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Anyone suffering from something. (May be rats)digging up bulbs in garden,!



Squirrels are the common culprits for bulb digging, I've given up with crocus because of this

13 Jan, 2020


squirrels are the most likely unless you know there are badgers in the area.

I protect bulbs by placing some chicken wire over the bulbs but 2" of soil over them.

13 Jan, 2020


How strange! I never had an issue with the squirrels. Could it be due to the plentiful oaks and nut bearing trees in my area? They have no need to dig up tulip bulbs? I see the occasional turf war break out among the squirrels. They can be quite nasty and sometimes I'll find a dead squirrel that has fallen - - or was he thrown out or the tree?

13 Jan, 2020


I haven't seen any squirrels for ages but still have the odd bulb dug up, So far this year a crocus and a tulip so that's getting off lightly!

14 Jan, 2020

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