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I’m having difficulty adding photos. Went to Hever Castle Kent today, had a glorious time & was looking forward to putting on some pics. However, for some reason every single photo is a different size & none between the size the site wants. I have never had this problem before. Have also pics of my garden & they are a no go also. I don’t know how to rectify the size to suit requirement.



Maybe it's because you use a mobile phone.
I uploaded (Don't know if that's the correct word !) photos yesterday and had no problem. I did not resize them either.

I haven't published the blog yet but the photos are there ready for when I do.

21 Jun, 2022


do you have a programme like photoshop on your computer. if you do then you can resize the photos using that.

22 Jun, 2022


I resize my photos in "paint" program which (I think) is available on most computers. Sorry, but I know nothing about cellphone photos and how ti scale them down..
Hope you find the way to upload them Feverfew....for us to see

22 Jun, 2022


Thank you for your replies.I have only an Apple IPad. I can go into a shop in Guildford next week & ask them. I don’t usually have a problem but I altered something in settings to upload photos & I now think that I should have put it back as it was, to take them. Thanks again for trying to help me.

23 Jun, 2022

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