for any encouragement or support.

Thank you Feverfew :)
Since Beryl died I had become rather a recluse and it was getting me down but now I feel part of the world again.

21 Jun, 2024


Oh,Hywel that's sad to hear...your new found interest has become a saving grace for you...death affects people in so many different good you are on the up!

22 Jun, 2024


Thank you Julia :)

23 Jun, 2024


I'm sorry to hear this, Hywel. Sometimes our parents direct us in a way they think best..Sometimes it isn't the right thing and other times it is.
I did love my A level art class, such an eclectic mix of people and teachers. I passed with a Batik piece and we had to do quite an essay on the history of art too. Good times!
I'm pleased to hear you're finding that your back enjoying life and your interests again, it must have been so very difficult after Beryl passed. People heal at different times and you have to do what feels right for you x

23 Jun, 2024


Thanks you Kate, and I'm glad you remember your A level class with fondness :)

23 Jun, 2024


Didn't do the 'A' level, but I remember my 'O' level Art with fondness! I was lucky to be studying at college, and the course included pen and wash, weaving and pottery. Great fun!

24 Jun, 2024


Glad you've met a friendly bunch, Hywel. I'm sure artists have a lot in common with gardeners. Gardening is a form of self-expression, too, and we learn by bouncing ideas and techniques off one another. I started a watercolour class a few years ago and would love to find a similar group here. No luck so far.

25 Jun, 2024


Thank you all ,

I hope you can find a group to join Angelat, it's the best thing I've done.

26 Jun, 2024

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