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Four Seasons garden


Whilst in a coffee shop earlier today I looked through a copy of the Daily Mail and saw a fabulous article on the Four Seasons garden.

The owners are GoY members as some of you will know and I thought you may like to see how their garden looks today, wonderful shots from above taken by using a drone.

Take a look at the Daily Mail on-line at this:

Marie and Tony Newton, both 71, have spent 37 years and £15,000 on transforming their garden in Walsall
This year it has exploded with colour thanks to 450 azalea, 120 Japanese maples and 15 juniper blue stars
They have been crowned Britain’s Best Garden among other awards after starting work in 1982.

I hope you enjoy viewing this fabulous garden as much as I did!

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You haven't put the link in, I Would love to see the garden 😊

18 Oct, 2019


I just Googled 'Mail on-line' .....

18 Oct, 2019


I'm sure Monty visited it ,maybe this year or last.I will have a look,Shirley. Thanks for telling us about it.

18 Oct, 2019


If you google 4-seasons garden UK I bet it comes up. Off to try now.....

18 Oct, 2019

18 Oct, 2019


Its absolutely stunning. Just glorious. Like paradise. I think this is the direction I am heading, but I don’t think mine would ever be as good as this. For one thing, I’d struggle to grow acers in most of my garden. But those blue piceas and spruces are gorgeous! And the begonias are the perfect bedding to add colour for summer and autumn. I think most of their work is the pruning to keep everything neat and small. But I quite enjoy pruning!

18 Oct, 2019 Their own website

18 Oct, 2019


Karen, isn't it a fabulous garden? If they're putting in a minimum of 2 hours gardening daily, well that's 4 hours with the two of them! I love the way the garden is seen from the aerial view, just amazing!

18 Oct, 2019


It's very colourful but I must say I don't really like that garden. It has a stiff feeling about it - too controlled and manicured for me,
and that empty grass area in the middle annoys me.

18 Oct, 2019


Thanks Shirley, I’ll go and have a look 🙂.

Well, it’s certainly impressive, but for me there are too many similar shapes (loads of ‘ball’ shapes). I’d like it better with some taller, softer contrasts, but I liked the close-up of the red, purple and green leaves!

18 Oct, 2019


I think manicured and relaxed both have their places. This one is breathtaking - lovely to visit but not my style to live with! Hywel I like some green as a foil to the rest - Ineed something quiet for the eye after that rampage of colour! Looks familiar - I think someone showed us this garden some time ago? Certainly deserves seeing again.

18 Oct, 2019


Hmm...see, I know what you mean Hywel and Sheila. And its a funny thing. Every time I think about the garden I’m like...oh no...too controlled, too many blobs. And every time I see the garden I’m like Wow! But I know why. Its the colour. Its the intensity of the contrasts of colour that gets me every time. And where the garden is best for me is at the bottom, at the pagoda end. To me, that’s like paradise. I’m not so keen on the middle part. But I love the top part as well...up at the house. It certainly inspires me.

19 Oct, 2019


I'm not to far away from this garden and I think it is open this weekend, would love to visit one day, I think they open May and October :-))

20 Oct, 2019


It is a fantastic garden, it is manicured, I will agree, but the colours are incredible, (✷‿✷)

22 Oct, 2019


It is too pristine to me, doesn't look real, not trying to take anything away from all their planning, hard work and the care they put into it, each to his own though, I find it too bright, garish in fact, it is never restful if you get what I mean, however they have raised a lot of money over the years and I hope they continue for many years to come, I have seen it in mags and on the television and would like to actually see it myself, might think differently then, just wish I could see a peaceful part other than when its covered in snow...

23 Oct, 2019


Maybe in summer Sue. In spring and autumn there is perhaps too much red for ‘peaceful’.

23 Oct, 2019


Exactly Karen, I went through all the photographs looking for just a hint of white or anything of a paler colour but couldn't see any, lol...

23 Oct, 2019


The garden is truly unique, in fact a work of art, obviously not to everyone's taste, the colours are quite extraordinary, I take my hat off to them!!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

24 Oct, 2019


Four Seasons garden is unusually colourful ... very memorable .. and obviously requires a lot of work to maintain. Definitely different and amazing.

10 Nov, 2019

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