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Amaryllis. My white Xmas A. has finished flowering & the leaves are growing, however it is in a small pot & the roots are very confined, they are growing out of the pot at the top & the bottom. Should I pot it on? I would like to keep it.



Balcony has some really useful info on how to look after them all year round. If you can't find his blog just send him a PM. But as its so confined you should be safe to pot it on .Good luck with not damaging the roots!

17 Jan, 2022


yes I would pot it on too.

17 Jan, 2022


Thank you for your replies. I will do it today. I think I will warm the icy cold co post up a bit first.

19 Jan, 2022


good idea or it will be like sitting bare bottomed on the soil.

19 Jan, 2022


Sorry, FF, I've only just seen your question - not bad 8 months on!

It was indeed probably the best thing you could have done at the time. You should pot Amaryllis after they have finished flowering as that is when the new roots begin to form.

As Stera says there are several blogs I've written on the care of Amaryllis after flowering & how to get them to flower again in the future & every year after that.

Here is a link to one of the last blogs about the care of these beautiful flowers:

This advice I "borrowed" from a bulb company but is similar to older blogs I've written before.

17 Aug, 2022


Ty, for your reply. My A bulbs are dried off at present & in a shed. I kept them growing until early July & then stopped watering. I will look up the ref. that you gave me & start them into growth again in December.

23 Aug, 2022

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