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Suggestions please for short Fern leaved edging plants to edge my fernery. I have Fern leaved Corydalis but they don't really like being in the shade & struggle. Thanks.



You could stick with ferns and have spleenworts. There are several.

3 Jun, 2019


Thanks for your reply Sg but I am not having much luck in finding them. I have Aspleniums & also The maidenhair Fern, but I want something that stays short & compact. Couldn't track them down on GoY or online.

4 Jun, 2019


Sorry about that. I have only seen them in the wild - they grow in nooks and crannies, old stone walls etc.

Put Buy spleenwort into Google - i found several suppliers.

4 Jun, 2019


I know the one you mean Sg. I tried taking one from the wild once ( naughty) but it didn't take. There were millions of maidenhair Spleenworts growing all over the walls in the Lake Distict. I am going to have a look in the Wisley G C. next time I go, they might stock them or something else which would do. Saxifrages seem to grow anywhere, even in the shade, & cover edging stones nicely.
Thanks for your suggestions.

5 Jun, 2019

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