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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I have a Ceratostigma in a small pot. I know it is hardy but since it is in a small pot I am wondering if I should I put it in a cold frame for the winter, or will it be all right on the patio. My cold frame is becoming rather full !



They are tough as old boots, I leave mine in situ as you know they die back to completely nothing and always come back, however with most of my pots if we were to get a severe prolonged cold spell then I move them to a sheltered position just as a caution, could you put it in the ground as they would do far better ? on the allotment they are in the ground and carpet part of the pathway, here in the woodland garden I have them potted so I can move them into the sun.

16 Nov, 2019


Thanks, I may leave it where it is for now and put it in more shelter if the weather gets severe.
I can't plant it in the ground yet because I don't know where to put it. I will be rearranging my garden in the spring and may find a spot for it then.

16 Nov, 2019


Perhaps you might sink the pot into the ground and get the best of both worlds? Then it would be easy to move later.

16 Nov, 2019


I could do that Sue but the only place I could do it at the moment is my new raised bed, and since that is elevated from the ground I don't think it would be very protected there. I suppose it will be all right if I put it inside an old Perspex shelter if the weather gets severe.

17 Nov, 2019

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