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Woodland walk


Too chilly in a light breeze to sit by the sea, so we drove to the countryside to our favourite woodland, hoping the Bluebells would be out.

We were pleased to see some, though not as many as in previous years for some reason.

Please join us on the walk …

There is a bridleway where wild flowers grow.

Primroses and a Fern ready to unfurl.

Ah, here are some Bluebells.

There were tall trees, fallen trees, even a tree with footholds for Squirrels!

A natural dew pond and a very strange winding tree trunk.

One last look at the Bluebells before heading off.

Hope you enjoyed a walk through a Sussex woodland!

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The walk through the woodland is beautiful especially the carpet of blue bells.
The weather in Lincolnshire is also a lot cooler today.

23 Apr, 2018


Chillier here too in East Yorks too. I loved your walk, thanks for sharing your lovely trip.

23 Apr, 2018


A bluebell wood is a sight to behold, long may they thrive.

23 Apr, 2018


How lovely. Thank you for sharing your walk Shirley! :)

23 Apr, 2018


What a lovely place to enjoy a walk. I think the bluebells are only just opening, you might find lots more if you give it a week.

23 Apr, 2018


That was a very enjoyable walk through the woods, Shirley, but I didn't see Little Red Riding Hood or the big bad wolf! Come to it the Dwarfs & Snow White were missing, too! ???

23 Apr, 2018


Thank you all for your comments ... :o)

Balcony, thank goodness they weren't there!

23 Apr, 2018


What lovely photos and lovely walk. I do miss the woods we had around our old village. There is something so peaceful about walking through a blue bell wood.

23 Apr, 2018


There is nothing like a bluebell wood (especially with a wood anemone bonus...). They are very early this year aren't they? When we first came here they were out in mid to late May. Thank you so much for sharing your walk.

23 Apr, 2018


A very nice place to go for a walk :)

23 Apr, 2018


What a lovely woodland walk, thank you for sharing with us, Shirley.

24 Apr, 2018


Hi Shirley.. super pics of your walk...
thanks for sharing.

24 Apr, 2018


Thanks everyone ... it really was a lovely walk yesterday ... so peaceful and quiet.

24 Apr, 2018


I`ve enjoyed every minute, especially so as I`m sitting looking through the window watching the rain when I would like to be out planting the last few plants I bought last week-end.

27 Apr, 2018


Oh that's a shame Phyl ... we were forecast rain for the whole day ... just a few spits and spots so far but chilly now ... :o(

27 Apr, 2018


It's rained for the greater part of the day here as well though the majority of the time it wasn't heavy unlike what we are forecast for Sunday night-Monday morning. There is a yellow alert out for heavy rain up the eastern side of the UK extending into the centre. It's coming up from the southeast & it's forecast to be very windy as well!

27 Apr, 2018


Balcony, it's still chilly with heavy rain forecast for tomorrow night and all day Monday, shame.

28 Apr, 2018


Thank you Shirley, I do miss a good woodland walk, and that was one.

30 Apr, 2018


We didn't end up with any rain whatsoever on Monday in spite of the Yellow Alert for Rain issued on Sunday! Later Monday morning they said the rain hadn't moved as far West as they thought it would so cancelled the Alert.

Acting on the Alert I removed all the pots from the balcony railing Sunday evening. I moved the big troughs on the balcony floor + some big pots further in so they wouldn't get "drowned" in 24 hours of continuous rain that they forecast.

Needless to say I wasn't very happy when the rain didn't put in an appearance! ? Not that I wanted it to rain as after all we have had more rain than we are used to in this corner of the UK! (East Anglia, near Cambridge which is usually the driest part of the country)

1 May, 2018


Dotty, I think after so much rain and the promised sunny weekend ahead the Bluebells will look even better!

Balcony, how frustrating for you ... sunny days ahead if we believe the forecasters.

4 May, 2018


Very peaceful walk I bet


5 May, 2018


The weather has been glorious the last couple of days here &, it seems, in most of the UK. ?

Trying to make the best of it! ?

6 May, 2018

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