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How do I put the GoY app on my new IPad? I have forgotten how I did it before :-(



sorry I cant help with this as I don't have an ipad.

13 Apr, 2022


Search internet for 'growsonyou' and visit the site. Is all I can suggest. Can't be much different to android but I don't have one either.

14 Apr, 2022


Go to your search engine and type growsonyou and then log in. I've got it on all of my devices including my Ipad but you have to log in each time.

14 Apr, 2022


Thank you for your replies. I had it on my old IPad,
Cammomile & for ages I didn’t have to log in every time,it just went straight there. I now find that when I reply to an e.mail from GoY it goes there without having to log in,
so that is now the best way. I will not delete my email from GoY, I will always keep one there in my mail slot.

16 Apr, 2022

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