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January 2023


in a cold but sunny spell. Temps are sub zero for so long soil is like concrete

front garden – not too keen being out here , as lovely as people are in road still feel shy lol

Whipcord conifer

Hebe – can’t remember exact variety

nice small dwarf pine – Expensive!!!

Yews – although don’t do a great deal – one of my favourite trees

dwarf pine

Pinus “Thunderhead”

Pine Mugo Mops – goes green in summer – yellow winter

ellwoodii – one of my childhood favs

Outdoor Bonsai , starting collection (Back garden)

The bigger Sequoia Pendulum – horse looking , or dinosaur :D

The very rapid growing eucalyptus gunnii

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I love your colourful shingle Paul, and your bonsai look great too 🙂.

21 Jan, 2023


Thank you Sheila

21 Jan, 2023


You have such interesting and structural conifers, Paul, they look like good choices. I, too, like yew. I think the old 'pagan' plants are part of folk history: yew, holly, ivy and rowan. I wouldn't be without them in the garden. I like your various pines very much and would like some myself. (I need a bigger garden and more energy!)

21 Jan, 2023


Love your evergreens and bonsai too, Paul. You've always had a great imagination when it comes to alternative gardening!
We had a eucalyptus tree, which OH's Dad bought us about 20 years ago. It was so big, we used walkie talkies to communicate when OH was up top pruning. We chopped it down about 7 years ago roughly. The pigeons were sat in it pooping down all the time. Plus it overwhelmed our small garden. I wished we'd pruned it regularly and maintained it at a manageable size, 6 foot preferably!😄

22 Jan, 2023


Thank you Ange , we also have a mini garden just trying to cram as much in as possible lol . Yes we also have a rowan and Holly . Also I have a love for ivy

Thank you Kate , yes eucalyptus grow in about 7 years to a huge height , Funny of being on walkie talkies :D As for pigeons, I love birds excpet pigeons, big bullying flappy messy things .
Lovely comment thank you :) - I not sure how big I want mine yet , I use a brush to pull down the tree at minute, can't do it for long I bet when trunk gets thick . I want a woodland in a small area

22 Jan, 2023


That's better Paul, you sound more cheerful now, told you it would pass, I smiled at your being shy comment, I envy you the Bonsai Trees, that's something I've always longed to do but only tried once, poor tree didn't last long I'm afraid, someone on here grows them or used to, I think it might be Sheilabub, I'm going to check to see if I can find out.. I'd like a woodland area and have often in recent years considered taking away the raised bed at the bottom of the garden where its shady, create a meandering pathway at the back of the bottom pond, even considered planting my Acers into the ground, then I remember the reason the lawn is there in the first place, its solid clay down there so sanity prevails, plus my age and I don't even try, lol, I created my stumpery instead....

22 Jan, 2023


I’ve never seen bonsai pots like yours Paul - do they come from a specialist nursery? Look good for drainage 🙂.

22 Jan, 2023


Lovely collection of evergreens Paul. Love them all.
I think that a bonsai garden (collection) would fit your garden wonderfully. There are quite few of them already. Is that a rhododendron in front if it? (in the picture) My favourite theme right now: conifers and rhododendrons.

22 Jan, 2023


Thanks Lincslass - yes it's the constant dark and cold that ruins garden , gets me frustrated each year , plus today I found my nightmare - vine weevil chafers gain , god I hate those things

I love stumpery themes , mixed with ferns I want to do , raised beds are a great addition , I do these for beans or bedding annuals

Hi Sheila Thank you :), there from Dobbies - pricey - £12.99, for small, £24.99 larger

Thanks Klahanie , yes a rhododendron - really shaped well this one , I also love these two plants. I'd have every conifer in world if I could

22 Jan, 2023


You seem better now Paul, I am also now that the freezing weather has got milder. It's still January but it's mild so it's all right.

You've got a nice lot of evergreens in your garden :)

22 Jan, 2023


Thanks Paul, I’ll have a look …

22 Jan, 2023


Indeed Hywel , some frost is good but not when it carries on and on . I couldn't even move rocks until I poured warm water on them lol , everything glued down with ice

23 Jan, 2023


I love all of your evergreens and your bonsai Paul.
Did you make all those concrete pots? They are brilliant!

24 Jan, 2023


Thanks Rose , no - have tried before though lol but they weren't great :D

24 Jan, 2023

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