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Planted alliums in pots last year .disapointed by the huge leaves which overtook the pot .is this normal for these bulbs. Thanks for replies.



Do you know which allium it was?

Purple sensation and A cristophii types usually get the leaves first and then as they die back in May the flowers rise above the yellowing foliage. The little yellow A moly golden garlic tend to have flowers and leaves at the same time.
some of the white ones A karvensis[?]seem to have large flat ground hugging leaves with flowers at the same time.

did you not get any flowers? how many were in the pot and how big was the pot. alliums usually form next year's flower this year.

10 Aug, 2020


As Sbg says, if I were planting one of the larger flowered Alliums in a pot, I would make it a medium big pot, about 30 cm wide and tall for one or two bulbs. Also, I am in charge of purchasing the bulbs for a nursery, and I haven't been able to get blooming sized bulbs for the larger species for the last 6 or 7 years. They have to grow on for a year or two, and the customers aren't happy about that!

11 Aug, 2020

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