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Phygelius Devil's Tears purchased yesterday. I now find it is prone to suckering so wonder if I plant it contained in a pot in the ground would this hinder or help it?

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Depends on the variety. I have 2 and one is an old variety and does sucker. The newer one is behaved. It is easy to pull up if it does. They need lots of water if you put them in a pot though 1 1/4d

10 Jun, 2022


Thanks Eileen ... the last shrub I had that suckered was a Lilac and I hated getting down low to remove them! Pleased to say that Lilac is no more.

10 Jun, 2022


This was in my garden when I. Over in, and I’m still finding the roots 9 years on. Beautiful plant, but what a thug! I’m not sure about the varieties though.

24 Dec, 2022


Hi Karen, this is in a largish pot so I'm not expecting suckers from it!

24 Dec, 2022


Its lovely Shirley…enjoy!

30 Dec, 2022


Thanks Karen ... :o)

31 Dec, 2022

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