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A riverside walk


with some surprises!

Yesterday we drove to Littlehampton, about 3 miles from us, parked up near the promenade and walked along from the harbour entrance down alongside the river Arun.

The river flows out to sea at a very fast rate so I wasn’t surprised to see these Swans paddling like crazy to cross from the West side over to the East.

The pilot of this Lobster pot boat gave us a cheery wave as he was sailing back to his base.

We enjoy the walk along the East embankment, where there are now many apartments, some residential, others for corporate use with some pretty little gardens.

This hedging of purple Hebe is stunning!

A gorgeous pink Rose definitely needed to be photographed.

Just a minute, what’s this?

We saw the black and white cat easily, not so easy to see the (?) Bengal one.

What a pretty little cat it was.

Certainly not what I expected to see, but made me smile!

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What attractive apartments and such pretty that's just what I'd like...any for sale Shirley?
Must have been such a free feeling walking alongside the river.

23 May, 2020


Great cat!! The apartments look pretty idyllic too. My favourite photo is the Lobster Fisherman’s boat though...super!

23 May, 2020


Lovely walk - thanks for sharing.
I'm surprised to see such an 'Aristocat' out on the loose. Round here they're kept as house cats.

23 May, 2020


You are so lucky to live in a place where you have such lovely walks Shirley ! The apartment gardens are lovely.
My son and wife have two bengal tiger cats and they were so tiny when they got them but both mad as a hatter ! One of them used to hide behind the sofa and suddenly jump out at you making you jump ! The other one is always in to mischief.
When my son had the mesanine level built ( I think thats the right word ) there was a huge post going up to the very high ceiling and there was a large gap between that and the level, this cat thought it would be fun to climb right up to the top of the post and jumped across to the level, but then started crying because it couldn't get back. My son who is quite tall and dotes on these cats started to climb up a ladder and then had to literally jump the width across to the mesanine to rescue it. In the meantime, the cat jumped back across leaving my son hanging on for dear life! I must admit , I laughed when he told me !

23 May, 2020


What a lovely walk to have love the gardens very pretty . Its nice tothe lobster man gave you a cheerful wave shows how friendly they are . There s a Bengal cat just been in the news here thats been stolen not far from me not a cat I would have mysekf as much as I like cats its in the 10 lists of cats you should never have.

23 May, 2020


Such a lovely walk and that rose looked beautiful, what a lovely colour. I have never seen a Bengal cat before so it would have been a big surprise for me too!

I only suggested to our son and his family the other day about heading to Littlehampton when this 'crisis' is over, for a short get together. I went there once with a school residential trip and we had a marvellous time seeing The Victory and the Mary Rose, the Weald and Downland Museum and a Roman villa - the name of which I have forgotten. It was a perfect base to stay.

23 May, 2020


Shirley, can you visit the Weald and Downland Museum? We see it on the TV programme, The Repair Shop.

Chris, I remember a Roman villa too ... sure the name began with the letter F. Lots of mosaics on the floor?

23 May, 2020


Thanks ladies for your interesting comments.This area was formerly riverside boat yards, many had gone to rack and ruin so, as part of a regeneration scheme for Littlehampton, these apartments were built.

Across the other side is West beach, lots of lovely sand dunes where a fair few TV programmes and films have been shot. Also Dutton amphibious craft have a yard there.

As to that gorgeous cat, there were some painters working who said it was a real character and pounced on plants in that garden!

Rse, that.s a brilliant tale of the cat, the mezzanine floor and your son! You couldn't make it up ... :o)

Chris, I wonder if it was either Fishbourne Roman Palace, 3 miles West of Chichester or Bignor Roman Villa near Pulborough.

23 May, 2020


Sheila, jut saw your comment after I had commented! The Weald and Downland Museum is currently closed due to Covid-19 but is normally open to visitors. We go there for the Christmas market and my brother-in-law is a Volunteer there. Membership is available, something our son and his family have enrolled in. It's a fascinating place to visit.

23 May, 2020


a lovely blog, thanks for sharing your lovely walk.

23 May, 2020


Looks so tranquil there yesterday. Good job you didn't go today, it's blowing a hooley along the South coast.

23 May, 2020


Shirley, you reminded me - we went round one of them, I forget which, when I was a few weeks pregnant and felt so sick I wasted most of the visit outside...
Shirley that was grand walk and nobody about either! All very attractive but the cat wins for me every time! 3d why is it on a list of cats not to have?

23 May, 2020


That looks a lovely place for a walk. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
The Bengal cat is very pretty and must have taken you by surprise ... :)

24 May, 2020


Glad you enjoyed it too, Sbg ...

Siris, yesterday we walked on the sand at our local beach and watched about fifteen wind surfers. The perfect conditions for them - far too blowy for me though and couldn't wait to get home!

Stera, what a shame you missed out on the visit.

Thanks Hywel, the black and white came out of the garden on to the pavement but the Bengal stayed where it was. Beautiful cat ... :o)

24 May, 2020


Lovely blog, Shirley! I’m pleased you enjoyed your walk and caught some lovely scenery too..
That rose is an absolutely beautiful colour! Nice idea for hedging - the blue hebe!
Pretty picket fencing too, along the way.
Weather looks nice.
That cat is definitely an expensive one!

24 May, 2020


Thanks Kate - it's a lovely walk along there at any time of year really. This morning we were at the seaside, local beach, and everyone kept their 'social distance'!

25 May, 2020


Shirley what a wonderful place to take a stroll, the apartments look lovely with plenty to see in the gardens especially that Hebe edge. Looking at the first cat photo I thought that the Bengal was a large ceramic statue.

28 May, 2020


A lovely blog. I loved the cat but am also puzzled as to why one should not have them.Must
have been a surprise to see it. The gardens were nice & that beautiful pink rose. The Weald & Downland Museum @ Singleton is a must. I have been 3 times & would be happy to visit again. It is in a beautiful setting, & I love looking at all the old houses. Choose a nice sunny day as there is quite a lot of walking!

28 May, 2020


Phyl, like you I thought it was a garden ornament! Bit of a surprise when it started to walk ... :o)

Feverfew, glad you enjoyed your visits to the Weald & Museum.

I have found this info. on Bengal cats:

*Hybrid cat; part Asian leopard and part domestic house cat. For this reason it has tendencies from both breeds. It's very energetic and hyper, like a housecat. However, it's also very temperamental around humans. It will get used to its owners and become very affectionate with them. However, it will not make the effort to get to know strangers and it will become shy around them. This is often mistaken as aggression. Bengals are only aggressive when threatened or scared, which will cause then to raise their hair and hiss.*

Seems ok to me ... :o)

28 May, 2020


What a fabulous place for a walk Shirley, You are so luck living near. That bengal cat was so pretty it looked like a small leopard. I nearly for got to ask, where there any plum trees there?:-))))))

2 Jun, 2020


Ba, no comment! :o)))

2 Jun, 2020


Lovely mix of pics on your walk, Shirley.. thanks for sharing..

14 Jun, 2020


Terra, thanks for looking in.

15 Jun, 2020


Lovely walk......gardens...and that beautiful Bengal cat...very brave letting him out....I wouldn’t if he was mine...

19 Sep, 2020


I think many of us felt the same about that lovely cat ... :o)

19 Sep, 2020

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